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Welcome. I'm an Original Writer/Creator And An Old White Man. Gary Halo Predictions Series is also available here along with other articles. I'll be writing on a variety of topics from time to time. If you enjoy my work, a donation or subscribing would be cool.
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Gary Halo


Don’t hang yourself or jump (to another page) just yet. At least not until you see this OK? There’s a fair bit of EVIL out there in the world. That’s a given. You may have been one of the criminals, or duped followers. You may be one of the victims. I apologize for stirring up bad memories.

For the purpose of this topic, I'm not here to just bitch or call for action on all things disgustingly EVIL. Let us for now, move past the Un-fricking believable things people do to themselves and others or the ongoing destruction of decency in the world. Too many examples to list.

Is there justice? We hear of mass murderers living out comfortable lives into their 90’s! Criminals running and ruining entire countries! Starting and maintaining wars for profit. Sick fucks having sex with children, some even disposing of the bodies later! I could go on with so many EVILS, it would take pages. We would end up crying.

Now the really hard part. Some of you are going to run out of this site, maybe forever. So be it.

We ALL have things that we’ve done that we are NOT proud of. Things that if we could, take back, re-do or make right. Things that we could do to help clear our conscience (insert promo for Gary’s Healing Creme here only $9.99).

Unless you are a true blue criminal psychopath, you could always make amends, or re-play and make corrections that which needs handling. If not truly possible, for any number of reasons (death), you could decide here and now to do right and fly straight from this point on. Or maybe you have already started the process. In that case, you can reconfirm or rekindle something deep within. Hard isn’t it?

So we’re talking EVIL. I have to believe that we are in a phase of dismantling the BIG EVILS in this world. Shit, we have put up with for far too long, we actually think it’s the norm. We're not gonna take it anymore. The pendulum is beginning to swing. Back to reasonable.

If President Trump died tomorrow, the criminal indictments against the Deep State would still stand. A new criminal leader could do everything in his/her power to null some outstanding charges but some crimes especially against children won’t go unanswered. The public have been patient but not for too much longer. Trump, make your move.

So if I’m wrong, there could be some very big outcomes that could be inevitable if this ship is not turned. For instance, the American justice system does NOT get corrected and the people totally lost faith. Criminality increases remarkably. Young children sell their bodies on websites and in the streets. Hard drugs are still cool.

Russia and China and even Japan have had enough of broken deals and promises with the USA. The USA dollar ends in the toilet everywhere soon. The US military declares martial law. Orders mass arrests and executions for the worst of the worst. Insanity cannot be used as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

How long have we pushed Russia against the wall? Without a fair reason? How much longer? Russia could easily add another two years of reserve food and equipment into their underground sites. Enough to feed most everyone there. They could order everyone underground in one day and push the nuclear button against the USA, Israel, and England tomorrow.

Why? Count your crimes America. Our elites have been ordering the murder of millions all over the Middle East in our name for years. Also without reason. The whole fucking world knows it!

Or we learn the hard lessons of reform. Lessons about ethics, and the use of real justice. Learn what life could be like without psycho criminals stealing everything and destroying our children and future.

There are great videos of children gaining sight or hearing for the first time that could make your eyes tear. Let's regain our faith in decency and humanity.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Dis & Dat

( weakly featured update )

Trump is a great actor and leader.

Some of you didn't know Trump has been financed by the Rothschilds for years. A Saudi prince or two have funded his ventures as well.

The Rothschilds have world assets estimated to be between 500 billion to 3 trillion dollars. What they don't own, they don't want.

Left and Right politics is a game to them. Remember. Trump loves winners. Rothschilds won everything years ago.

Watch for life-changing tech innovations suddenly becoming released but only later to find out, the breakthroughs were suppressed years earlier.

Horrid inflation to come with regional wars to quell the populations.

Wait until the worldwide child trafficking scandal hits a head of steam.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

In Saskatchewan, Canada, a farmer in the early 1900s found these moose as abandoned babies so raised them as horses. Support adoption.

Gary Halo #comedy #philosophy

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Gary Halo

Is War Coming?

China and Russia are seriously considering a first-strike war. The arms race situation is at it's worst, ever!

On Russia

Do you think maybe Russia could be a little pissed after years of unjust sanctions? Alcoholism is at 30% high in Russia. Moscow is fucking bleak and depressing.

Russia needs only to build a few more factories working 24-7 and gain more materials to blanket the Earth with live super-sonic weapons coverage. That's what I would do if I was Russia facing a relentless Satanic war machine.

Putin, in his State Of The Union Address Feb.20/19, stated with no hesitation whatsoever, 'We will destroy anyone attacking us and their government leaders in their country of origin.." The question unanswered is. Does he mean carpet bombing a city or taking out the individual leaders, with a special delivery, precise drone strike?

Putin is a Christian so I think he would opt for the personal touch, rather than mass slaughter, unlike what we enjoy watching around the world from our living rooms.

On China

China is always in internal conflict without letting the world know. Too many unproductive people. China has hundreds of millions of bright young people getting restless due to lack of true opportunities and self-worth life interest.

They would go to war for a new video game challenge. Put them in a blacked out room with a console and remote robot to shoot the enemy with or a drone to fly and the BIG GAME is on, baby.

Hell, there would even by a running scoreboard giving awards to top shooters. They would have to force players to go home and sleep!

I've seen huge blacked out rooms throughout China with some having 300 kids there, 24-7, chatting online while playing video games......14 years ago!

Kids sitting on the floor in line waiting to get three o'clock in the morning!

When the war breaks out, Russia will sub the drone coverage work to Chinese kids.

Why would China and Russia go to war with us? Maybe they're running out of money? We keep poking the Bear, and the Dragon has lost patience. It's as if the West is trying to commit Satanic sacrifice and our suicide, simultaneously.

The Satanist Connection and By Design, Muslum Radicalism

They are both insane and heavily financed.

It's true there are possibly over 10,000,000 hardcore practicing Satan Whore-shippers in the USA. Many in power. Probably another 50,000,000 hardcore throughout the world. All helping each other steal money, torture, fuck and kill children, financed with unlimited drug funds.

To score on the ladder down to Hell, baby killing is right down there in the shit bucket wish list along with other crimes against humanity.

Everyone must die. Or at least be under control. Under control is more fun and very profitable. Ask the Rothschilds. They don't want a war where they live.

But they want the browny points when they finance one.

