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It's either a new dawn...or twilight's last gleaming. You decide. Old White Man known to predict the future.
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Gary Allan Halonen

Tips On How To Survive Your Death

I've had a heart attack. A left side brain bleed aneurysm. Five valve bypass heart surgery and my entire aorta removed and replaced with a boat sails/fire hose like material. (Dacron)

My guess is. Someone still likes me up there and wants me to share this knowledge with you. And has a very funny sense of humour.

I was going to put the following suggestions into a book, but I think the data may help someone right now. I'm not a doctor or medically trained but these are only suggestions. Maybe help you or someone in stress, feel more comfortable.

Of course, the moment you or someone you are with starts experiencing any of these medical emergencies, call 911 immediately. DON'T delay. You literally have moments! If you procrastinate, you could wake up dead by morning.

I recommend not completely lying down before or in the ambulance ride, even if the attendant wants to strap you down. Insist on having your head and shoulders raised. Try to stay awake, aware and in control of your breathing.

These are the tricks I've used to keep myself alive despite all indicators that it was all over, except for the funeral arrangements. I've seen family members fly from all over the country to say goodbye to me on my deathbed but I kept getting up to see out the window.

First. You must get prepared. If you plan on surviving anything like a stroke, heart attack or even the most mysteries yet, the aorta dissection aneurysm, you have to toughen yourself up. If you're overweight. Lose some pounds and get your body only a little harder. No extreme sports nonsense. Just enough that you FEEL stronger than the average bear. The same applies if you're the smallest of the litter. Gain some pounds dammit. Preferably, a bit of muscle. You don't want to get bruised in the ambulance on the way to the hospital! OK start tomorrow.

Next. Learn to meditate. Not medicate. Use the method YOU are most comfortable with. Learn to relax. I mean DEEP relax. The kind that slows your heart rate. So much so, that the nurse has to use a mirror to check your breathing! When those thoughts are going through your head about if you're going to die or it hurts so much, or whether you look like an ass hole with your gown uncovered exposing your fat ass or little penis (because it's cold of course), you want to be able to completely relax. Deep breath. Think of nothing but the HERE AND NOW. Period! You heard me. Repeat. Clear your thoughts to the here and now. Deep calm relax. Fear will kill you.

Third. You have to power up. Find every reserve of your inner strength. Your MOJO. Your essence of all the good that you know you are. You can't spell your name. Maybe start having trouble walking. They give you a pain pill but no answers. Even if you never fully recover, from what you may have been before. Dammit. You are still and always remain true to yourself. Worthy, and every day is a challenge and maybe a little adventure.

Fourth. If there are any words of advice you should take away to remember from this writing. This is it. Here is the most workable advice I can offer to you when YOU are on the line between life and death.

Every moment you harbour thoughts of 'victim, poor me'. Or 'I can't handle this, I'm going to let go'. Or thinking I should 'nobly succumb quietly onto my death'.

Or be upset that your special people aren't with you now. Or wondering how everyone is going to take your death? Or thinking about anything other than the here and now....

perhaps like me, you may feel yourself slipping away from your body in those moments. Throw those thoughts away! You created them all.

Doc says you're gonna die. Smile and think "No way!" If the doctors say they may repair your heart if you can lose 50 pounds. Show up in six months without those pounds

I never did the mental exercises after my left side brain bleed stroke but I spent a month in the hospital using a walker around the ward until I got my body controlled again. Your mile-age may vary, but don't just try. Really work at it.

Last but not least, when all the medical staff and emergency noises settle down, and you're relaxed in your sweet spot (because you meditated before remember), you may in truth be in the in-between lives. You will have some great revelations of who you are, where you've been and obviously, have some life-changing decisions to make. Repeat step three.

It's very tranquil there. There may be friends and family to greet you.

This game is over. Thank you for playing. You can stay home awhile. Maybe call on your Father if your love is stronger than your fear.

Or you may go again, in another time, in another body.

Or...…… you wake up, at first just a little upset. It was so peaceful waiting up there. But you're not ready.

The nurse gently lets you know you have visitors. They've been crying.

Gary Halonen

Special Acknowledgements;

I must acknowledge my Family Doctor Anthony Nelson,

Lead Surgeon Doctor Michael Perchinsky

Lead Surgeon Doctor John Bozinovski

and the ten other surgeons who helped over twelve hours work. I'm your living prove of concept and outcome. Very, very well done!

Thank you from the bottom of my repaired heart and replaced aorta to all the nurses and support staff at the Victoria Royal Jubilee Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Incredible!

