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Patrick Mayberry (Bowser Jr's Descendant)
Patrick Mayberry (Bowser Jr's Descendant)
I'm a voice actor, singer, and general all around nerd. Not much else to say.
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Patrick Mayberry (Bowser Jr's Descendant)
Main rules for the page:
-A good chunk of my tastes may differ from yours. As such, I may be unable to do certain requests due to, for example, lack of knowledge. I want these videos to be the best I can possibly put out. I can't do that if I'm not into what I'm doing.

-While I don't normally care how you talk to others, just know when to draw the line in the comments section. Don't be a complete jerk to people.

-More tiers will come out when I get ideas of what I can give in return for higher tier subscribers. Just bear with me as we go.

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With this, you will get three chances to request a song you'd like to see a video for...within reason.

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