Do you really think you can start race wars? Finance and create unlimited illiterate Muslum migration and just sail away on your yacht to live safely on your island? Or bunker down in your castle up in the mountains? You're dreaming.

No matter how well paid or loyal you think your staff is, they have watched your mindless excesses for years and more than likely despise the un-real amount of wealth you've accumulated.

If and when the last sane people on earth are running and hiding for their lives, you'll be one of the first to be thrown overboard or eaten. You look and taste like a pig, don't you know, according to historical records on cannibalism.

Would Satanist In A Winner-Take-All Battle Opt For Nuclear War?

Rather than lose? Without a doubt. Our Satanist military rulers would do that to Russia and China right fucking now if they could. Especially if they had the new tech that Russia has right now. We're insane with wars already.

When Putin dies, the insane there take over.

The insane Satanists in the West now are trying to take out Trump. If Trump died tomorrow, we'd still be fucking insane.

To the monied class, war is one viable solution. The answer.

Keep your yacht on standby. It won't help. You'll be a target. "Where's your gold, buddy?" You crazy bastards! Back off and fuck off. You don't own this planet.

Us peons, lock and load and keep your powder dry.

War is coming.

The United States of America government and the Isreal leadership and their militaries are the evilest organizations in the world and will start World War Three.

Or another alternative, another reality

Gary Halo science technology

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Gary Halo

Undercover Cops

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Gary Halo

Dis & Dat

Part 2

(Feature updated weekly)

Sorry. We have been hoodwinked. Trump is deep, deep state. Get over it. He took the job offer, he couldn't refuse actually. Top level politics has always been a blood sport.

Trump will continue to do great things but be aware, it's at the handlers control and directions. Rothschilds are in control.

We still have not seen any high-level arrests taking down the Obama / Clinton/ Bush crime syndicates. How long does it take to write out warrants on crimes well known? Another week, another stall. No conclusion. Wait till next term right?

If the Dems steal the next election and take out Trump, they will seal our fate and walk us into insanity. Dems will not give up power again until the war.

A party that murders babies, sure don't give a fuck about you.

I've got two articles I'm starting to work on at Da Lab.

One is called "When A Zen Buddhist Discovers God Without Jesus Or Buddha" and another titled "Fun Living With A Hybrid Aorta, Super Powers And All".

This upcoming year is going to be the most interesting in our entire human history.

*People have asked if I plan on writing a Gary Halo Predictions Series Part 3. Besides not getting paid, spiritual rewards are empty.

If you are wrong on too many predictions, you'd be ridiculed. If the predictions become too accurate, you'd more than likely be considered a freak, and someone to be frightened of, or worse, followed. All those outcomes are not worth the effort.

Besides, it takes a hell of a lot out of you. You generally have to consider, contemplate, meditate and envision a subject matter for many hours into that future. Without distractions or company.

Above all, there are no incentives anyway. No CIA operatives dropping $50 grand on me, unlike some of you here now, to persuade the sheeple to think a certain thought.

There is more than enough on this web site to keep a mind busy.

Gary Halo #comedy #journalism #freespeech #news

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Prediction Series


The Prediction Series was started in mid-Year 1999 just before the New Years turnover of 2000. A very worrisome time. I had installed Part One of the Series on a web platform called Angel Fire. As the articles were created, thousands followed along as they came out.

Then the rug was pulled out from under the site creators. Angel Fire informed us that they were sold, so everyone had to copy their work and save it somewhere before it disappeared. We had a few weeks I believe before everything was gone.

So I looked for one of the most stable platforms I could find. I chose Microsoft, thinking it would remain there a long time, if perhaps almost forever. It moved along as well with the technology of the time.

I started a blog there in 2001. It had the Gary Halo Prediction Series Part One and ongoing articles of things happening quite soon. Some predictions complete nonsense of course. Others not too bad.

Things were going fine. People were discovering my work. Got a few crazies from time to time but for the most part, most read and even offered an opinion sometimes. I started Part 2 of the Series. Again writing subject articles as they were written, with people following the progress.

I finished the Series in late 2002 and enjoyed adding more 'around current times' predictions as they came to me. In 2006, Microsoft dropped the hammer! I received a notice that the platform where I had my materials were being moved. That if you wanted to save anything, fill out the online form and it would be automatically transferred. It was to take weeks.

Of course, they recommended that we back up our sites quickly. But not to worry.

My website never reappeared on the new platform. Nothing! The old site and platform blinked out. Perhaps someone at Microsoft mistakenly assumed my predictions were my opinions. I could only save Prediction Series Part 1 And 2 but nothing of the many years of lost predictions on the blog.

Microsoft said," Sorry. We don't know what happened." And that was that!

I've carried the Gary Halo Prediction Series for all these years, on hard drives and various Clouds waiting and looking for the right time. Around two weeks ago, Feb/2019, while searching for an old article I wrote I discovered my old site had been archived. I still cannot quite believe it! Proof it existed and more importantly, the dated writings. Wow!

With the new social media platforms available, along with new crypto-currency freedoms, promotion issues aren't all that important. The bugs will be worked out.

Thank you for coming.

Gary Halo

#journalism #freespeech #philosophy

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series


The difficulty with predicting the future is that it hasn't happened yet.

Since the beginning of Mankind's existence, people have always contemplated and gone to great lengths to acquire some insight on what the future holds for them.

Kings and paupers alike have sought out soothsayers, religious wise men and more than a few charlatans to help allay their fears and apprehensions of what tomorrow will bring.

Looking at the stars, reading palms or cards, studying the pattern of chicken entails or the lay of bones and sticks, are all part and parcel of the inexact practice of divination.

I don't hold much stock in complex methodology or practices and rituals which depend for their answers on objects of Matter, regardless of what supposed 'mystical' powers those material objects are believed to possess.

I think truth prediction is, for the most part, observance of what has been going on up until now. Also part assumption of where we are going, and an intangible critical element, an innate spiritual ability.

The only real time that exists is NOW. Right NOW as you read this. Right this moment. Yesterday exists only to those who've recorded it (in their mind) and nowhere else.

Tomorrow doesn't exist even when you get there because it'll be today and yet then, only in the 'moment' that you exist.

Time is actually and simply the measurement of the movement of objects. Your body is just one of those objects. The hands moving around the face of a clock, is again, solely the measurement of that movement.

