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Junson Chan
Hey it's me! Junson Chan.
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Hey, if I had 1 million people like you, I could do $1 million dollars base worth of damage to enemies of western civilization. That's why most people donate this amount! Cool!

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$2 Tier

Hey, got twice the $1 wealth? 2 Bucks a month here! Thanks!

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$5 Smackers

5 whole dollars can pay for part of my daily lunch. Nice!

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$10 Is A Lot Thanks!

This could support my video gaming habits. Politics is a stressful endeavor.

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$20 Wow - Twenty Is A Lot

Hopefully you are sober if you donate this much cash to me. $20 !

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$50 - Save Western Society

You must love freedom. Good news is so do I. Let's make it happen.

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$100 - Big Man Mode

Holy crap, thank you! I can use this to buy body armor, bodyguards, and perhaps some day try to fund activism when we are big enough. Did you know the left pays $18/hr + to hire protestors on craigslist?



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