Gary Allan Halonen

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  • Welcome. I'm very appreciative of you finding my new works here. I will be writing articles and predictions exclusively here for you ONLY. Expect a few articles per month and one very extensive Issue about what to expect within the immediate future.

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Gary Allan Halonen
Public post

Communist Party of China: An Offer Of Forgiveness And Reconciliation To Stop Civil Conflict, Possible Cannibalism And Oncoming War

Peace. A word so powerful. Simply spoken out loud, the word Peace, brings feelings of hope and release.

The people of the world are slow walking into civil conflict, world starvation, war, cannibalism and eventual nuclear exchange.

We have an offer the Chinese Communist Party of China should not refuse. If rejected. You will die. We will die, in great numbers.

Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party thinks they can afford to lose a few hundred million of their people.

We cannot. There are many countries with less than twenty million people. My own motherland, Finland, has less than nine million worldwide.

The present Chinese Communist Party has already been discovered faithfully working to take advantage of weaker countries during the Chinese pandemic. A situation they caused, hidden from everyone including their own people, before unleashing the plague against the innocent.

To release a known killer disease, against not only their enemies. but allies as well, could only be correctly described as an act of madness and war.

As the death toll steadily continues to rise around the world, implementations of sanctions will only punish the innocent, already suffering good Chinese people. The Communist leaders will continue to play their evil games to stay in control and power. And that's what their plotting and propaganda is armed and aimed at. To stay in control at ALL costs.

We have a better idea.

First, Demand Democracy of The Communist Party of China or risk war. They must be recognized as a criminal gang affiliated organisation and shunned world wide. Chinese Communists party members ARE a criminal enterprise devoid of civil duty but only to themselves. The people be dammed and condemned to forever servitude. We need not waste our time. Leave the 'just the right words' to politics, or pound the flesh of those responsible for bringing the world to it's knees.

DEMAND the resignation of all Communist leaders and their members so as to institute free elections for Democracy.

To refuse, it shall be taking as an Act of War against your own Chinese people and the world. If the Chinese police and army refuse to resolve the Communist Party of China, The world will declare an Act of War ONLY aimed at those opposing free elections and Democracy.

If the majority of the Chinese people move with the Will of the Communist Party, they have themselves Declared War against the remaining free world.

Our presently free countries will Not stand by and witness the slow take over of our countries using Communist subversive activists until conquered.

The Forgiveness And Reconciliation Plan OR destruction of China is entirely up to the Will of the Chinese people at this moment. A chose they may not hold for long. The world is becoming increasingly impatient as our death toll rises, not of our own doing.

It's a clear chose. Step into the modern, new civilization of free Will, free speech with free elections. Or World War to knock out our threat for good.

We refuse the slow drip of incremental movements against our way of life. A goodness and way of life the Communist Party of China cannot agree with and support. And for that alone, they must be taken down and replaced with free Democracy but ONLY if the Communist Party of China is dissolved permanently. No covert return to bring back the misery and death of days gone by.

Some may say. We shouldn't kick the Chinese people while they are down. We say. Kick the Chinese Communist Party while it is down before it gets back up, knocking out our teeth. Along with our heart, liver, lungs and anything else they can take, sold through the back door on the black market.

The Chinese Communist Party couldn't be trusted before. Most definitely not today. The Chinese Communist government will run ads showing starving children while they remain fat and take those children's body parts for profit and still do so today!

Ignore the United Nations and their criminal greed and plotting. Ask President Trump, President Putin, Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of England to call on the world to Condemn and Dissolve the Communist Party of China.

Please free the good people of China. God knows they deserve their freedom. Freedom to live through Democracy. Freedom of religion and to think as they wish and dream.

May God make it so.

Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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GOD To Jesus

GOD: “Jesus Christ you’re late.”

Jesus: “Ya, sorry Pop. I got hung up! Get it Pop?! Hung up, like really hung up!

Gees, Dad?! That was no fun.”

GOD: “I know. I was there. Well, you know. Not there in the physical sense, but, eh, I felt your pain.”

Jesus: “Thanks. I know what ya mean, Father Who Art In Heaven. (sigh)

Hey Pop, why didn’t you send my brother, Buddha? Especially after his last job was sitting around eating and drinking and having people bring him gifts all day? It's not fair.

I even had to make my own wine!

What’s he doing now, Dad?”

GOD; “At the gym, most of the time, meditating and praying.”