Every creature possessing an intelligence to comprehend has some degree of innate predictive ability. A pattern has been settled in their minds of what is to occur in the future and they move forward on those assumptions.

Things happen to upset those routines but if it occurs enough times, the thinking making adjustments for it so the event becomes a sub-routine within their living pattern.

Even a creature in the wild has some type of predictive ability in that it assumes there is a meal somewhere out there to be found. To think otherwise is to give up, lay down and die in apathy.

Life has as it's own ability to predict, to some degree, outcomes. Otherwise why try?

I could easily predict another bus accident that kills people in India next year. There is a pattern that can be observed. That isn't all that difficult to predict. A true prediction comes in the details. Details which, by all accounts, have no physical basis with which they can be derived.

Within this site, you'll see some predictions you'll scoff at and say, "Big deal! Anyone could see that coming!" and you'd probably be right. Some of my writings will be general run-of-the-mill where things are going. Others may surprise you. Even more so if they come true.

Some of my predictions derive from a spiritual sense or vision. No reason for seeing it happen. Just comes to me without hocus-pocus, mumble-jumble or the use of my 'special' magic wish stone.

Remember, don't dwell on yesterday. It only exists in your mind and in the mind of the others who were with you at that point of NOW. You're here NOW and you create your tomorrow.

Gary Halo

Reference site: Don't tell anyone.

#art #music #science #technology #freespeech

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series


Music & Art - Near Future

More of the same............

*Note: I know a little of what I speak, having had an independent record label affiliated with EMI and managed upcoming artists and others trying to return after earlier success.

A few evolutionary/revolutionary activities spurred on by technology are just starting to turn the music and arts establishments onto their ears. Talking about at-home recording devices of music, movies, video, and frame quality, and art with laser printers, via the internet. Or sophisticated pirate organizations are threatening the financial solvency of the original artists. And the companies marketing those artists products. Ironic that those establishment companies despite their unethical, bordering on criminal, treatment of their artists are now crying foul and asking the governments to protect them.

Name an art industry that isn't dirty with sleaze from top to bottom? From the music business dramatizing scarcity of good music and their buying of chart position. Model agencies supplying drugs and the exploitation of their more younger-each-year models.

To the Hollywood sex and drugs obsessions. For the few stellar success stories, there are thousands of promising artists chewed up and destroyed by the corruption. Artists that, up until recently with the emergence of the internet, couldn't make their work known without compromising their morals or artistic integrity within their fields.

The independent artists have a modem (pun intended) to get their work seen and heard via the internet sites which can highlight and bring attention to them.

Interested public can order the product direct. The general public won't know of their work until the established industries notice them and give them the hand up which is how it's usually done except for one great change now.

An artist, once recognized and popular, could use the internet to promote and deliver their product directly to the public's home, virtually (another pun) cutting out the middlemen, like marketing companies and stores.

This will give more power to the established artists and change the behavior, ever so slightly, of the management industries to treat their new people more fairly. The arts industry, to survive, will have to perform outstanding valuable services for the artists, more so then the artists can do with their own marketing people, using their own resources.

Don't under-estimate this subtle change. It's very powerful and will eventually bring about more ethical practices in the arts industries in dealing with the artists. I think the fear of direct marketing artists on the internet has already started to shake up the music business. At least in their dealings with their top name artists.

One change is happening right now in all the arts. Public funding will quickly be withdrawn from sex arts, of whatever persuasion, and anti-religion propaganda in fine art and music. Of course, various public will support them by buying their products but government grants will soon be denied.


Music & The Arts - Far Future

No more of the same.........A New Deal

Please. A moment while I take a bow for the accuracy of Part 1 on this topic. OK, Thank you. Thank you. That's enough. You're so kind.

Today's date is December.31.2001. Standards of ethics are rising when it comes to how the Arts industries have been treating and rewarding their roster of artists. From the protest concerts by music artists lately, to fine artists creating marketing boards to promote and sell their works within the power of a group. "The times they are a-changing'".

Soon you will sample and buy individual songs by individual artists if you wish, or you can buy a CD or compilation CD by one artist if you wish. If you wish, you may become one of the record label's 'special' clients and qualify for substantial discounts on concerts and product by the said record label.

Get the idea? There will be options galore. Whatever you wish! Do you want what you think is the best of the Beatles on one or two CDs? Go to the internet or a record store, pick the individual tracks you like and have them burned onto a CD for you. The CD will have code which doesn't allow it to be copied around.

You'll eventually interact with your AI TV. It'll ask you what you feel like watching? You say you want an action movie with a bit of skin in it. It has already cleared up that particular slang phrase with you earlier and recommends a list of 20 or 30 movies you can receive On Demand right now.......or sports, or concerts, or comedy, or news wherever whatever.....

Somethings going on or to be developed in the field of music soon. It has something about a study of deep tones, how they affect internal organs, and higher tones affecting the intellectual senses and finally a purity of sound. Somehow, something brings it all together ( at first I thought it was a new musical instrument, but I don't think so ), it's more of a manner of presentation which has been done before but markedly enhanced.

It's listening to music but with tones which give you an 'internal' full body feeling. It comes from wave discoveries. Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is re-released in the new format. Spectacular! It's like having your brain at peace with fine weed, your body sensationalized with LSD but you're there, still sane and it's always pleasurable. And you can simply shut it off and feel very relaxed afterward.

The music industry will be the first to write in drug use clauses. Things like, "One must seek treatment and if not, this contract is void at the discretion of the record company!" No more feeding drugs to the musicians, models, sports athletes by their prospective industries. Degradation is going 'out'. Drug-free competent professionalism is coming into vogue and staying there.

And to you who read this and 'hate' what it says, FUCK YOU!!

Gary Halo

#art #music #philosophy #freespeech

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series


News Events - Near Future

Of course, most of everything on this page will be eventually in the News if you look for it. The reason this page is here is that this is the vision I see being repeated over and over again on the TV in the future. I see a large white office building, around thirty-five stories high, almost an entire city block in circumference, being toppled.

Due to the way the building has been constructed, the entire structure will topple like a tree across the intersection and slide down the side of another large dark-colored building causing great damage and loss of life. An Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group will be responsible for the attack.

The terrorists will be caught while trying to board a private commuter jet at the airport. Bin Laden will be implicated but the terrorists will refuse to talk. One manages to commit suicide while awaiting trial. A bomb will explode in the courtroom killing another of the suspects at his trial along with eleven others including the judge.

