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I'm a YouTuber and content publisher. I love games, politics, and memes.
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The Colonist

Welcome to the new world. Your support helps me continue to speak the truth and keep my content running. Anyone who donates any amount at this time is entitled to an interview. JOIN THE FIGHT!

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The Revolutionary

Wow. Thank you so much. You get an interview but you also get access to special content I'm working on ahead of time. You also get the chance to be in one of my videos. You are ready to help fight back against censorship.

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Super Patriot

You are going above and beyond. And as a result you are immediately entitled to an interview, recommendations for content creation or assistance in creating content, access to upcoming videos,

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You go all the way. You get an interview, a custom video produced according to what you would like to see on my channel no matter what it is(as long as it doesn't get me terminated) and I can help you start out your own channel.



  • Supporting my efforts helps me better the quality of my content I provide to you.

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I would to raise enough money to really upgrade my efforts on youtube and deliver better quality content to all of you.


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