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Foundations of Yoga

This course will include all you need to begin and establish an ongoing authentic and rewarding yoga practice. Instructional videos are based on the Ashtanga method, with modifications to ensure that each pose is accessible to you, regardless of your level of experience.

This tier includes bi-weekly long-form videos of fully guided vinyasa classes that are appropriate for all levels.

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Strength and Stability

This level includes detailed strength and conditioning tutorials to supplement your yoga practice and to help you move well in general. We will focus on great technique and use bodyweight drills and readily available tools to train to be stronger and fitter than ever before!

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Advancing Your Practice

This tier includes tutorials on more complex postures and principles of practice. You will receive instruction in how to safely approach asanas such as deep backbends, handstands, and poses that require higher degrees of strength, flexibility and stability.

We will use scaleable drills, fun exercises, and a variety of tools and techniques to make advanced asanas approachable and accessible.

This tier will also include long-form guided classes, such as Ashtanga led primary.

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Deeper Dimensions of Yoga

This tier explores yogic practices such as pranayama and meditation, mantra, and kriyas. It includes relevant readings and commentary from a diverse array of sources ranging from the ancient Tantras to more modern Western esotericism and philosophy.



  • Clear, concise, detailed and in-depth instruction of Ashtanga yoga. Strength and conditioning tutorials with an emphasis on kettlebell technique, and an exploration of bioenergetic nutrition.

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