Jan.10.2002 News - Far Future

DNA Proves Bin Ladin Died In Cave!

Special Forces Kills Saddam!

India Nukes Pakistan!

China Invades Taiwan! The Attack Is Swift, Expansive And Ruthless!

North And South Korea Join As Democratic One Korea!

Microscopic Life Forms Found On Mars!

Gary Halo

Reference site: Don't tell anyone.

#art #music #technology #philosophy #news

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Gary Halo

Da Lab

Da Lab is a new feature I've started here at the Top Tier. I'll be writing new articles almost right before your eyes, from start, revisions, development and onto the general release. People on that level can make suggestions, which I'll inevitably ignore, but it could be fun.

Join in if you wish. A month is only three dollars.

Gary Halo

#art freespeech #comedy philosophy

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Gary Halo

There are copies of my writings on my other site at but here you won't get blocked by heavy traffic. There are over 130,000 readers there.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Tips On How To Survive A Left Side Brain Aneurysm, A Heart Attack Or An Aorta Dissection

I was going to put the following suggestions into a book, but I think the data may help someone right now. I'm not a doctor or medically trained but these are only suggestions. Maybe help you or someone in stress, feel more comfortable.

Of course, the moment you or someone you are with starts experiencing any of these medical emergencies, call 911 immediately. DON'T delay. You literally have moments! If you procrastinate, you could wake up dead by morning.

I recommend not completely lying down before or in the ambulance ride, even if the attendant wants to strap you down. Insist on having your head and shoulders raised. Try to stay awake, aware and in control of your breathing.

These are the tricks I've used to keep myself alive despite all indicators that it was all over, except for the funeral arrangements. I've seen family members fly from all over the country to say goodbye to me on my deathbed but I kept getting up to see out the window.

First. You must get prepared. If you plan on surviving anything like a stroke, heart attack or even the most mysteries yet, the aorta dissection aneurysm, you have to toughen yourself up. If you're overweight. Lose some pounds and get your body only a little harder. No extreme sports nonsense. Just enough that you FEEL stronger than the average bear. The same applies if you're the smallest of the litter. Gain some pounds dammit, preferably a bit of muscle. You don't want to get bruised in the ambulance on the way to the hospital! OK start tomorrow.

Next. Learn to meditate. Not medicate. Use the method YOU are most comfortable with. Learn to relax. I mean DEEP relax. The kind that slows your heart rate. So much so, that the nurse has to use a mirror to check your breathing! When those thoughts are going through your head about if you're going to die or it hurts so much, or whether you look like an asshole with your gown uncovered exposing your fat ass or little penis (because it's cold of course). You want to be able to completely relax, deep breath, think of nothing but the HERE AND NOW. Period! You heard me. Repeat. Clear your thoughts to the here and now. Deep calm relax. Fear will kill you.

Third. You have to power up. Find every reserve of your inner strength. Your MOJO. Your essence of all the good that you know you are. You can't spell your name. Maybe start having trouble walking. They give you a pain pill but no answers. Even if you never fully recover, from what you may have been before. Dammit. You are still and always remain true to yourself. Worthy, and every day is a challenge and maybe a little adventure.

Doc says you're gonna die. Smile and think "No way!" If the doctors say they may repair your heart if you can lose 50 pounds. Show up in six months without those pounds

I never did the mental exercises after my left side brain bleed stroke but I spent a month in the hospital using a walker around the ward until I got my body controlled again. Your mile-age may vary, but don't just try. Really work at it.

Last but not least, when all the medical staff and emergency noises settle down, and you're relaxed in your sweet spot (because you meditated before remember), you may in truth be in the in-between lives. You will have some great revelations of who you are, where you've been and obviously, have some life-changing decisions to make. Repeat step three. It's very tranquil there. There may be friends and family to greet you.

This game is over. Thank you for playing. You can stay home awhile, maybe call on your Father if your love is stronger than your fear. Or you can go again.

Or...…… you wake up, at first just a little upset. It was so peaceful waiting there. But you're not ready.

The nurse gently lets you know you have visitors. They've been crying.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Jesus In The Afterlife

GOD: “Jesus you’re late.”

Jesus: “Ya, sorry Pop. I got hung up! Get it Pop?! Hung up, like really hung up! Gees, Dad?!”

That was no fun.”

GOD: “I know. I was there. Well, you know. Not there in the physical sense, but, eh, I felt your pain.”

Jesus: “Thanks. I know what ya mean, Father Who Art In Heaven. But why did you have to send me?

Oh, yeah. To send a ‘message’.(sigh)

Why didn’t you send my brother, Buddha? Especially after his last job was sitting around eating and drinking and having people bring him gifts all day? It's not fair.

I even had to make my own wine! What’s he doing now, Dad?”

GOD; “At the gym, most of the time, meditating and praying.”

Jesus: “Praying you don’t send him off on another assignment, I bet! (ha ha ha)

GOD; “Well, good job anyway, Son. Everyone around here heard about you. That was a nice touch. The “Father, forgive their sins, for they know not what they do.” or something like that. Great improv. It’ll be a classic.”

Jesus: “Thanks Pop. I don’t wanna go back there again. Ever. They’re barbarians! They wouldn't even let me cut my hair.”

GOD: “Well, we’ll talk about that later. Anyway, I think you’ve earned your full wings back again. Congratulations!"

Jesus; "Thanks, Dad. But no fanfare for me, please. I can hear the choir warming up.”

GOD: "They’re always practicing. It’d be nice to hear some more new music played around here. So many good souls have gone over to your brother Satan’s party place lately. Boy, are they in for a surprise! After a few heartbeats, they'll be begging for forgiveness. But I let them stew for a while. Everyone is welcomed eventually you know."

Jesus; "How come it’s so quiet around here now, Father?"

GOD; "Oh I expanded the place for new arrivals. They’ll come when I’m ready. Until then, let's see how Free Will works out.

OK, run along now my Son. Go tell your brothers and sisters to play nice.


Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Open Letter To President Putin, President Xi Jinping And President Trump

Thank you, Sir, for taking the time in your busy schedule to read this short message.

Congratulations on achieving all you and your people have accomplished in the last few years dispute substantial opposition to your good intentions.

Some opposition, regardless of their stated goals, has been less than honorable. Some of their goals are secretly evil and counter to the survival of all Mankind.

