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High Quality dramatic YouTube readings for the fictional SCP Foundation.
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Thanks for stopping bye, even if you don't decide to back me. Let me tell you I appreciate everyone who watches the videos, comments and shares my work. 

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Public post

Q: What is your goal?
A: To read all the SCP's I can in sequential order until I am unable to, or no longer enjoy it/feel obligated to do it without passion.

Q: Will you ever do popular or out of order SCP's?
A: Yes, I plan on introducing a monthly Viewer's Choice poll of the most requested SCP's in Youtube Comments, Twitter Responses and SubscribeStar Subscribers. Higher Tiered Subscribers get an automatic "Priority" Pick of their choice of SCP or Story. If this becomes popular I will look into increasing frequency.

Q: Other reader's already do this though, why are you requiring anything special to do the popular out of order SCP's?
A: The channel started with the specific goal to read SCP-002 to SCP-100 sequentially, at the time I was the only one who was doing this. This will allow people to see videos of the not so popular SCP's rather than just reading 176, 049 etc. over and over again. I plan on continuing the sequential stories from 101 and on. I will determine if I wish to bring back the later series 1000, 2000, 300 etc at a later date. There are talented writer's and interesting idea's of SCP's that are not just in the Euclid and Keter Classes. Although, I do want to do some of the more popular ones I would rather the viewers get that choice of what ones to do, as I'm doing this for them, not myself.

Q: Will you be doing anything other than SCP's?
A: Yes, I am starting back with the full redone version of the Tales of Mr Collector series, then will move on to other story series, canon tales and other items within the SCP Wiki. This is done to reduce the monotony of just reading SCP's over and over again, as well as help increase my reading ability rather than just focusing on a monotone SCP reading. Also this will introduce people to the vast majority of content on the Wiki that is not just the main SCP Series.

Q: Will you ever do Live Content/Streaming?
A: Up to my viewers honestly, but I have no plan of it at the moment.

Q: Will you get a Discord Server?
A: I don't see the need for it for a Narrator, but if viewers would like one, I would look into it.

Q: Why not Patreon?
A: This is not a political channel and I wish to keep all forms of politics away from it. This for pure entertainment and for people to get away from their real world problems. The Patreon platform has decided to put politics to the front and center of everything it does. I wish not to participate in that. SubscribeStar keeps out of what people do as long as it's not illegal. I would prefer to keep it that way.

Q: But Patreon would probably get you more money isn't that a problem?
A: The money was never a reason for the channel or to continue it. It would simply help in purchasing items to better the channel and increase the enjoy-ability and frequency of content for the viewers. If I received no money for doing this, I'd still do it. But, the world requires it and having an income from it, allows me to put more time into it.

Q: Will you look to collab with other SCP Narrators?
A: At the moment, no. I have already had bad experiences with trying to work with other people and feel it is more a hassle than anything. If someone were to reach out to me I would consider it, but I do not plan on reaching out to anyone else at this time. I do not entertain the idea of becoming famous or working with "famous" YouTubers to boost my reach. I am doing this 100% for my viewers and them alone.

Q: Will you ever join a YouTube Network?
A: No, I prefer not to engage myself with scams.

Q: Can I use your recordings for [Insert Reason Here]?
A: Yes, people in the past have already used my work in their work. The SCP Wiki uses a CC Share-Alike License, as with agreement to use their content I must do so as well. Even if they didn't, I would have no problem with anyone using my readings for their own projects, I champion it actually. Example: you want to do a reading, and to fill in other character gaps, want to take my audio to do so, go for it. You can even reach out to me to get a clean version of the file without any background audio/music. I just request, if possible, credit to be given to me for what you use. This includes; adaptive work, reactions, criticism or flat out right making fun of me. I have a sense of humor and no issue with any of it. Obviously just taking my videos then re-uploading them on YouTube or BitChute or another platform is not the same and I will have no problem taking legal action for theft.

Q: Why did you disappear for 3 years?
A: Life and Dr. Bright.

Q: What is your favorite SCP?
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June Schedule:June 1st - Ta...

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