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Welcome to the Super Ace Gamer Brand. Your backlogging entertainment!
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Bronze Tier

You will get a thank you at the end of the screen for the each Super Ace Gamer videos, and live streams. Be part of the VIP chat in the Super Ace Gamer Discord.

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Silver Tier

You will get not only all in the credits of the video, but also, a voice chat and a watch together nights. Either movies, anime, or Tokusatsu.

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Gold Tier

Not only you will get everything from the Bronze and Silver Tier, but you will be presented with a channel shoutout for promotion and future giveaway entries!

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Platinum Tier

Not only you will be particpating in all of the tiers, but also you will be part of the Fan Request Day as you will request a game you want me to review. (no troll games please and I will keep it limited to 5 until the spot is vacant.)

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  • Welcome to the Super Ace Gamer Brand. A webseries where I provide you backlogging entertainment, entertaining game reviews, and many more! My goal is to improve my quality of my review series, and with the help from each and everyone of you, I will put in all the effort on this show and my content, even I have a day job. Yes, I have a day job but mostly part time. it isn't enough to help with my show, and I can't do it without your help. If you mange to pledge 1 dollar or more, I will give right back to you.

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the Super Ace Gamer is back with entertaining game reviews and bringing you some backlogging entertainment!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QInD2tWlxLA
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This will mean a lot to me and will put the money on the show, which will be cameras, voice acting, and drawing commissions for other artists out there that will help me make the Super Ace Gamer Brand as entertaining and informative. Also adding giveaways too!

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