Jesus: “Praying you don’t send him off on another assignment, I bet! (ha ha ha)

GOD; “Well, good job anyway, Son. Everyone around here heard about you. That was a nice touch. The “Father, forgive their sins, for they know not what they do.” or something like that. Great improv. It’ll be a classic.”

Jesus: “Thanks Pop. I don’t wanna go back there again. Ever. They’re barbarians! They wouldn't even let me cut my hair.”

GOD: “Well, we’ll talk about that later. Anyway, I think you’ve earned your full wings back again. Congratulations!"

Jesus; "Thanks, Dad. But no fanfare for me, please. I can hear the choir warming up.”

GOD: "They’re always practising. So many good souls have gone over to your brother Satan’s party place lately. Boy, are they in for a surprise! After a few heartbeats, they'll be begging for forgiveness. But I let them stew for a while. Everyone is welcomed eventually you know."

Jesus; "How come it’s so quiet around here now, Father?"

GOD; "Oh I expanded the place for new arrivals. They’ll come when I’m ready. Let Free Will reign.

OK, run along now my Son. Go tell your brothers and sisters to play nice."


Gary Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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A Little Science Friction

Supreme Commander Zenu : "What the hell is going on down there!? Are they loosing their minds?"

Techie: "Sorry, Sir. We're not sure, Supreme Commander. Looks like they're losing their minds. More than likely, we'll have to replace most of the House and the Senate."

Supreme Commander Zenu : "OK. Make it so. Upgrade the implants. Call it the "Independence Day Movement."

Techie: "Sir. I'm afraid to report that they have been killing most of their babies as well.." (sigh)

Supreme Commander Zenu : "Shit! It must be that prick, Commander Lucifer still at work with his army of useful idiots. 

Touche' comrade. Well played. Well fucking played. 

Let's get the hell out of here before God sends someone to kill ourselves."

Gary Allan Halonen  
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Waking Up In A Hospital Morgue

(You will see this is written in an angry tone, reminiscent of that incident.)

It was a sunny day. I had just had a ride on my V-Max drag bike through the roads and up the mountains north of Victoria. BC in Canada .

The year was January. 09. 2012. Without snow on the southern portion of the island, all you need is some winter attire to combat frost bite when you're hitting high speeds.

I only mention the bike, not only because it's cool, but I believe when I had to bounce the 600 lb bike over a one foot curb every day to park it, I slowly was ripping my aorta open. I wouldn't dare have the bike running when moving it. It really took everything I had to balance the bike as I bounced, first the front tire, and then the back tire over the high curb with parked cars all around.

I had just finished eating and sat down in front of the computer at 6 PM, when my back, between the shoulder blades, began to feel like it was being ripped apart! On fire! The pain was incredible! I began screaming, later followed my intermediate loud 'oooh' and 'aaahs' as I tried to overcome the pain of the attacks.

I stood up immediately, couldn't sit anyway and called out to my daughter and wife to call an ambulance. The pain was so intense, I thought I was going to shit my pants.

When asked, all I could say is "PAIN. Can't talk." signalling to give me space. In those most intense pain moments, I literally was standing with my legs locked, unable to see, shaking uncontrollably.

In my delirium, I hallucinated seeing a smoky figure in front of me around ten feet tall, all in black with glaring red eyes. No walls, floor or ceiling. Just an evil presence glaring at me watching me die.

As I understand it, demons, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night are generally extremely weak and require the spiritual energy of the living for their power boost. Energized by the fear within their victims, especially terror, they create little effects. But only if their victims allow that control over them.

With all I could muster, I projected, in my mind, "Fuck you. If I die now, I'm coming after you, forever, you fucker!" He disappeared. I could see my surroundings again, but still no relief.

I could hear an ambulance coming from a distance but couldn't wait. I told my wife and daughter, between short breaths, I'm going to go down to meet them. When the ambulance arrived, I must have looked like a madman, out on the street, dancing around like a boxer in my housecoat, pajamas and slippers. My whole body was burning up and my back was on fire. All I could say was "Pain. backs on fire. Can't talk."

Then I ran into one of the power freak ass holes you meet in life from time to time. No, he wasn't a cop or a politician. It was one of the attendants.

I'm writhing around in pain, on my feet, and saying get me to the hospital fast, and one of the attendants insists I answer questions! Obviously I can't answer so he starts with my wife and daughter WHILE I'm on my feet outside, in the winter cold, in a fucking bathrobe as my aorta is slowly ripping open internally!

