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Throughout human history, people have speculated endlessly about the potential ways in which modern civilization could be destroyed. Join us as we discuss these and many more possibilities and ways that you can prepare yourself for any eventuality.


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You know something is coming, the storm clouds are on the horizon, looking for how to start preparing. Monthly beginners guide to prepping, content specifically designed for the new but worried groups and individuals. Get tips on the basic foundation to build on.

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You recognized within the past that the stew of collapse had been set on the fire, and you started laying up some extra food and supplies. Now you're looking for the next step. Monthly newsletter geared for the intermediate prepper who has the basic fundamentals in place.

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Been at this for a bit, you've got the fundamentals covered, food, water, medical, defense, all stored up. Now what? You're beyond the beginner, you've had the basic fundamentals and engaged in the next steps to include planning for bugging out or bugging in, you're ready to get some physical training, not sure where to go next. Includes discord access.

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You've already 'bugged out', you live where you want, you've started on the path of self sufficiency and are beyond relying on gear. Private content beyond but including all other tiers. Monthly newsletter, monthly Q&A sessions, personal evaluation of your preparedness progress. Includes discord access.



  • Offering tailored content to preparedness minding individuals, families, and groups at different levels of preparedness from beginner to established survivors.