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CIA and Venezuelan embassy interviewed Smartmatic Founder in 2006Source Material for Episode 10 ...

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TO Episode 11 (Public):

5 Conservative websites with web traffic going through the roof!

We analyze the content and web statistics of: Just The News, The Gateway Pundit, The National Pulse, Revolver and Citizen Free Press.

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US military air traffic at nearly 3x normal activity for the past two weeks.

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Has Sidney Powell found Georgia Whistleblowers and conspirators to the Fraud?

We need more people and not more data to win in Georgia and the rest of the Battleground States.

I wanted to jot down some thoughts while they’re coming hot off the press. I’ve just finished a first scan of Sidney Powell’s, 104 page, civil action filing, in the state of Georgia. My first instinct is to ask a question.

Where are the whistleblowers and conspirators to the election hoax?

I, like you probably, have a sense that massive election fraud occurred in the lead up to and during the 2020 US presidential election. Now, most of what I have read in the Powell court filing to Georgia, is an expansion on what Sidney Powell has been alluding to in various media outlets over the last two weeks. While, it did contain specifics regarding the numbers of votes affected, it didn’t contain anything substantial I didn’t already know.

In short I was expecting more. I am no legal expert so it is entirely possible more will be forthcoming if the case gets a fair shake through the judicial process. But that is by no means guaranteed given the depravities we have all seen take place during this election cycle. So the overused word ‘Bombshell’, in this instance, needs to be an ACTUAL bombshell to embarrass the judiciary into doing their jobs.

Yesterday, we saw Rudy Giuliani lay out his evidence of widespread election impropriety, in front of a committee of PA state senate republicans in Gettysburg. I thought he and the team did a fabulous job. What will win this overall case is not the Supreme Court but rather the court of public opinion. Yesterday, was the first ‘winning’ day of the Trump campaign’s fight to overturn Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. It’s been a long time coming.

We’re all big boys and girls, so what I say here, is meant as constructive criticism. Sidney Powell has a heavier burden of proof on her shoulders despite what she outlines in the early pages of her filing document. Introducing vote manipulation via Dominion voting systems and other unknown people makes it so.

While the bar for a civil suit may only require “ a preponderance of the evidence “ to find in a plaintiff’s favour, let’s get real here: We are asking for the results of a Presidential election to be overturned. There can be zero doubt in the minds of the people we are asking to do this. Whether they be judicial or representative bodies. Never in the history of the United States has so great a remedy been petitioned for.

Like about 60% of the United States, I believe what Sidney Powell is alleging but we must prove it conclusively. To execute a fraud of this size and scope required hundreds if not thousands of active participants. Not just dupes located in count centres.

Observers of the fraud are good but conspirators to the fraud are much, much better.

Where and who are they?

People who illegally collected the ballots and delivered them to count centres. People that filled them out. People that manufactured ballots. People that entered and then manipulated them on the voting systems and people that destroyed Trump ballots. People that destroyed audit trails.

People did these things ACTIVELY at the local level in each state. We need to find them. Above all, we need to find the orchestrators that organized the overall scheme and distributed payments to individuals involved at the ground level.

It should not be difficult to find who some of these citizens are, flip them and start working up the chain of command. This case will only solidify in the general public’s mind, if we can produce whistleblowers that participated in the fraud. I would take half a dozen of these whistleblowers over every expert data analyst with a PHD in the world.

As no police or intelligence department seem to have any interest in doing this work at the moment the Trump campaign and supporters need to do the work. They need private investigators more than they need more lawyers.

Necessity, mandated that this was a fraud perpetuated in a hurry across several states due to the near unassailable leads Trump was gathering in the early hours of November 4th. This, most likely means, mistakes were made. People were called on, to execute activities that were not planned for in advance. Finding these particular individuals is of the utmost importance. They probably had no advance warning as to the scale of what they would be asked to carry out.

