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Update 13.09.20

I have been busy creating lots of videos. You may enjoy the one I did where I used public transport with no mask.
A Mask Free Public Transport Experience

Now having returned to the UK I am appreciating this place so much more since being away. To stay in touch I have created new platforms to be able to not only enjoy the content I create but also networking opportunities. Moving away from the big tech censorship machine to the independent alternative sites. Unless some divine intervention occurs in some way I can't see a bright future for the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

There are many promising alternatives though. Such as BitChute, Gab, Discord, and Spotify. I will continue to use these, nothing will stop me from sharing the truth!

I have 2 tracks ready for release very soon, I have been experimenting with new styles, pushing the boundaries of my skill and creativity. One track I am not even sure which genre it belongs too, if any.

The tunes will be posted here when they are released:

Stars/Patreons get exclusive early access to my content. Supporting my work allows you access to my music before anyone else on the planet! You will be second to the final release to only me and the mastering engineer.

Get my latest thoughts on all things Qanon and Covid related by tuning into my recent interview on QanonFaq with Sean Morgan:

With the craziness of the world, my life has actually continued to progress. Long may it continue to do so. I also have just yesterday, experimented with having my first acupuncture treatment and can really notice an improvement in a few ways. Perhaps I will share a more in depth reflection on my treatment.
I am extremely optimistic for the future, not just for myself, but for humanity. We are awakening and its so painful and beautiful at the same time, as any rebirth would be? Remain steadfast. If you thought 2020 was/is a shocker, I believe 2021 has the potential to blow this year out of the water, in a positive way. 
I would be lying though if I couldn't see the opposite possibility lurking in the shadows, whereby humanity succumbs to the darkness. I guess it all depends on each one of us, those who will answer the call to stand up to fight in this global chess game we are witnessing play out before us. I see the light, but we are not just there, yet...
With Love,
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Public post
2020 so far has been fascinating, I imagine few could have predicted that this year would have had so much in store for us all. I suppose with the elections in the US, Brexit here in the UK as well as the general evolution of humanity really picking up momentum, the death/sex cult has gone into over drive in a last-ditch attempt to retain power.

Part of the beauty of this is it feels as if the deep states plans have – perhaps for reasons mentioned earlier – been forced to be released prematurely. The whole Covid agenda has been in some ways a huge success in causing widespread fear and disruption, however something about the entire thing has felt really, really wrong. I don’t just mean wrong from the clear moral, human side of things with the effects it has on the individual and the society at large.

What I mean is the whole agenda seems to have been hugely rushed. Especially here in the UK there have been many contradicting messages from the government, U turns, and throwing out policies with timing that makes absolutely no sense from a ‘pandemic’ management policy.

So what is going on here? Surely if this was, and I do believe it was, a manmade bio weapon that was released intentionally, the clear cut precision that often used to be attributed to the deep state false flags in order to give them some light of credibility seemed to be hugely absent from this.

I remember near the beginning when all this started, the whole vaccine agenda was being discussed a lot. Many were considering the possibility that their own government may actually try to forcibly vaccinate themselves and their family. I remember discussing this a lot with my friends, specially how the vaccine being touted was a new kind of RNA vaccine that has the potential to alter the very DNA of our bodies! Creepy!

Also I remember talking with some people in relation to Rudolf Steiner's opinion on vaccines...

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Public post

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