Do you like goblins? I do! I also recently lost my fucking job! So if you all want more goblin content - more goblin scum roaming this godforsaken land, maybe become a supporter.

I have multiple projects I plan to pursue:

  1. A comic that is directed by subscribers. I have no script, nothing. Just like my life. It's all you, I just draw.
  2. A JRPG Bestiary, where I design monsters, and render them as finished 2D assets that will eventually become some sortof JRP(Geh) game. It's really just a sweet excuse to design sick monsters on the daily.
  3. Continue the development of the game Together. More news on that one soon!
  4. Actual fucking art videos - I have a bunch of footage and ideas on the backlog!
  5. Goblins. Seriously. What did you expect? Beyond these projects, I'd be streaming my painting process, and would be available for portfolio reviews and paint-overs throughout each week.

I'm going to try and do all of this anyway. To clear up any murky water, you'd be supporting the progress on these different projects. To be honest any support would be fucking amazing.