You can be sure, the people at the top of this fraud food chain, will be spending this Thanksgiving shoring up the holes not with gratitude but with threats and money. Directed, of course, at the weakest links in the chain. We need to get to them before they do.

The winning of this case is about people and not about data. We need more of the first and less of the latter.


Written By: Gerry O’Neill

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Is Military Intelliegence the source of ALL Sidney Powell's claims?

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Emperor Cuomo kills a pair of almost extinct Dodo birds.

Emperor Cuomo perched back in his mighty chair and gently brought his emperor hands together in an almost prayerful manner.

An obviously deranged reporter made a cardinal error. He had the temerity to ask the Emperor a timid question. The gentle query echoed around the room in naive wonderment at the miracle of escape.

" Are the schools in New York opening tomorrow? "

Big, uncontrollable droplets of patronizing disdain splattered from the Emperor's brow onto the ground to form a lake. Briefly, the Emperor looked down to admire himself in the puddles of his own superiority. Somewhat calmed he then proceeded to enlighten his gathered subjects.

" The micro-zones of coronavirus obviously override microwaves and other kitchen appliances in the orange zones "

The raptured audience allowed him to continue uninterrupted, for indeed, they had no choice nor any clue as to what he was talking about.

" The red zones obviously do not follow these rules but instead mandate all subjects be observed through binoculars. We call these the Fuhrer zones. Clasping of hands in prayer is outlawed "

The emperor paused and scanned the room - awaiting perhaps, for an inevitable spontaneous round of applause to his words. Instead, curiously, a strange thing occurred.

The dodo bird of a question that was flying and zig-zagging unsteadily above the room promptly gave birth to an idiot son.

" So...will the schools be opening tomorrow Emperor? "

Emperor Cuomo visibly shook with anger at the impertinence of the idiot child of the idiot father.

" Only in the Green Zones and  2 or 3 star Michelin restaurants " He grinded out of grinding teeth.

" And allow me to assure you and all of your readers. You live in no such zone "  he added, not forgetting a flourish of imperiousness.

The astounded crowd burst into relieved , boisterous and then increasingly wild applause.  Afterwards, as they exited, they massaged their wrists in a balmful manner.

It was noted that loud clapping of hands like this, did less damage on the joints, than writing New York nursing home obituaries.

Eventually, the door shut on the event and the pair of idiot dodos fell to the ground. And almost nobody remembered they had lived.

Written by: Jack O'Satire.

Vox Deplorables.

Episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 of my podcast Thinking Outloud.

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A MAGA March with a simple message. I hope establishment Republicans got it.

The message was clear enough. There is some distance to go before the 2020 election season draws to a close.

The final numbers are not in yet but suffice to say ordinary Americans descended on Washington D.C in droves. A peaceful protest of quiet, patriotic defiance. A timely reminder to the capital city inhabitants and politicos - from the citizenry. A message from we the people.

Establishment Republicans in particular ought to take note. There is no Georgia victory in January, in the two senatorial races without the Trumplicans. The deplorables can smell the weakness of their resolve. They would do well to remember words attributed one of the most famous senators of the ancient Roman republic. Marcus Tullius Cicero.

" A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared "

Early in the morning, before festivities kicked off in full,  President Trump's motorcade passed through the throngs with cheerful waves to his adoring supporters.

As he slipped off into the distance, it was a reminder that this was a self organized event. Little in the way of money or capital was thrown into putting it together.  I think the permit requirement cost about 10,000 bucks. This D.C. gathering , a "March for Trump" was organized by Women for America First. In essence, a few speeches and then everyone strolled from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court.

Already the Legacy Press have started describing what took place in dark terms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Families everywhere you look. Indeed whole communities on a day trip to the capital, to voice their support for their President, would be a more accurate summary.

And what is it exactly, that these, the coping class of the United States came to say?

Simple. Keep going. Keep fighting. We've got your back.

A day of celebration by supporters who have supposedly suffered a huge loss.