We have the New World Order financial and drug cartels, the human trafficking by local and international pedophile rings, Satan worshipers and some church leaders who operate in all manner of evil in their Gods name.

But of course, you know that and to rehash ongoing threats and deeds already known, is not the purpose of this note.

The other two Great Leaders and you are to soon embark on a world-changing plan which can bring about a truly new world. A world founded on human dignity and prosperity for all, not just the greedy elite. Deals of mutual enhancement for all, rather than the blind cutthroat competition.

The three of you can sit down together using your trusted interpreters, without time limitations and work out the reformation of a new world. For example, Russia with it’s good people and an abundance of resources. China with it’s numerous, bright young people and the USA with incredible innovative technologies to transform us all on to the future. An exciting future without wars, poverty, early deaths, and destruction. All that is at your fingertips if only you don’t compromise to the evil and mediocre.

Which comes to the main thrust of this communications. Take the kid gloves off, sir. Please. We are in for the fight of our lives now. You are as well. If you give quarter, even pausing for the slightest hope of reform on their part, they will press for advantage and take you out without mercy.

History books are filled with examples of good men being destroyed for not carrying through with their good intentions and worthy plans. Instead, they listened to others with less wisdom or visionary minds or skirted around evil, rather than confront them head-on.

Suspend the delaying lawyers, use the military courts for quick and fair justice and quickly execute the already well-known parasites of our society. They have ordered the killing of children without mercy in their homes and around the world since time immemorial. Why not order the same for those found guilty now?

We wish you and your people great success in the future. Save the world.

In the future, God may be proud.The alternative is war far too horrific to imagine.

Gary Halo

#freespeech #philosophy #journalism #news

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Gary Halo


Help Wanted Does anyone know where to buy the fire acceleration agent used in California? I have a few buildings and cars I want to turn to dust but leave the surrounding trees and flowers intact. Thank you.

P.S. It must be legal and not kill anyone. That was a neat trick cutting the house in half in a blazing fire leaving one side untouched. I want that.

P.S.S. If it's technology done by an off-world Alien race, please know that we will willingly be your bitch. We have a guy who knows the 'Art Of The Deal'. Don't kill us. We can be useful. Well. I can be anyway. Call me.

So, who the hell Declared War but haven't told us little peons yet? It must be for demo purposes only, at least at this stage of the game. Selectively zapping houses, buildings, and cars without being effectively stopped speaks volumes. Many new videos appear as quickly as YouTube takes others down. Our idiot press must know engine blocks don't in nature melt on driveways!

Is it the Russians with new tech? Perhaps a warning telling the West to back off on the Sanctions? *

Or perhaps, the Chinese picking out investment properties to buy on the cheap. Zap a house. Come by a few months later with a backhoe and a couple of dump trucks and the mess is gone in two days!

Or, maybe it's that Evil New World Order feathering their nests once again, using their very secret military services. Again for great real-estate deals on the cheap. Those old greedy bastards, well. Who knows what they want next?

You could almost hope it's the Aliens pulling off this shit. Many of us couldn't stand the thought of those greedy evil bastards winning again.

Keep your head down and your powder dry.

Things are going to get nasty.

Gary Halo

#science #technology #journalism

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Gary Halo

Sex... Batteries Included

Pokey pokey, Wanky Wankers.

A serious plea here. An International Emergency Call for more fucking. In our homes, in our cars, on the water, woods, and barns.

Simply put, we need to fuck more to make babies. And lots of ‘em. Let’s get the baby gravy train rolling people.

First, get a real live partner OK? I know practice makes perfect but time to get on the horse again. It’s for the country, dammit!

You guys have to get off the video games. Take a shower.

Girls, let's try to love a man again, look great and smell good too.

Get the hell out there. Network. Those funny hormones take care of themselves. If not, see a doctor.

Let us assume you have a willing partner now. Every red-blooded man and woman, together, have to score two for the team.

Alright, after a while, perhaps things get a little stale and the game is on. Maybe try some kink oLE’ OK!

Approach the subject with gentleness. No faked shit. Real tenderness. A hot colt or seasoned mare can smell the fear. Don’t want them spooked and bolting from the stable early.

Try this. “Honey. I know it’s been a while. I, eh, wonder if we could, you know, try something new?” Don’t add “ to juice things up.” If I have to tell you why maybe it’s best your gene pool dries up OK.

Only word of warning. If he/she/it says, “OK. What do you want to try?” Take it baby steps.

Don't go run to the closet dragging out your favorite giant dildo with a kick-start, just yet. No. Baby baby steps. Maybe a massage using oils and a pool toy. Maybe a finger in the ass.

We gotta get poky pokemon.

Let's have fucking fun folks. And don’t stop until you're smiling.

After making a few babies, you can always lose some fucking weight fucking.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

There isn't any money in predicting outcomes. The big money comes in, in manipulating outcomes.

Gary Halo

#journalism #freespeech #philosophy

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Oct.27.1999

China - Part 1

China's a country which hasn't reached anywhere near it's potential to be a major player on the world scene. It could easily surpass all countries, including the United States, by sheer force of numbers of workers and consumers of products once it shook off the suppressive yoke of Communism. It could become truly democratic and modernized sensibly.

A tall order but easily do-able. The old fellows in their 80's you see in the top seats of the Chinese government aren't the true rulers and managers of China. They serve more as figureheads, much like our Senate but with far less influence. It's their assistants and younger managers running their departments who really hold the power.

China will be badly affected by the economic downturn. More so in the import/export areas than in agriculture or internal commerce. Though they use computers, they aren't used as extensively as the West or modern Europe. They surprisingly use more people to do things by hand (helps keep the masses employed) and computers have been too expensive for small businesses to buy and use.

Commerce by the people is still mostly done with cash. Where they will be badly hit is in power, telecommunications and the exports of their products, mainly due to shipping and international commerce problems. This, of course, will result in massive unemployment and severe depression.

China still retains a lot of the 'old world' ways in agriculture and product manufacturing (manual labor) so will recover internally very rapidly from the adverse effects of the economic collapse internationally.

I see some type of 'polite' purge of the old guard out of the highest seats of the Chinese government very soon. Those assistants and managers who actually run things will organize, elect one of the more competent leaders among themselves and send the older fellows into a specially created advisory council. The elderly, frail members will be grateful to bow out from the pressure gracefully. The public will be complacent as ever with the new leadership.

