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I am John The White, Creative, Writer, Activist, InfoWarrior, Wizard and LionHeart. Lead Admin of Aslans Army, SubscribeStar is the heart of my creative output. I ask for your support to put my talents to the benefit of all.
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John The White

Those who know have the duty to provide the cool water of the draught of Truth for all who recognise thirst & ask to drink. The easy way or the hard way? Thats on each individuals free will. The compassion of the wise cannot reach all fools, for it is the fools way to know folly.

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John The White
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John The White

from 24 Jun, 2019

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John The White
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An open letter from a fact correcting Brit, to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez

An open letter from a fact correcting Brit, to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez

Dear Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez:

I feel compelled to write this open letter to you, because your comments about your policies reach my ears. When asked in interview if your version of “socialism” was similar to that in Venezuala, you say no, it more closely resembles that of the UK.

Now sorry about this, but that is absolutely and totally wrong. I have heard you don’t mind being wrong on facts, as long as you are right on principle, but as a Brit, I must tell you, your bang off there too, and you really mustn’t mislead people like that.

You see, rather than the massive high tax interfering big government you advocate, for almost a decade Britain has been a LOW TAX economy, SUPER LOW, hello business, come on in, and good thing too, as we have actually managed to stay afloat while the EU drowns in the debts of the Euro to its own Panzer Banks.

Now you may be confused, because his followers often are, and be thinking about the ideas of one Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, an old school Marxist dug up from the 1970’s when Labour had an identity crisis after Ed Miliband flounced off. We are aware you are a fan. Like your lot, the “Justice Democrats”, there was a grass root insurgency by the communists in “momentum”, and fair play, they got close back in 2017, on account of Theresa May being so utterly unappealing.

However, they fluffed it: their chance is blown: and now the rainbow dust has worn off. They are NOT in power. Their polices are NOT in place. And nor will they be, as Labour now rips itself apart both over the EU and rampant anti-Semitism.

Something I note your colleagues have also been bringing into the heart of the US Congress recently, much to your Nations shame. Having seen this happen in my own country, I did write a helpful article on the matter recently, for American friends, under the topic of “Intersectional Anti-Semitism”. You can read it here:

However, I do try to be fair.

I have to ask myself: how could I reasonably expect you to know what your talking about regarding the United Kingdom?

It’s now become clear you are essentially a waitress, who won through a casting call of 10,000 other pretty girls, and you really have no grasp of your brief other than the script you are given. Between you and me, I think you might find Cenk Uygur hasn’t really done you a favour, especially since there’s already talk of your boyfriend’s hands being in the campaign till. Opps!

Still, I do wish you luck in your current plotting to drag Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair. She’s indicated she won’t support indictment, because she knows Mueller has come up empty, and there is simply nothing to Indict President Trump for. I get it that you reason you can seize control of congress for your agenda, but I do wonder if you realise the longer-term consequences of how badly you will all fall on your face in the eyes of the electorate.

If the only thing yourself and Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar can focus on is a media fugazi that will end up making POTUS look simply fantastic, the self-defeating nature of your actions will be inevitable.

Then again, you don’t really have to care about the Democrat party being in power! As long as you pander to the gripes and prejudices of your electorates, you radical few can probably keep yourselves on the gravy train for decades: if you can avoid a fall. One lesson the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn has certainly taught you! His pension plan is fit for a prince: on that one Jezza, well played.

But you know, the problem with that type of reasoning is that sometimes the world changes, and big things come down the pipe. We live in just such times, and the bigger picture beyond your immediate aims may not be accesquable to you. As ignorance in itself is always regrettable, on that alone I sympathise.

Having corrected you on these important matters, may I now request, on behalf of all patriotic and rational Britons, to please leave the name of our country out of your mouth in the future, certainly if suggesting in anyway the British electorate votes for such extremist ideas as yours.

Thank you.
 John The White.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has been tweeted, by all means Re-Tweet

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John The White


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John The White
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If Racism is intolerable, can we any longer afford to tolerate “White Privilege"? In the name of a world truly Colour-blind....
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John The White
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Do ye feel the wheel of Fire? The Lion is here! 
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John The White
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London: A Shithole of hateful Freaks…

Why the world should ignore rabid anti-Trump protests…


Greetings Patriots of the world.

