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Metaphysics of Physics exists to discuss metaphysics and the philosophy of science from a rational perspective.
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Metaphysics of Physics
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Welcome to the Metaphysics of Physics SubscribeStar page! What is Metaphysics of Physics all about? Lets see what the About page at our website has to say, shall we?

Metaphysics of Physics is dedicated to advocating rationality. Largely in the philosophy of physics and mathematics.

The project will raise awareness of a lot of the irrationality that is mainstream today.  As philosophy, physics and math are some of our areas of expertise, these are the subjects we talk about the most.

It is important to address these issues from a philosophical standpoint. We think it is important to address not only the irrationalities in the modern world but to address their philosophical roots.

That is what we will be doing.  We will be addressing irrationalities, mostly in the areas of the philosophy of science.  We will be addressing the philosophies behind many of these ideas. And providing rational alternatives.

Ashna and I are currently primarily doing this by creating video content as well as subscription articles. 

We release a new YouTube episode every two weeks, among other content. To get access to even more content, become a paid member by donating to us. Find out more here.

You can also find us on Facebook!

Metaphysics of Physics is run by a husband and wife team of rational philosophers! That is not a claim too many other websites can make!

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