The Chinese government is so BIG, with so many members dealing with so many people, the common people there are overwhelmed with all things government. The transfer should be smooth. There will be some trouble from the military but the generals will be won over, promised more perks and expanded power.

The catalyst will come early in 2000. Three or four of Mao's old war-horses will die of old age within a two week period, leaving a power gap with which the younger members will see an opportunity to institute some changes for the entire body.

China will later take neighboring territories in one fell swoop. Hong Kong and the Macao take-overs have rekindled the flame of expansionism in the Chinese leadership. The advantages in commerce and power prove too much to resist and a fine diversion for public unrest with unemployment and borderline starvation. Especially while the USA and other NATO countries are in disarray over economic disruptions and the United Nations has become insolvent and ineffective.

Self-preservation in the USA and most everywhere else, along with a firm reluctance by unaffected countries to get involved in foreign military disputes, provides an opportunity for China's advancement.

The World Bank, the IMF, NATO, and all the other world bodies will register their protest and impose sanctions, but China will thumb their nose at them and carry on with their programs.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Women Part 1

Written Nov.04.1999

Women in the West will continue to make historic strides in 'leveling the playing field' as it relates to career opportunities and equality with men. Although there will be the issue of men not having the same options as women, whether to stay home and raise children or compete in the workforce, the choice of the individual woman's goals shall be more and more respected in society. Generally, the homemaker will regain much-lost status as one of an important contributor to the well-being of their children and thus society. I expect government funding cuts to women's organizations very soon, almost in direct proportion to the percentage of female graduates (presently at 40%) of college and universities.

The issue of female physical abuse in the West will gain more social prominence and make historical inroads in changing male attitudes to general acceptance in the community that such behavior is very wrong and illegal. Although abuse of women won't ever be entirely eliminated, statistics will drop dramatically within the next few years. One reason will be harsher penalties and mandatory sentencing for offenders (due in part to women's increasing power and education).

One behind the scenes cultural change is beginning to happen in Asia, the Middle East, and developing countries as regards to women and their place and status in those societies. It originates from the viewpoint that 'all things modern and right' comes from the West. Women outside of the 'modern' countries are beginning to embrace concepts of personal freedom and equality with men. Although there has been censorship of sorts so that Western thought and ideas don't 'corrupt' their social fabric, women are reading the magazines, watching the movies and more are getting educated in 'modern' universities. This change won't gather headway or surface for quite a few years yet, but it is happening.

I expect women of influence on the international stage to bring pressure to bear on the world bodies, like the UN, within a few short years, to force countries to abandon ancient religious practices which suppress and harm women like female genitalia mutilation and prearranged marriages. It will be a very powerful lobby which wins the approval of all civilized societies but will create a long-standing conflict between cultures. (see 'Religion section' for more).

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Women Part 2

Written Dec.28.2001

Well, well. Kudos to the United Nations and their funding bodies for at last spearheading Women Human Rights Issues around the world. Unfortunately, the early stages of the Program are prone to failure.

First off, the qualifications for applicants the UN are seeking to fill the roles for implementing the programs for women's equality and Rights, in mostly 3rd world and Soviet Block countries, are academics who teach Women's Studies and\or proven Women's Rights advocates. A Western leftist style formula which will not work in old Europe 'Man is boss' cultures or religious Mid-East 'Woman are sub-servant to man' societies.

Granted, modern countries have embraced the Rights and equal status of women although the older generation still holds it's biased. I believe most people under 30 years old at this time in modern countries view all male and females as having the same Rights and opportunities based on merit and education.

If the UN Women's Rights Program solely takes on Western-style Women's Rights advocates as it exists in our universities BUT not incorporate at least a few of those 'good ol' boys' in government or religious leaders to come on board in the target countries, the Program is going to take a very long time.

Consider it has taken nearly three generations to get where the West is now on Women's equality and Rights. The European countries may take as many as four generations since they aren't as educated. As for the Middle East and parts of Asia, it may take even longer. Sad but true.

The intentions, purpose, and goals of the UN program are stellar. The means with which they intend to carry it out are flawed. Of course, I see women in those countries organizing into groups, which is all fine and needed, but if the women paint themselves as victims and fudge statistics, like women's groups, do here in the West, yet not empowered, I'm afraid they'll be in for some heavy oppression by the powers that be.

Rather than having to use economic sanctions as a BIG stick to allow their women Rights in countries that continue to oppress them, far better to work from within by bringing strong respected women and men on the side.

I predict, of course, eventually ALL women will have Human Rights to education and opportunity in this world. Only it will take a very long time in some places. You need only look and listen to who the UN sends or solicits for help within any one particular country you're interested in, to make a judgment of the future success of their program.

Child labor and child prostitution are going to be the next great Human Rights battles. How difficult those ugly issues are to tackle? The only reason that those perverse industries thrive in various countries like Thailand is that the sick corruption goes right to the top of the heads of State in those places. In other words, those leaders are either collecting money from it or having sex with those children or both! Get vocal.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Nov.17.1999

Wars - Part 1

This is the hardest section for me to write for I think of all the innocent people that are going to suffer or die in the upcoming wars. Mainly, the children that will have their unconditional love and young lives snuffed out without the power to change what will be happening around them. Adults can raise a voice to their leaders, vote or revolt or flee with their families to safer havens. Children have no such options. And for them, my heart will break.

As I've mentioned in other sections, countries will form protectionist power alliances not only along economic lines but militarily as well. When the full effect of war disruptions become apparent and aggressor countries realize that their enemies and NATO are all crippled with military infra-structure demands, they will seize on the opportunity to settle old scores or gain some ground and control.

Picture the Los Angeles riots when the populace knew that the police weren't going to show up and they realized they had a window of opportunity to get what they wanted. That's a snap shot of the world within the next few years.

This planet is filled with madmen in power who harbor religious hatreds, territorial and material envy or are just completely mad for more power and control. Players who seek out weaknesses in their opponents to exploit and gain an advantage. What's troubling to me is that they can invite others to do their dirty work.

They can persuade their people to commit the most heinous of crimes against their fellow man in the name of some manufactured sacrosanct cause. And people will go along with it because it's the 'new' reality and even feel quite self-righteous about the bloodshed! In other words, mass insanity. The people embrace the insanity of their leaders and the general agreement makes it right.

Hitler did it in Germany. Stalin in Russia. Mao in China. Hassan in Irag and lately the Kwanda massacre where one half of the population rose up at the urging of their leaders to kill the other half. Except for the Hutu's, those cultures above were educated and 'modern' for their day.