Firstly, lets be clear: London is full of decent people, and much of what goes on there is not their fault and they have no truck with it. The Shithole we are exploring here is the one of rabid far-left globalist hate, and those who shout it do not speak for the British People. However, because of the London tube system, it is always easy for extremists to gather in large numbers and try to set the narrative, especially when aided and abetted by Globalist haters in the fake news media, and rabble rousing hate mongering politicians. 
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John The White
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REMAIN IS DEFEATED! So, what should Remainers do next? Some advice, well meant…

john-the-white (34) in brexit •  3 hours ago  (edited)
 So, what should Remainers do next?
 Some advice, well meant…

Greetings Remain Voters, Remoaner complainers and all associated Europhiles.
 I am John the White.
 You may consider me at least a Knight in the hierarchy of Brexiteers.

You stand now in the ruins of your cause inflicted by our unrelenting InfoWar.
 Any who have engaged me on the field of Info Battle, over the last many years in the cause of  #BREXIT, have encountered a warrior they have not escaped unchanged by.

I am a ferocious Activist Campaigner, a Patriot, A LionHeart, and embody the values and principles that have thoroughly defeated your cause.

Now many of you will not understand that yet, neither to respect me and the words I offer you, nor to admit it is now hopeless that Britain can be prevented from FULLY Leaving the EU.
 This in turn is understood.
 In part I write to define a perspective that will ultimately come to convince you, even if it doesn't today. What is read cannot be un-read.  #FutureProvesPast.
But it is more than that. For in Victory, it is not seemly to be cruel.

There are very good reasons why I have dedicated much of my adult life to ensuring Brexit occurs, reasons that those who get their information only from the mainstream media, especially just the Guardian/Independent/BBC, simply will not know. Perhaps I might detail them in a future piece of writing soon.

However, right now, I want to explain the current situation clearly to you: and outline a course of action you can actually TAKE: To take POSITIVE action to safeguard against any of the negative effects YOU fear from “Hard Brexit”.

Therefore, I say to you: bear with me, take on my challenge now to read the whole of the rest of this article: and let us see what you have to say afterwards…

To begin with: I do not intend to play a game of links here. I have supreme command of my information and am fully confident of all I say. You bet I have significant archives of rather sharp Info-weapons. I know of what I speak.
 But I also know, people who don’t want to hear it don’t want to click, and certainly don’t want to see the significant nuances I might highlight in the words of many luminaries, especially the chancers running the EU.
 So rather that waste our time, I will simply speak now, and tell you how it is…

Now, Theresa May has been politically assassinated. There are many things I know about Mrs May so hear me when I say: Treason May deserves no tears  #SpyGate  #ISISGate  #IranGate  #Bilderberg  #C***n. Oh yes, much will shortly be known, thanks to a man no Remainer loves, President Donald John Trump, blessed by  #Kek, Champion of  #Maga  #KAG, lawful POTUS of the United States of America and saviour of freedom in the west. Its something about the British committing an Act of War… follow the tags… but worry not, all is in hand. Patriots Are Now In Control  #PANIC  #WWG1WGA.

You see, Brexiteers are not the evil wreckers you may fear them to be.

We do this for YOU as much as ourselves, and the future we see is one far beyond what any of us are currently allowed to dare to imagine. The Stars call, as once did the endless horizon of waves…

At its foundation, this is about the consent to be governed. The consent to say “yes this government is a legitimate and lawful government and I do consent to be governed by it”. Consent is the basis of civic society.

But the story of Britain's entry into the EEC, and ultimately into the EU, is one of multiple points of criminal fraud in the timeline of events, and the creation of an illusionary fugazi where British society never discussed what membership of EU really meant: from Ted Heath through John Major, Tony Blair, and the weasel Gordon Brown, we were being conned, socially engineered, befuddled, misdirected, straight up lied to and mind controlled to be passive and do nothing as the very basis of our free society was given away.

Sorry, those who want an easy predicable life, keep their head down and follow the rules, or climb the greasy pole to stuff their pockets:


Brexit has won the day because it ultimately simply does not make sense or work for this country to be governed from abroad by foreigners, rather than here by our own people.

This is not xenophobia or intolerance or any of that alarmist rubbish that has been thrown around to demonise those fighting for YOUR freedom:


Remember that government needs consent? It comes with the duty to do right by the PEOPLE!