A long way to go yet. A long, long, way.

Written by: Gerry O'Neill

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Impact of Chinese investment on Kenyan economy.

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Jeff Bezos, Bloomberg & Epstein linked Lex Wexner " With Honor Fund "  who did it fund in 2018 & 2020 House Races?

The " With Honor Fund " is a Super Pac originally funded by Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg and Lex Wexner and other wealthy billionaires. They were extremely active in 2018 backing a mix of Democratic and Republican House candidates.

A curious Super Pac indeed. In many instances they fund directly AGAINST certain candidates in a race. Without supporting any candidate in that race. They have a fondness for funding candidates that have a military background. Most, if not all candidates, are centre right or centre left.

Progressives or Trumplicans need not apply!

The 2020 funding of this Super Pac does not have the same direct finger-print back to Bezos, Bloomberg and Wexner as it did in 2018. That is probably no surprise given the toxicity of the Jeffrey Epstein connection that Wexner enjoyed for many years.
High profile 2018 candidate Texas Republican, Dan Crenshaw, received over $800,000 from the group in that cycle but curiously doesn't look to have accepted it in 2020.

All data in this article has been sourced from Opensecrets.org

Written by: Gerry O'Neill

All my written and podcast content is available here on Subscribe Star. Full access to my content is available to my subscribers for $5 a month!

Data Below:

Outside Spending: Independent Expenditures, Electioneering Communication & Communication Costs by Targeted Candidate as of November 13, 2020:

Grand Total: $6,518,190
Total For Democrats: $3,207,744
Total Against Democrats: $0
Total For Republicans: $3,310,446
Total Against Republicans: $0

                                                                            | Total          | For  |     Against

 | Bacon, Donald John  | R  | NE  | House  | $580,971  | $580,971  | $0
 | Golden, Jared  | D  | ME  | House  | $568,553  | $568,553  | $0
 | Church, Jason  | R  | WI  | House  | $563,264  | $563,264  |    $0
 | Gordon, Jacqueline  | D  | NY  | House  | $559,325  | $559,325  | $0
 | Luria, Elaine  | D  | VA  | House  | $544,224  | $544,224  | $0
 | Taylor, Van  | R  | TX  | House  | $533,106  | $533,106  | $0
 | Clifford, Bill  | R  | KS  | House  | $418,159  | $418,159  | $0
 | Driscoll, Dan  | R  | NC  | House  | $360,822  | $360,822  | $0
 | Lamb, Conor  | D  | PA  | House  | $257,130  | $257,130  | $0
 | Cisneros, Gil  | D  | CA  | House  | $253,249  | $253,249  | $0
 | Rose, Max  | D  | NY  | House  | $245,207  | $245,207  | $0
 | Pfluger, August  | R  | TX  | House  | $214,370  | $214,370  | $0
 | Kahele, Kai  | D  | HI  | House  | $187,768  | $187,768  | $0
 | Goldbeck, Janessa  | D  | CA  | House  | $184,360  | $184,360  | $0
 | Miller-Meeks, Mariannette  | R  | IA  | House  | $165,430  | $165,430  | $0
 | Sherrill, Mikie  | D  | NJ  | House  | $151,136  | $151,136  | $0
 | Franklin, Scott  | R  | FL  | House  | $115,428  | $115,428  | $0
 | McDermott, Tom  | D  | IN  | House  | $112,395  | $112,395  | $0
 | Garcia, Mike  | R  | CA  | House  | $96,622  | $96,622  | $0
 | Meijer, Peter  | R  | MI  | House  | $90,244  | $90,244  | $0
 | Kinzinger, Adam  | R  | IL  | House  | $89,554  | $89,554  | $0
 | Carbajal, Salud  | D  | CA  | House  | $59,277  | $59,277  | $0
 | Houlahan, Chrissy  | D  | PA  | House  | $44,625  | $44,625  | $0
 | Gallagher, Mike  | R  | WI  | House  | $38,577  | $38,577  | $0
 | Waltz, Michael  | R  | FL  | House  | $17,772  | $17,772  | $0
 | Baird, Jim  | R  | IN  | House  | $16,056  | $16,056  | $0
 | Moulton, Seth  | D  | MA  | House  | $13,411  | $13,411  | $0
 | Auchincloss, Jake  | D  | MA  | House  | $12,000  | $12,000  | $0
 | Crow, Jason  | D  | CO  | House  | $10,470  | $10,470  | $0
 | Bergman, John  | R  | MI  | House  | $10,071  | $10,071  | $0
 | Panetta, Jimmy  | D  | CA  | House  | $4,614  | $4,614  | $0