The other guy, who drives, opens the ambulance door and begins to get the stretcher. I get in behind him and tell him to forget it and get me to the hospital now!

He goes around to the driver's seat and the other guy starts in with the twenty questions again while I have to get myself on the stretcher. The bed is already in a semi prone position but he insists I lay down. I say no. I don't feel well that way. After some arguing, he says,"Well, We're not moving until you put on your seat belt.", while he puts his belt on!

The pain is incredible.The driver is waiting for the signal to go. I have to find my belts and strap myself down, in between his questions about drug use. I don't drink or do drugs.

We finally get going. My wife and daughter are holding each other crying on the street, and the ambulance is going in the wrong direction! I was being taking on the "Princess Diana Tour". The long slow way to the nearest hospital, if ya know what I mean.

I kid you not. There wasn't a siren and I could see out the windows. My head is up remember? A nice slow cruise. If I would have known better, I should have shit my pants in the ambulance ride. At least they would have had something to do after to earn their money.
The ambulance arrived at the hospital twenty five minutes since the 911 call. I would have been better off just flagging a taxi and be there in ten minutes.

The ambulance drove slowly through the grounds past the emergency entrance and ended up in the back of the hospital. It was already dark at that hour. They opened a door and wheeled my stretcher into a very cold concrete room, with no windows, no medical equipment to be seen.

I was screaming as they lifted me onto a mostly hard metal stretcher. A nurse came in and started with the twenty questions all over again. The same answers given to the 911 service and the ambulance driver. "What drugs did you take? We're going to need to take some blood to find out." Everyone leaves.

I'm left in a frozen room, just with the bed and a thin blanket. A nurse stops by to check on me and gives me another blanket.

Between an occasional scream of pain and loud groaning by me, not another sound is heard outside the large room. It's a part of the hospital morgue. l have been left to die.

I had arrived around 6:30 PM at the hospital, later passed out, time unknown, and woke about 9:30 PM (as a newborn moose in Northern Canada.)


You know the moment of confusion you feel when you first wake up on a bed in unfamiliar surroundings? Along with that and the unrelenting pain, well I can swear, the hospital morgue is one of last places on earth you want to be. No team of doctors and nurses hovering over you tending to your every need. No family ready to rush in to hold your hand.

Finally, I was wheeled to the Emergency Wing.

Finally, a pain numbing epidural into my spine at 10 o'clock.

I went unconscious for two days. I had a heart attack during that time.

When I awoke, I was told I was going to die within two weeks.

I have some news about technology involving an AI robot surgeons named Trudy and incredible new materials that will save lives....stay tuned.
Gary Allan Halonen

Special acknowledgements:

I must acknowledge my Family Doctor Anthony Nelson,

Lead Surgeon Doctor Micheal,Perchinsky

Lead Surgeon Doctor John Bozinovski

and the ten other surgeons who helped over twelve hours work. I'm your living prove of concept and outcome. Very, very well done!
Thank you from the bottom of my repaired heart and replaced aorta to all the nurses and support staff at the Victoria Royal Jubilee Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Incredible!

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series


The difficulty with predicting the future is that it hasn't happened yet.

Since the beginning of Mankind's existence, people have always contemplated and gone to great lengths to acquire some insight on what the future holds for them.

Kings and paupers alike have sought out soothsayers, religious wise men and more than a few charlatans to help allay their fears and apprehensions of what tomorrow will bring.
Looking at the stars, reading palms or cards, studying the pattern of chicken entails or the lay of bones and sticks, are all part and parcel of the inexact practice of divination.

I don't hold much stock in complex methodology or practices and rituals which depend for their answers on objects of Matter, regardless of what supposed 'mystical' powers those material objects are believed to possess.

I think truth prediction is, for the most part, observance of what has been going on up until now. Also part assumption of where we are going, and an intangible critical element, an innate spiritual ability.

The only real time that exists is NOW. Right NOW as you read this. Right this moment. Yesterday exists only to those who've recorded it (in their mind) and nowhere else.

Tomorrow doesn't exist even when you get there because it'll be today and yet then, only in the 'moment' that you exist.

Time is actually and simply the measurement of the movement of objects. Your body is just one of those objects.

The hands moving around the face of a clock, is again, solely the measurement of that movement. Every creature possessing an intelligence to comprehend has some degree of innate predictive ability. A pattern has been settled in their minds of what is to occur in the future and they move forward on those assumptions.

Things happen to upset those routines but if it occurs enough times, the thinking being makes adjustments for it so the event becomes a sub-routine within their living pattern.

