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WeatherTruth, 5G & Vaccine Health, & Sovereign Rights of ManKinder.
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A funner way to donate, support & follow our work exposing Weaponized Weather and other globalist assaults on human health & sovereignty, without censorship. Torch Bearers will access media content before it is released to the rest of the world, plus get extra content not available to others, and know they are helping our research & efforts to continue. Our activism doesn't stop at just making videos, but includes community & media outreach, and, when necessary legal or political action. We've been doing this for a while and we are gonna KEEP doing it, especially with your support!

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Really GET the work we are doing and want to show us some love? This level gets you everything in Torch Bearer's tier plus you get special mention in one of our videos. Your extra <3 takes us further in our activism and makes you our HERO!

THANK YOU for not just digging deeper, but for your faith and moral support, as well. This is a group effort and your part is important and much appreciated.

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  • This is a non-censorship platform for those looking to support my work dishing out Sovereign Climatic & Epigenetic truths

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New Orleans & the New World Order ~ Getting Schooled on the Aspen Institute.

Nathan Laurenson briefs me on his awesome research following New Orleans' Trojan "sustainability" horse to its globalist roots and exposes how the agenda is unfolding to bring us closer to an Orwellian techno-tronic future, intended to enslave us all. Those who survive it, of course.

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Back on Jeff's show talking about our local film & lecture event "Puttin' It ALL ON the Table", and we actually sample some of the topics to be covered over the course of the year for a full hour on air.

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To pay for community outreach in NOLA (New Orleans, LA) & to keep the effort going to expose climate & social engineering agendas nation & WORLD WIDE.


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