Outside Spending: Independent Expenditures, Electioneering Communication & Communication Costs by Targeted Candidate as of June 20, 2019:

Grand Total: $10,331,746
Total For Democrats: $3,811,089
Total Against Democrats: $168,228
Total For Republicans: $4,931,909
Total Against Republicans: $1,420,520

Waltz, Michael | R | FL | House | $1,744,816 | $1,744,816 | $0 | Winner | 
Crenshaw, Dan | R | TX | House | $863,615 | $863,615 | $0 | Winner | 
Mast, Brian | R | FL | House | $819,190 | $819,190 | $0 | Winner | 
Golden, Jared | D | ME | House | $626,791 | $626,791 | $0 | Winner | 
Barr, Andy | R | KY | House | $616,520 | $0 | $616,520 | Winner | 
Martinez, Damon | D | NM | House | $603,940 | $603,940 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Sullivan, Maura | D | NH | House | $517,010 | $517,010 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
McGrath, Amy | D | KY | House | $408,868 | $408,868 | $0 | Lost | 
Sherrill, Mikie | D | NJ | House | $404,641 | $404,641 | $0 | Winner | 
Braun, Steve | R | IN | House | $366,209 | $0 | $366,209 | Lost in primary | 
Scott, George | D | PA | House | $352,893 | $352,893 | $0 | Lost | 
Watkins, Steve | R | KS | House | $277,261 | $277,261 | $0 | Winner | 
Bacon, Donald John | R | NE | House | $248,076 | $248,076 | $0 | Winner | 
Ward, Daniel | D | VA | House | $244,031 | $244,031 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Ryan, Pat | D | NY | House | $238,687 | $238,687 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Steube, Greg | R | FL | House | $222,752 | $222,752 | $0 | Winner | 
Coleman, Andy | R | OK | House | $208,810 | $208,810 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Cisneros, Gil | D | CA | House | $188,046 | $188,046 | $0 | Winner | 
Denham, Jeff | R | CA | House | $161,492 | $161,492 | $0 | Lost | 
Feehan, Daniel | D | MN | House | $157,207 | $157,207 | $0 | Lost | 
Hagedorn, Jim | R | MN | House | $155,034 | $0 | $155,034 | Winner | 
Kane, Tim | R | OH | House | $126,707 | $126,707 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Russell, Steven | R | OK | House | $112,521 | $112,521 | $0 | Lost | 
Poliquin, Bruce | R | ME | House | $94,421 | $0 | $94,421 | Lost | 
Baer, Lauren | D | FL | House | $88,489 | $0 | $88,489 | Lost | 
Rothfus, Keith J | R | PA | House | $85,559 | $0 | $85,559 | Lost | 
Kinzinger, Adam | R | IL | House | $64,144 | $64,144 | $0 | Winner | 
Kim, Young | R | CA | House | $61,243 | $0 | $61,243 | Lost | 
Soderberg, Nancy | D | FL | House | $47,795 | $0 | $47,795 | Lost | 
Sheets, Kenneth | R | TX | House | $40,707 | $40,707 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Roberts, Kevin | R | TX | House | $32,550 | $0 | $32,550 | Lost primary runoff | 
Taylor, Van | R | TX | House | $23,500 | $23,500 | $0 | Winner | 
Lamb, Conor | D | PA | House | $22,889 | $22,889 | $0 | Winner | 
Reddick, Rachel | D | PA | House | $19,110 | $19,110 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Morales, Diego | R | IN | House | $18,318 | $18,318 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Delgado, Antonio | D | NY | House | $17,444 | $0 | $17,444 | Winner | 
Gray, Jim | D | KY | House | $14,500 | $0 | $14,500 | Lost in primary | 
Spanberger, Abigail | D | VA | House | $12,200 | $12,200 | $0 | Winner | 
Webber, Jay | R | NJ | House | $8,984 | $0 | $8,984 | Lost | 
Clegg, Dave | D | NY | House | $3,444 | $3,444 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Collier, Erin | D | NY | House | $3,444 | $3,444 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Flynn, Brian | D | NY | House | $3,444 | $3,444 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Rhodes, Gareth | D | NY | House | $3,444 | $3,444 | $0 | Lost in primary | 
Ojeda, Richard | D | WV | House | $1,000 | $1,000 | $0 | Lost

