We live in an age of soft tyranny. Our elites have stopped caring about what is good and what is noble and fully embraced sin and weakness clothed as virtue. Trust in our institutions has almost fully collapsed, and yet, as those in power increasingly expose themselves as frauds and charlatans, in what is probably the last desperate attempt to protect their undeserved privileges, their control over our lives has reached unprecedented levels.
As that happens, most outlets who claim to be the true resistance and hold the solution to our problems have not only been unable to fully grasp the extent of wickedness and corruption among those in control, but also failed to come up with any meaningful and practical alternative, either by paying lip service to a past nowhere to be retrieved or relying on the very same ideas that have brought upon our current collapse.
It is this magazine’s intention to challenge the consensus among that type of resistance, expose the limits of our mainstream conservative movements and start thinking of a way forward that fully recognizes the seriousness of our situation.
By giving a platform to, and attempting to bring together the most talented writers the anonymous and post-political scene has to offer, we hope to be able to provide the intellectual foundations for those practical solutions capable of forming the resistance our civilization depends on.