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Sup, Nozzi-Chan here. History-Oriented Dingus who loves videogames and anime. Do you like Let's Plays? Do you like Reviews? Do you like Reaction Videos where the guy watching is actually an animated and engaged individual?
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uhm... Hi. Testing this out to see if it's a better alternative to Patreon.

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Stray Cat

Everyone that donates will receive a shoutout at the end of my videos for as long as they remain a patron, access to the special Patrons-Only discord Channel, and a monthly Anime/Movie Night with me and other patrons over Voice Chat. Also, Patron-suggestions have priority for LPs/Streams/Reacts

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Wastebasket Raccoon

On top of being just an awesome person, whatever you suggest WILL happen. No matter how much I'll hate it, I will play whatever game you ask, react to whatever video you wish, or Analyse whatever show/episode you wish. (Note that for games that cost the AAA Price, it may take a little bit before I get around to it.)

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Trash Mammal

For those that really like my stuff for some reason. I have no idea what to give out for this, still figuring out what I want for the higher tiers.

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Reincarnation of Akechi

oh... oh lawd.

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Lord of Pepsi

You Madman.



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