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🐲 RPG DIE GEST 🐉 is a tabletop RPG livestream that provides tabletop RPG game/system overviews and fundamentals, opinions and commentary on the TTRPG hobby, and let's YOU join the show! INFORMATIVE • IRREVERENT • INTERACTIVE


  • Access to full RPG Die Gest livestreams (and segment 3 viewer commentary) after the livestream airs.
  • Access to private Discord chat/video channels.
  • More to come!

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31 days
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to reach
At least once per month we will provide random - (or requested, if possible) - TTRPG content such as: • Miniature painting ideas or tutorial • Dungeon maps to use in your games • Game Master or Player tips & tricks • Character builds, backgrounds or sketches • Other content to make your TTRPG sessions more interesting.
to reach
When we meet this goal we will provide one TTRPG module per month. Each module will be approximately one session (3-5 hours) in length and use the DnD 5e or (more likely) OSR format. If there is interest, we can even try to make modules for other systems we know, such as GURPS, Palladium, Champions, Earthdawn and others.
to reach
Once per month, on the 🐲 RPG DIE GEST 🐉 livestream we will have a drawing for one subscriber to receive a physical copy - (and PDF, if available) - of a TTRPG game/system. Examples include (but are not limited to): Forbidden Lands, Stars Without Number, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, and MORE!
to reach
Modules will become more frequent or longer, and giveaways will happen WEEKLY. By this point, I suspect other suggestions will appear for us to consider to (more appropriately) provide to our backers.

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