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Trump Dominion claim loads the bases - Has he the evidence to knock it out of the Ball-park?

The world is in the grips of two narratives. Two widely differing narratives. In recent days, this seems to have developed into something even more worrying. Two separate realities.

This is very dangerous for the simple fact that one narrative is going to be destroyed over the next month. And the people living the false narrative are going to respond, most probably, in a very unpredictable manner.

The Biden narrative has the backing of the entire establishment of the Unites States for the past six months. Post the US election the Biden narrative has gained new vocal followers. Almost every free nation on earth are in open, congratulatory communication with the Biden transition team. Every global establishment is also in the Biden narrative camp. The WHO and World Economic Forum are two that spring to mind.

To my mind, this is a softly, softly approach by the outside world to pressurize the US President, Donald Trump to accept defeat. They do not know the truth of this election and like the US press do not seem to have any desire to find out. The legacy press in particular have been driving this train since the election. Before the election even.

So huge support for this narrative then!

And yet, and yet....

The second narrative, the Trump narrative, is gathering apace. At last count, 73 million people voted for President Trump. An increase of 10 million voters over and above his first, successful election.

The past 10 days has revealed massive voter fraud. The establishment narrative has no interest in examining it. This seems to be the final act of betrayal, the straw that broke the camel's back for millions of US citizens and many other people around the world. There is now a fissure, no actually a separation is a better term to describe it. A significant chunk of 73 million people are now living a reality where President Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.

At some point, very soon, somebody's narrative is going to be destroyed. And how the people that follow the losing narrative react is at best, going to be unpredictable. Possibly very, very dangerous.

I support the second narrative and it's findings thus far, but cannot make the jump to living it. I want a lot more proof. Not only for myself but for the people on the other-side.

Team Trump have gathered plenty of circumstantial evidence and witness testimony that points to significant fraud and election irregularities. I have skimmed through some of the affidavits from witnesses in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  I'll say this about what I have seen. It's not enough. Not enough to overturn a US Presidential election.

Then yesterday, Trump dropped an Atom Bomb of an allegation.

Systematic, coordinated and massive voter fraud at a scale that would indeed flip the election on it's head. However, now he needs to prove it and prove it beyond doubt. How he does this - I have no fucking clue. The information seems to have come through a team of IT analysts working through the election count data streams provided by the New York Times. Gateway Pundit published the findings a couple of days ago and it seems that this is the source for the Trump tweet.

Again, This is not enough. He will need the apparatus of at least one intelligence agency to back up the claim. To step it out for people because if it is true there must be a serious number of people that need to be arrested and jailed. It is the claim of all claims to make - that the infrastructure of the state has been hacked or manipulated to interfere in a US election.

So we know the set up. The bases are loaded. People will only believe if he knocks it out of the ballpark.

