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Halieusmedia has undergone some major changes in the last year. We are sad to say our lovely Shepherd went through a serious illness shortly after the previous post. She recovered but was not herself totally. In September I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put down. It was necessary due to her personality defects having in large part, to do with not being properly socialized or trained prior to coming to live with me. Life is not the same without her obviously but we learn and move along in life.

In July we started a 3 gallon aquarium on a whim. There is a playlist on YouTube documenting all the dumb things an experienced aquarium keeper tells everyone not to do. (insert big, cheesey grin here) It was a very lazy cycle, eventually a serious effort was made. Lo and behold four months and a few changes later, we have a pretty sweet, easy to maintain, unique aquarium.

Last weekend Pyre Media and halieusmedia attended a Jeep show. The Second Annual Motorhead Edition went live this morning over in the main feed of halieusmedia on YouTube. It was a beautiful day but the addition of a blaring playlist meant it was necessary to record over much of the live commentary. We had a lot of fun this year, as we do every year.

Whats next? Well, it's kind of up to the subscribers, patrons, followers and even visitors. What would you like to see us tackle next? Another aquarium? It is possible. Some other DIY? Also possible. Feel free to leave a comment or question here or on our YouTube page.
Second Annual Motorheads Edition Link
Aquarium made from a 3gallon drink dispenser link
Thanks for stopping by!
Pyre Media
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While we are waiting, the Shepherd would like to be introduced. She makes the occasional appearance in our daily videos. She is a 5 year old silver sable German Shepherd who after a year of re-education has come a very long way.

the Shepherd was desperate to go out and play in the snow during the polar vortex, until she spent 10 minutes out there. Here she is cold, grumpy and a little puzzled at what has happened to her playground

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