China will start to become a worrisome aggressor in the upcoming years. They will mobilize their million-plus man army to take over disputed territories and neighboring Asian countries ( read China predictions).

I expect them to claim the disputed islands and create power alliances with all other Asian countries except Japan. The Chinese have hated the Japanese ever since the occupation of World War II. Russia and the Balkans will go insane with war. There will be so many battles between so many tribes that the UN will simply wait till the dust settles. Later the United States, although the lead country in NATO, will simply withdraw from involvement in conflicts that cannot be clearly demonstrated to impact the US.

Now the most difficult prediction for me to write. The Middle East will explode into massive warfare much like the Balkans, except that it will indeed, explode. Many people will be attacked on the streets in many countries.

I predict Jihad being generally accepted within the Muslim population in the Middle East that's set off by massive deaths and suffering brought on by war. The West will be blamed for destroying their water and oil pipelines and wells.

There will be many tribal wars there, much like the Balkans, with conflicts between Western thought, old religious\political values, and the Royal family members. NATO will try to stay involved due to the oil fields there but the leadership of Mid-East countries will change very rapidly.

Along with North America, the African continent will be one of the only large areas in the world where wars won't be happening. The toll of AIDS and poverty will thwart many wars from going very large scale there. Too many people sick, dying and dead to fight.

Those healthy are afraid to stay so travel far from home. The world will be asked to adopt the children as the grandparents are dying (they're taking care of the orphans now) and many households will be run by young teens. The world will abandon Africa for a while but we'll all be in for an amazing surprise.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Nov.03.2002

Wars - Part 2

Tired of war yet? If not, Part 1 of this topic hasn't played out to the end. There isn't much I want to add here about the 'cultural' war between the modern countries and the barbaric Middle East.

That and the successful Chinese aggression will eventually run their course. It will be a harsh indication of our racism that we won't mourn the destruction for long. Oh, we'll hold the token memorials but you can expect the idea promoted that the Western elites put the Taliban in place and incited terrorism world-wide so got what they deserved. We'll try not to think of the innocents lost.

The next stage for wars will be along the lines of economics, as opposed to religious, political or race. Economics and water! ( see Environment predictions ).

Territorial grabs for clean water, both for drinking and agriculture, are going to get very ugly. It's a war of 'take no prisoners' for the aggressors DO NOT want any survivors to make land claims before world bodies at some later date. Of course, these shall be relatively small-scale wars which won't get more than lip service from the major powers. The UN will be almost powerless to Right the wrongs.

Empty food stores, bank accounts and especially, empty stomachs bring out the best and worst in people and desperate ideas from politicians. When their military defensive assets take on the appearance of viable 'offensive' assets ( especially when the nation's assets are devalued ), we'll see countries looking next door for resources with which to save the day. That's China, the Balkans and parts of Africa at a future glance. We'll be taken aback by the cruel aggression of the attackers and the defenders. Most actions will attempt to be swift and decisive but some will drag on for many years.

Far into the future, I see us making allies with other world civilizations. As an aside, our current day racism against human skin color and slight differences of a feature will be later seen as insane folly. Otherworld races look slightly human in form only, while their chemical body components are all over The Elements Table!

We'll be involved in space opera wars. I think we will be enticed into joining a battle already in progress against another race. Three Earth Statesmen will be seduced by promises of rapid technological advances offered by our new ally. Exaggerations of the new enemy's ruthlessness and veiled threats of repercussions if we don't join in the battle for Space Sector Freedom and Commerce, will all play a part in our collective decision to participate. Unfortunately, we'll probably never know all the implications. All that we'll know about our 'enemy' will come from our censoring ally. Our doubts of this being a just war will grow.

This will be a very demoralizing and frustrating period for us. While we at home will question the lose of spacecraft and personnel in a space war not of our creation, we'll be hearing of the wondrous technology our ally holds, the fruits of which are spoon fed to the planet Earth under the guise of 'not too much technology too soon'. It shall be eventually evident to us that we are indeed under the control and whims of a true superpower.

The war eventually ends in a truce and co-operation of territorial exploration\exploitation between the two major powers. Part of the deal to join in the space conflict in the first place will be a promise of endorsement, by our superpower ally, planet Earth into a larger Confederacy of Planets. The Confederacy actually holds the power of gradually introducing technologies to lesser civilized worlds. That planetary Council was actually the ones who authorized our ally to indoctrinate us to new technology at a beforehand agreed upon rate.

We will be bitter for the deception but grateful for the advancements of our civilization. We were\will be cannon fodder. We swear never again.

The energy wave weapons technology I mentioned in the Technology predictions, will have it's the day on Earth. The technology is so devastating and cruel and the damage to humans so permanent in some cases, the tech will be shelved. It is the technology used in the space battles but targets are hardened and it all seems so much more sterile when used in space. ( Certainly sounds like how we perceive our 'smart' bombs today, doesn't it?)

The last final conflict in the age-old battle between Good and Evil will be stuck in human body people, against the Spirit Beings. Homo sapiens who are unwilling, due to their evil disposition, or unable, due to their mental conditions, to advance to the higher Homo Novice spiritual State. Some declare war against those who've gotten out of this trap.....those who've achieved a state of fully functioning, completely free Spirit Beings.

Will you be one?

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Oct.25.1999

Ethics & Justice - Part 1

I believe Man is inherently good. We may act badly and do evil things at times, but we always know before, during, and after, that we are doing wrong.

Most psychologists will tell you that it is the norms of the society which resides within your subconscious that tells you that you are doing wrong. A sorta yardstick with which you grade your behavior. "Everyone thinks this is wrong so it is wrong and I'm wrong."

I disagree. People are basically good. The moral yardstick resides in our very nature as a natural state. Very young children look embarrassed and guilty when they do things they know is wrong, yet have never been told yet that doing that activity was wrong.

Even the psychotic serial killer will tell you that he knew that he was doing wrong right from the beginning. They stop themselves from their obsession to kill in their earlier years but give in later, yet knew inherently that they were doing evil. Probably felt no remorse but they still knew it was wrong.

Nothing much is happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice around the world. Things will remain the same for a few more years.

The West and some other countries have a two-tier justice system, whereas the wealthy, famous and well-connected receive lighter sentences for their crimes.