Written by: Gerry O'Neill

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While America Argues over Election - China continues take-over of Europe.

Tik-Tok announces Ireland as European Hub of Data Centre operations
Chinese Student Visa applications rise along with Confucius Institutes.
What the world can Learn from the China - Kenya relationship.

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All my written and podcast content is available here.

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The same people who SOLD WMD are now selling Weapons of Mass Dis-information

The thing to note about a Tsunami is that often times it is not the first wave that is the most devastating. If we think of the fiasco of the 2020 Presidential election in these terms it might be beneficial to our understanding of what is going on at the moment. And to be mindful - the second wave is on it's way.

This election is packed full of election fraud. It's obvious. The question is:

How much of it is massive amounts of individual voter fraud and how much of it, if any, is something more insidious. Systemic, organized deception of the American people.

Evidence of the first type is easy to gather. Dead people voting is simple to nail down. And people have already tracked it down. Out-of-state voting is also easy to track down. What the Trump campaign must do though, is use the overwhelming evidence  of the first type to get access to the discovery of the second type of election fraud. Because to overturn the election results, as they stand, they will need to prove the fraud was systemic and organized in nature.

The good news is that the circumstantial evidence to support the case is mounting. Time and elbow grease is all that is required now. One example, is getting answers to simple questions, like a question I have for Mark Zuckerberg. Why were you funding tens of million of dollars to pay poll workers?

To see to the completion of a fair election he might answer. Hmmmm.

Well Mark, many of these poll workers, it just so happens, were working in the exact counties, and in the exact states where there are now huge problems counting legal votes. Huge problems establishing what the legal vote is!

You would imagine that having spent all this money on supporting poll workers in these areas that Zuckerberg would be livid with the outcome. I mean a lot of his money was poured down the drain to no avail. Yet, he is not at all livid or even remotely unhappy. The opposite.


This type of reaction puzzles ordinary people, because this is how ordinary people make their value judgements about the fairness of issues. Why isn't he upset? - because they would be.

This whole week long saga has an analogy from our recent past. A memory that lives in most people over the age of 40 and it is this.

Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The same media, establishment academics and the same political types lied to us then. Lied to us and vaguely threatened us. As if to question was in some way unpatriotic. They too failed the Mark Zuckerberg test. No-one in ordinary life is an expert in foreign policy or has access to the secret information stores the various security services have at their disposal, but what we do have is the memory of what you've already told us.

10 years of bombing the shit out of Saddam Hussein anytime he raised his head above the parapet. A decade of economic sanctions that crippled Iraq and most egregiously the mass of innocent Iraqi people. Escaped Iraqi's seeking asylum in the western world painting a picture of
horrid dictatorship but not a sniff about weapons of mass destruction.

How could the above regime and those people have also put together the most sophisticated chemical, biological and/or nuclear program, in those circumstances. They couldn't we told ourselves. They could you, the elites, replied and lied.

17 years on, the question is different but our method for ascertaining an answer remains the same. Indeed, the only thing that has changed is that the weapons of mass information destruction at the disposal of the same establishment elites are a lot more powerful. 4 years ago you told us that the American elections were under constant attack. You said Russia we mumbled Chinese. Yet, we all agreed that nasty entities are finding ever new ways to fuck with our elections.
Today though, and for the last week, you trot out the repeated line that our election process can't be manipulated in any way. Hmmmmm. Look away nothing to see here.  Bigger Hmmmm.

If there is only a 10% chance that this election was interfered with in a systemic, organized and highly sophisticated manner the legacy media should be all over it. Journalists in the field and boots on the ground in all the battleground states. Our appetite for the answer is insatiable so even at the most base level, the monetary one, you, the media will be rewarded handsomely.

Curiously though, that is not your reaction. It is the Mark Zuckerberg reaction. As long as it is; our reaction will be the Weapons of Mass Destruction reaction.