Its also a fact that in the nearly 5 decades Britain has been enveloped in the tentacles of the EU Squid, our political class sold us all out, and swapped governing with vision to advance the nation, with administering foreign rules on behalf of a foreign parliaments decisions. They had it easy. They got soft. They got greedy. They got craven. They got weak.

We never expected them to do anything else but fail. What else could such second raters ever be good for?

As our New FREE BRITAIN emerges through the clouds of Brexit battle-smoke, there will be new politics with new people, and those who have oozed through the reeking swamp of Britains political past will no longer be required to serve. Resignations are surrenders and will be noted as such. Patience and Tolerance should no longer be taken for granted. The day of the Remoan MP is done.

Freedom is not Free.
 Freedom is responsibility.

We say to you, Britain should be in the same league as Switzerland, or Japan, a wealthy prosperous globally trading Island nation state.

We certainly want good relations with our EU neighbours, only idiots want wars, and trade above all else strengthens peace. Our businesses and Europes businesses love to get along!

But that does not excuse the sorry saga of how both the British and EU Establishments have disrespected and abused the British People in their fiendish fervour to implement  #GrandTheftNation!

Well they failed, though Britain is much weakened by the history, it does not change the conditions and potential for our future and the prosperity just there to win…

Ok back to the now.

May is a remainer, May’s agenda was to get a “compromise” Brexit IE Brexit in name only BRINO.

To do this, she waved the option to talk about a free trade deal, and instead opted for a negotiated exit.

She told the EU what she wanted, they drew up “mays deal”, but this is not Mays deal. It is the EU UK Withdrawl Agreement, an international treaty.

The idea here was to sell this as “Brexit”, say its all over now, the working classes would forget about it, and everything would be ok again, with a future government easily able to take us back in…

LOL! As if she was going to get away with that…

But this deal is also something else, something you are not clearly being told:

It is the only deal the EU itself can get signed off by all 27 EU Member states!

It’s the EU that cannot budge, without losing the unity its own deliberately impossible article 50 rules say is essential!
 The EU will NOT renegotiate this deal, because to do so puts the risk back on its side that it cannot get the sign off of all member states! That would make Hard Brexit THEIR Fault, and they are not stupid to put their head in that trap.

This is where Remainers have consistently gone wrong. They think Brexit is an attack on their personal lives, their personal freedoms etc, although of course this is nonsense in reality, still the narrative in the remain echo chamber consistently makes these complaints.

No. Brexit, in terms of any remote prospect of what could lead to a practical deal, is about the interests of the EU, in terms of any deal it might make, in which the desires of British Remainers does NOT hold any weight. After all, British Europhiles indulge in emotional flounces over “what they want”, and almost never make eloquent speech’s endorsing the EU with positive vision… As if!

Remainers are NOT good European Federalists!
 And as for the REST of us! LOL!

But I digress.

Renegotiation is off the table. And despite TOTAL social engineering across all broadcast wavelengths and print media, the total Remain Bias on all TV channels, the Brexit demonising and denouncing and smearing and name calling, unrelenting assault on the spirit of the Free British people for THREE WHOLE YEARS…

Despite that:


Regardless of whether The Brexit party + Tory + UKIP vote in the 2019 EU elections = 50% of the electorate or not, the EU sees that the Brexit supporting British People aren’t budging an inch: and have served notice due to obsolete purpose to the legacy LIBLABCON parties.

The EU knows Remain CANNOT work. Its gone. Its CANNOT happen.

And that means either the next prime minister, or even the next after that if we have a general election before October this year, only has the option of signing the withdrawal agreement, or coming away WTO HARD BREXIT…
 At least that’s what you are being told…

I promised you something that would interest you. So pay attention… to this slide, produced by EU Brexit Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier…
Now I’ve gotten good Mileage out of this Info Meme. It was presented to the UK Brexit negotiation team by Barnier, in fact it featured on the recent BBC 4 Brexit Documentary, but I've been getting very good use out of it since way before that 😉

Helpfully, it compares the full range of the EU’s relationships with other Nation States to the Brexit Red Lines Treason May claimed she was going to negotiate on.