Even a creature in the wild has some type of predictive ability in that it assumes there is a meal somewhere out there to be found. To think otherwise is to give up, lay down and die in apathy.
Life has as it's own ability to predict, to some degree, outcomes. Otherwise why try? I could easily predict another bus accident that kills people in India next year. There is a pattern that can be observed.

That isn't all that difficult to predict. A true prediction comes in the details. Details which, by all accounts, have no physical basis with which they can be derived. Within this site, you'll see some predictions you'll scoff at and say, "Big deal! Anyone could see that coming!" and you'd probably be right. Some of my writings will be general run-of-the-mill where things are going. Others may surprise you..Even more so if they come true.

Some of my predictions derive from a spiritual sense or vision. No reason for seeing it happen. Just comes to me without hocus-pocus, mumble-jumble or the use of my 'special' magic wish stone.(talisman)

Remember, don't dwell on yesterday. It only exists in your mind and in the mind of the others who were with you at that point of NOW. You're here NOW and you create your tomorrow.
Gary Allan Halonen
I'm not a Scientologist.

Reference site: Don't tell anyone. Forgive me. I was way too arrogant back then.

The Predictions can be found below on this site.
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Prediction Series - Background


The Prediction Series was started in mid-Year 1999 just before the New Years turnover of 2000. I had installed Part One of the Series on a web platform called Angel Fire. As the articles were created, thousands followed along as they came out.

Then the rug was pulled out from under the site creators. Angel Fire informed us that they were sold, so everyone had to copy their work and save it somewhere before it disappeared. We had a few weeks I believe before everything was gone.

So I looked for one of the most stable platforms I could find. I chose Microsoft, thinking it would remain there a long time, if perhaps almost forever. It moved along as well with the technology of the time.

I started a blog there in 2001. It had the Gary Halonen Prediction Series Part One and ongoing articles of things happening quite soon. Some predictions complete nonsense of course. Others not too bad.

Things were going fine. People were discovering my work. Got a few crazies from time to time but for the most part, most read and even offered an opinion sometimes. I started Part 2 of the Series. Again writing subject articles as they were written, with people following the progress.

I finished the Series in late 2002 and enjoyed adding more 'around current times' predictions as they came to me. In 2006, Microsoft dropped the hammer! I received a notice that the platform where I had my materials were being moved. That if you wanted to save anything, fill out the online form and it would be automatically transferred. It was to take weeks.

Of course, they recommended that we back up our sites quickly. But not to worry.

My website never reappeared on the new platform. Nothing! The old site and platform blinked out. Perhaps someone at Microsoft mistakenly assumed my predictions were my opinions. I could only save Prediction Series Part 1 And 2 but nothing of the many years of lost predictions on the blog.

Microsoft said," Sorry. We don't know what happened." And that was that!

I've carried the Gary Halo Prediction Series for all these years, on hard drives and various Clouds waiting and looking for the right time. Around two weeks ago, Feb/2019, while searching for an old article I wrote I discovered my old site had been archived. I still cannot quite believe it! Proof it existed and more importantly, the dated writings. Wow!

Looking backwards..into the future....down the rabbit hole...
I was young and arrogant at that time


With the new social media platforms available, along with new crypto-currency freedoms, promotion issues aren't all that important. The bugs will be worked out.
Thank you for coming.
Gary  Allan Halonen

P.S. Write down your predictions of what is going to happen in 20 years from now and I promise to read every one of them in twenty years.

I am not a Scientologist.


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Gary Allan Halonen
Public post
News Events - Near Future

Of course, most of everything on this site will be eventually in the News if you look for it. The reason this page is here is because, this is the vision I see being repeated over and over again on the TV in the future. I see a large white office building, around thirty-five stories high, almost an entire city block in circumference, being toppled. Due to the way the building 
has been constructed, the entire structure will topple like a tree across the intersection and slide down the side of another large dark-coloured building causing great damage and lose of life.An Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group will be responsible for the attack.

The terrorists will be caught while trying to board a private commuter jet at the airport. Bin Laden will be implicated but the terrorists will refuse to talk. One manages to commit suicide while awaiting trial. A bomb will explode in the courtroom killing another of the suspects at his trial along with eleven others including the judge.

Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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News - Far Future

DNA Proves Bin Ladin Died In Cave!

Special Forces Kills Saddam!

India Nukes Pakistan!

China Invades Taiwan! The Attack Is Swift, Expansive And Ruthless!