For 6 months people questioned the existence of the silent Trump voter. It will be interesting to watch them get swept away in the silent second swell of this election tsunami.

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Podcast Episode 5:  A taster.....

TOEpisode 5.mp3
Vox Deplorables.

Thankfully the Mexican President knows a fraud when he see's one. . . . It still feels wrong to w...

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Vox Deplorables.

We talk about the Jeff Bezos " With Honor Fund " funding 2018 Dan Crenshaw campaign. Who are the...

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Vox Deplorables.

The Great American Voter Fraud:4am Vote dump in Michigan. 6am Vote dump in WisconsinGovernor of P...

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Vox Deplorables.

Episode 6 of Thinking OutloudFinal Predictions in the 2020 US Presidential election. Final Early ...

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US Election 2020 : The fate of Liberty lies in the calloused hands of the Quiet Man.

The season of campaign folly is over, for good or ill. Close to 100 million people have already made known their will. All that remains is the slow, steady march of the quiet man. And the quiet woman. 

We hope that their hands are steady and their hearts are steadfast in the face of monumental turbulence. The age of social media genuflects at the altar of algorithms' and the first sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered in it's church; have been the minds of the intelligentsia. That much at least is clear.

The blue-check mark a stamp of the fallen. Of the conquered. The demands of the algorithm are simple, elegant even. Apply your intelligence in a box. And then a smaller one.  And one smaller again. 

An iterative process to be applied ad-infinitium. This age, where the people with the most connective tissue, prefer to apply it to the confines of a hamster wheel. It would be odd if it weren't so damn mathematically elegant. 

And so it is, we are left on election day with the modern-day peasant class. In the cities and villages to decide the fate of a nation, indeed an entire civilization. The people who have lost the most and suffered the most in the technological age. Curiously, it is these people the algorithms crave the most to control. It should give us hope that it is they that the algorithms have failed to conquer as of yet.

Perhaps they are too slow. Or too wise. 

For wisdom is never purchased in lightning speed bursts but in the slow, steady raindrops of experience and calm absorption. 

Of course, we have a precedent for what awaits and despite scholarly missives that point to the French Revolution or indeed to the carnage of those twin towers of twentieth century savagery - it is neither. No it is in fact to be found in the original Russian collusion story. Against it's own people.

The Bolshevik revolution is a matter of historical record; however even that is not the precise analogy. No, it is the 20 years prior. The slow death march of a monarchy, a business elite, and intellectual & cultural elite who dithered and allowed a largely ex-communicated class of idealists like Lenin and his cronies to fill the vacuum.

At no point right up to the the last months did the world believe that the peasants would ever chose a Lenin-Marxist revolution. And yet they did. Then like now, they were let down by their supposed betters. They suffered more in the end, than any of dithering classes. They are largely forgotten today. But their decision still stirs the earth.

In the final analysis the " peasant class " will again choose the path for modern civilization. While they will be forgotten,  their decision will again echo through the ages. Today, they receive less help, less informed information,  less respect and less hope than even those early 20th century serfs. 

And yet I remain hopeful enough that wisdom has drip-dropped onto their brows, traced a stream path to their lips and has been slowly absorbed by their thirsty tongues. For they are in the end - are the best among us.

America has fought many times for the price of freedom and learned it's value. It lies deep in the DNA of large swathes of it's citizens still I believe. The algorithms may have infected the minds of humanity but they have not yet penetrated the essence of life and the deep hearts core. Soon perhaps.

For now, we hold our breathe and wish those polling-station bound pilgrims god-speed. The fate of the world is in their calloused hands. No finer or fitter people to decide the fates ahead.

While the Russian's turned left....

I suspect enough of the remaining US electorate understand - that the gnarly path of an ugly truth leads to a better place than the super-highway of a seductive lie.

It's with economy that the quiet man and quiet woman speak. But the wisdom of the words is usually worth waiting for.

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