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I draw comics. I want to draw them better. This is where you come in, by enabling my bad habit of drawing comics, you fuel my progress!
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per month

The usual comic book price, this is like buying a comic straight from the source.

3 subscribers
per month
The classic sixer

The more popular patreon tier, but here so I get more of it!

0 subscribers
per month
Ten outta ten!

Like my comics? Give me 10 / 10 rating here!

1 subscriber
per month
Coffee for the artist.

This is about how much of my income is lost into coffee beans. I may have a problem.

0 subscribers
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It's twenty.

I can't think of anything particularily amusing about it, but it is a necessary tier!

2 subscribers
per month
Decimal pie.

Because why not?

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  • There'll be some additional development and comic creation insight posted here.
  • This site is mainly is supposed to work as a tip jar, since comics take a lot of time and effort on their own. It is what I'd like to focus on.

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Starting subscribestar in case of another big patreon drama. They're obviously getting greedy looking at all that money they don't work to earn passing through their system.

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$52 of $1,200
per month
My rent paid, my food on the table. Who needs savings anyway! This allows me to survive with comics alone!
$52 of $1,700
per month
Savings? Why thank you! I may even be able to have a little under the mattress in case of a rainy day.
$52 of $3,000
per month
This is close to a real wage! I am almost a big boy now!
$52 of $12,000
per month
Hero money for comic master! If i really make this much cash with my comics, I must be a legend or something.

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