tl;dr: Please switch your SubscribeStar subscription to Locals (https://legionofmyth.locals.com)

At this time, Legion of Myth is unable to receive payment from SubscribeStar.  I should be able to remedy that once I’m settled in Alabama, but for now your subscription is just taking money from you and teasing me.

One of the things we’re looking forward to providing is actual exclusive content, and we believe -- (when the platform fully supports live streaming) -- Locals is where we want to provide that exclusive content.  Don’t worry, the video game and RPG Die Gest streams will always be on Twitch/YouTube (unless we’re booted from the platforms).  Exclusive content will be in addition to our normal productions.

To be clear, content (e.g. the full livestreams) will continue to be posted here on SubscribeStar, as well as on Locals, for at least the next couple of months, but as soon as the Legion of Myth Locals site is fully armed and operational, Locals will be the place to be.

A sincerest thank you to all of our backers for your understanding, as well as my apologies for the inconvenience.