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Investigative Journalist JewessBanned by Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Medium, & GoFundMe for existing as a Conservative
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Laura Loomer

Breaking News. My bank has banned my online banking!
I need to start using my cryptocurrency much more now. I will set up my subscribestar to support bitcoin.

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Laura Loomer

You are invited to join my next Loomering at Twitter headquarters in NYC, located at 249 W 17th St NY, NY to protest against social media bias and censorship of Conservatives.

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to reach
the goal
If you want to help me hold big tech executives accountable for censoring Conservatives on social media, here's your chance. Please contribute to my legal fund which as you know is not cheap. These censors deserve to be Loomered. Help me make it happen!
to reach
the goal
Help us with future Loomerings such as the Twitter HQ protest and many more already in the planning stages. This all takes time and money that covers costs for travel expenses, lodging, food & drink, paying assistants, and more. Here's your chance to be part of these much-needed exposes that the mainstream media refuses to do anymore because it doesn't fit their political agenda. I always go for the juggler because I strive for the truth no matter what and that's why they're afraid of me. No one wants to get Loomered! Help me do more of them!
Next Loomering campaign. This includes hotel accommodations, gas, car rental and food for me and my team. If you enjoy my Loomering, then please help support them.

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