By doing so, it showed there was no existing model that delivered a proper Brexit that could be achieved by negotiating a withdrawal deal with the EU, on the basis the EU did not want to make Britain a privileged example: more of a dread warning… other than Hard Brexit…

Except that’s not the full story… there is one other way…

Which would be for the UK to adopt the conditions of the Canada EU trade deal as a start point to a future relationship, and abandoned the mission impossible of an article 50 process withdrawal treaty altogether…

You can see it there, with a big Green Tick, because Barnier kind of liked it, but May didn’t want Brexit, because she is a Bilderberg Globalist Traitor to Nation State Democracy, and really wanted to wangle us Remaining, not Brexiting at all…

Now just imagine…
 Because I try to…

What if I were you?

Now I don’t mind telling you, that over the years I have waged InfoWar to ensure the Freedom of my beloved Britain, I have on seldom occasion met an advocate of the EU on an equal level to myself. Not often. But they do exist. Those who genuinely believe in the federalist pan Europa project with all their heart and soul, while my ideological enemies until they get their claws the fuck off my freedom, are also people I respect, as those I encounter have sometimes come to respect me. I like Guy Verhofstadt in certain ways, as much as people like him and Tusk etc etc must be resolutely opposed and denied. If I had the opportunity, I would love to interview him, so do pass that on.

But as much as Guy actually does understand the British character, and at least understands us Brexiteers, so the rest of the tone deaf numpties running that show IGNORE him, and NOW look where they are! And Guy himself, who is defined by his determination not to allow Belgium to again be ravaged by War, has entirely missed the point by being a complete cock to the rest of Europe. NO, Britain does NOT belong to EU!

The EU looks just as much the gullible idiots for not kicking us out like they should have done on March 29th..

Yet this is good news for you.

Do you see?

Instead of wasting any more of your time and effort wanting what simply cannot be, the truth now is, we can only go forward together, and you must come where we lead you to now. Brexit cannot be stopped.

And really, we must stop and think here must we not?

Consent of the governed also means someone cannot govern you if you do not want them to.

This is why British people have thrown off the unwanted offer of Imperial Governance by the EU:
 And why if you really think you cannot live in Free Britain, you should now be considering moving to the EU: if being governed by the EU is truly what you want.

Consider that carefully. If being part of the EU is whats in your heart, and you think living in Free Britain is going to be miserable, you should consider moving to an EU member state. After all, as an EU citizen, what makes you different from a Lithuanian or a Romanian? Why shouldn't you have to face up to the need to move to get the life you want, as entitled British Remainers have expected 1000's all across Europe to come to the UK and do? THAT is the commitment that frankly British support for the EU has mostly lacked! Good job too, Marxist Leninist globalism, its a curse on mankind.

There comes a point where it is no longer possible to maintain the Grosse Luge that two impossible things can be true at once:

We are either IN, and a colony of a foreign empire, or OUT, and a FREE SOVERIGN NATION!


We know you were desperate, we know you were arrogant and thought you could get the peasants back under control, we know you hate the simple patriotism of honest folk, we know all this… and we know you had to try and stand in the way of the will of the people…

But now, you have to recognise that’s over, and stop.

INSTEAD, if you want a meaningful say in how this goes, if you want to do something to address the terror of Freedom fake news and disempowering EU propaganda has incubated inside of you, if you are angry and aren’t going to take it and want to do something might still do some good:
 Campaign NOW for the new prime minister to go to the EU demanding the UK copies the Canada trade deal for a quick easy exit that ignores the need for all that project fear doom bollocks.

A vote in parliament “Trade deal or no deal, which Brexit do you want” may prove to be a unifying measure that could bring the country back together so we can get on with making things better, having a reformation, bringing prosperity and justice to all, and kicking the greedy spivs up the arse. At least, that’s what I’ll be getting on with,  #ForTheChildren, you see.

That was the point of not letting globalist assholes steal our bloody country in the first place…
 Honestly the cheek of these chunts!

So, you all mind how you go, cut out the hate, stop bloody crying, and come and get involved in the future now like the democrats of good will you are…
 Or just fuck off, if your not.
 Can’t say I care either way, Brexiteers are in control whatever:
 But never say you don’t have a choice, and never say there is nothing you can do.

Some people may be cross with me for my candour in saying all this. Not that I care about that either. Duty means responsibility and I believe in being fair: there are ways forward and its never too late, so if you start engaging properly with some good will and some positivity, you will find:

This Freedom stuff, its really not too bad after all…

John The White

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