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Pedro Bonatto
Pedro Bonatto
I am a photographer, musician, filmmaker and podcaster.
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Pedro Bonatto
My name is Pedro Bonatto and I am a fine art photographer, musician, filmmaker and podcaster based in Toronto, Canada. I create art works inspired by history, mythology, ethnic fashion and the mixing of cultures from around the world. By joining me on SubscribeStar you will receive a monthly signed postcards with one of my images, have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, discounts on posters and limited edition prints, and have early access to my new fine art photography series. Your contribution will help in the production of photography, video series, podcast and music. I invite you to check out my work and join me on a journey exploring the rich traditions of our planet and help connect the dots between cultures from around the world. 

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You will get a monthly handmade signed postcard, an exclusive newsletter, 10% discount on posters and limited edition prints, and your name on credits of my videos (optional).

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  • By joining me you will get a monthly hand signed postcard.
  • Discounts on posters and limited edition prints.
  • Your name on credits of my videos (optional) and exclusive previews of my photo work.

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Pedro Bonatto
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Today I'm launching my SubscribeStar account and my first vlog episode. "The Story of an Image" is a personal journey documenting the process of image making, the inspiration behind photographs, and the trials of an artist's life (including my decision to FINALLY start my SubscribeStar page. In this debut episode I talk about my first fine art photograph, a reimagining of Hypatia of Alexandria, and how creating that image got me into the path of becoming an artist. It’s a little bit of a long rant, but I talk about inspiration, insecurities, realizations and new projects. I hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself and you will enjoy it :)
You can find the full episode here:

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