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This is the Umbrella for many websites that expose Satanism, Witchcraft, False Religions, the New World Order, Pedophilia etc!
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George Washington

Lay a George Washington on me every month and you have my thanks. It's the Widows mite Mark 12:42. If it is all you have, then the Lord sees it as a Ben Franklin!!!

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Abe Lincoln

Lay an Abe Lincoln on me every month!

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Andy Jackson

Lay an Andy Jackson on me every month!

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Ulysses S. Grant

Lay a Ulysses S. Grant on me each month!!

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Ben Franklin

WOW! If you lay a Ben Franklin on me each Month I will shout "HALLELUJA" LOL!!

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  • You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support a Ministry that does not comprise the Word of God

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About this Ministry and what we Believe
Online Ministries began as a necessity because we needed to host our own domains. Back in 1997 there were not a lot of Christian Web Hosts out there and we hosted our web sites with secular hosts. The prices were high and service was, and still is, poor. So after a few years of kicking the bucket around the yard we decide to do something about it. In 2000 we started hosting ourselves. 
Websites under the Online Ministries Umbrella: 
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