The business executive receives a two-year sentence for bulking millions from pensioners while a lower status person gets twenty years for robbing a bank of a few thousand dollars.

Killing your children carries a light sentence in most countries. Murder with remorse or insanity receives lighter sentences. Lawyers can play the legal loop-holes and drag a case on for years, usually at the expense of the tax-payers.

At present, the judges, elected or placed by political patronage, have generally swung their sympathies and compassion over to the criminal. The language of the courts has been designed to paint the victim as an object, not a person. Victim impact statements are starting to be used but they can only be effective if the victim is still alive or articulate in communicating their lose.

People are suing for large sums in a game of 'get rich quick' and many juries are going along with it.

As stated earlier, nothing seems to be happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice but much is occurring in the mindset of the general population.

The injustices of justice, as practiced today, are only starting to boil to the surface in public outrage. Mention in any social gathering, some of the outrages, light sentences for outrages crimes. The basic goodness of Man surfaces in the looks and comments of disgust. There is a sea-change happening. The judges and politicians don't quite 'get it' yet, but they will.

I don't expect things to change within the next few years. The outrageous unjust sentences and the 'special' treatment afforded people of influence is having an accumulative effect on the populace.

Expect more vigilante justice incidents happening while the citizens organize and demand changes.

Most of us will grin and bear it for a while longer.

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Late 2002

Ethics & Justice - Part 2

Well, the sea-change in Ethics & Justice, as mentioned in Part 1, is actually here!

The primitive conflict among Man hasn't been between the religious and non-religious, the Left against the Right, the Capitalists, and the Socialists or the powerful and the peons. No, the basic ageless struggle has been Evil against Good.

Decent people, being decent to others and carrying on life with as little harm to others as possible, is, in the main, the make-up of this world. We've just been a little naive and confused by the 'righteous causes' and disguises Evil people present to us to keep us from seeing what they are actually DOING!

We are becoming the awakened. Becoming aware of the terrorism and bloodshed of innocents. The tyranny of answerable-to-no-one dictators.

When Ethics comes in and justice begins to be applied, you can expect some things to blow up in our face. Expect unspeakable Evils soon committed against the Good people in one final effort to stop us and win the day. But we will persist and justice will eventually rise into a new era.

"An idea is greater than the sword."

Well, that idea is DEMOCRACY! All people, all over the world, want to vote for their own leadership. Share in the plans of THEIR future with others, Share in the prosperity of their country. In free elections.

It's such a simple step. Once the people know they can have true democracy. Get to participate in and be assured they're safe. Trust in powerful world bodies who won't let one individual or party take it away from them again,

Ethics & Justice can sweep in.

As a civilization, we are now raising towards a higher plateau. Expect bloodshed, but the Good guys will win. Have to win.

And to you who read this and 'hate' what it says, FUCK YOU!!

Gary Halo

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Gary Halo

Gary Halo Predictions Series

Written Dec.12.1999

Health Issues - Part 1

Unfortunately, as you read the various topics on this site, two things may become apparent to you. One is that things, in general, are taking a downturn for the worst before they will improve. Second, how everything seems, and is, intimately connected and inter-related to each other. Like so with health issues, except that it is a double-edged sword.

As the medical scientists are making spectacular breakthroughs around the world, so too are unprecedented threats to all Mankind coming onto the horizon.

Economies affect the health of the citizens. Poorer economies fair worse in the prevention and spread of disease. Rapid world travel brings along all types of germs and viruses introducing them to human, animal and plant life which aren't biologically prepared to handle the new threats. But of course, you know that and isn't something you want to rehash on this page, but I wanted to set the stage for what's to follow here.

Unfortunately, the entire world won't be sharing in the benefits of these modern 'miracles' for quite some time mainly due to the economies of poorer nations.

We are going to see some breath-taking breakthroughs in medical science within the next few years. One will be the use of super-computers to design and create replacement bones in the human body. Every bone in the human body. If the bones, including vertebrae, are missing, deformed or malfunctioning these super-computers will be able to accurately estimate the correct proportions, weight and fit, so that other manufacturing computer will be able to create the parts to order using synthetic materials already under development.

NASA Research will get some of the credit for the material used. I have a feeling that it is already available, yet not mass produced. Super strong, body part friendly I believe. DNA mapping will play some large part. Something about making the material acceptable to the chemistry of the body.

The ramifications of having millions of our disabled citizens whole again I need not go into here. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Arthritis, although not entirely cured, will be like you have a door wear out on your car, so you go in for a replacement. New fits and replacements of bones will be easily accomplished as the bones wear out or the body changes in size.

Some people will actually walk again although nerve repair science will lag behind a bit.

The super-strains of disease like TB will continue to take their toll in human lives, but governments will soon step in with strict disease contagion\ containment policies. Quarantine and firm restrictions on the travel of deceased individuals will be enforced within two years, especially as death tolls rise. Despite the civil libertarians protests. The public will be appreciative of the firm measures imposed by almost all governments.

Unfortunately, I don't see cancer being all together cured within the next few years. There will be some great inhibitors introduced soon which almost make the disease completely dormant indefinitely. People will still require testing and the removal of over-generating cell growth but the new medications will arrest the further growth remarkably.

There will be some problems as the new drugs can mess up normal cell replacement, so a person would have to go off them for a spell. Again, cancer can multiply in these periods.

A fine line of cancer prevention and over-inhibiting of normal cell growth will have to be walked, but it still is an outstanding improvement. This will happen within two years as well.

On one side of health issues, we have great progress in medical science, yet on the other, we have some man-made horror stories in the field about to be made public.

Secret testing of vaccines, The secret testing of genetically engineered foods and bio-chemical weapons in Third World countries done by multi-national pharma-chem corporations, some secretly funded by our 'modern' governments.

Psychology will come into more disrepute as the effects of their psycho-topic drugs like Prozac and Retilin become more apparent in the young generation raised in mental chemical soups. Especially when documented links can be demonstrated between their drugs and the anti-social and violent behavior in the youth now becoming adults.

Unfortunately, we won't see the Nazi-like practices of the pharma-chem corporations and the psychiatric profession purged from our societies anytime soon. The public is waking up.

The governments have financed the drug manufacturers and 'modern' mental sciences in some stupid hope of controlling their populace. We will simply change the governments. Many skeletons have yet to be exposed.

Many evil men will die in shame with blood on their hands.

Gary Halo

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