North And South Korea Join As Democratic One Korea!

Microscopic Life Forms Found On Mars!

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Gary Allan Halonen
Public post

Gary Halonen Predictions Series - Health Issues - Near Future

Written Dec.12.1999
Unfortunately, as you read the various topics on this site, two things may become apparent to you. One is that things in general are taking a down-turn for the worst before they will improve. Second, how everything seems, and is, intimately connected and inter-related to each other. Like so with health issues, except that it is a double edged sword.

As the medical scientists are making spectacular breakthroughs around the world, so too are unprecedented threats to all Mankind coming onto the horizon.

Economies effect the health of the citizens. Poorer economies fair worse in the prevention and spread of disease. Rapid world travel bring along all types of germs and viruses introducing them to human, animal and plant life which aren't biologically prepared to handle the new threats. But of course, you know that and isn't something you want to rehash on this page, but I wanted to set the stage for what's to follow here.

Unfortunately, the entire world won't be sharing in the benefits of these modern 'miracles' for quite some time mainly due to the economies of poorer nations.

We are going to see some breath-taking breakthroughs in medical science within the next few years. One will be the use of super-computers to design and create replacement bones in the human body. Every bone in the human body. If the bones, including vertebrae, are missing, deformed or malfunctioning these super-computers will be able to accurately estimate the correct proportions, weight and fit, so that other manufacturing computers will be able to create the parts to order using synthetic materials already under development.

NASA Research will get some of the credit for the material used. I have a feeling that it is already available, yet not mass produced. Super strong, body part friendly I believe. DNA mapping will play some large part. Something about making the material acceptable to the chemistry of the body. The ramifications of having millions of our disabled citizens whole again I need not go into here. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Arthritis, although not entirely cured, will be like you having a door wear out on your car, so you go in for a replacement. New fits and replacements of bones will be easily accomplished as the bones wear out or the body changes in size.

Some people will actually walk again although nerve repair science will lag behind a bit.

The super-strains of disease like TB will continue to take their toll in human lives, but governments will soon step in with strict disease contagion\ containment policies. Quarantine and firm restrictions on travel of diseased individuals will be enforced within two years, especially as death tolls rise. Despite the civil libertarians protests. The public will be appreciative of the firm measures imposed by almost all governments.

Unfortunately, I don't see cancer being all together cured within the next few years. There will be some great inhibitors introduced soon which almost make the disease completely dormant indefinitely. People will still require testing and the removal of over-generating cell growth but the new medications will arrest the further growth remarkably.

There will be some problems as the new drugs can mess up normal cell replacement, so a person would have to go off them for a spell. Again, the cancer can multiply in these periods.
A fine line of cancer prevention and over-inhibiting of normal cell growth will have to be walked, but it still is an outstanding improvement. This will happen within two years as well.

On the one side of health issues, we have great progress in medical science, yet on the other, we have some man-made horror stories in the field about to be made public. Secret testing of vaccines, The secret testing of genetically engineered foods and bio-chemical weapons in Third World countries done by multi-national pharma-chem corporations, some secretly funded by our 'modern' governments.

Psychology will come into more disrepute as the effects of their psycho-topic drugs like Prozac and Retilin become more apparent in the young generation raised in mental chemical soups.
Especially when documented links can be demonstrated between their drugs and the anti-social and violent behaviour in the youth now becoming adults. Unfortunately, we won't see the Nazi-like practices of the pharma-chem corporations and the psychiatric profession purged from our societies anytime soon. The public are waking up.

The governments have financed the drug manufacturers and 'modern' mental sciences in some stupid hope of controlling their populace. We will simply change the governments. Many skeletons have yet to be exposed.

Many evil men will die in shame with blood on their hands.
Gary Allan Halonen

I'm not a Scientologist.

A sneak preview of tomorrow....tell no one....down the rabbit hole...
Forgive me. I was way too arrogant back then

The Predictions are here also down below on this site.
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series - Health Issues - Far Future

Written Dec.31.2001
So sorry to say, there will never be a cure for AIDS. When you look at how the virus re-models the DNA, you'll see that nothing can make it right again. A pill or injection won't do the trick. Prevention and maintenance are all we will be able to do. The so-so vaccine has come and gone.

The spread of AIDS now is mostly due to irresponsible unprotected sex, and also an evil intention by some to harm others as well. To have others contract what they have and 'share' the misery. It's murder.

Governments and world scientific communities know that there will be no cures for AIDS or Cancer but the benefits in science research under the guise of 'finding a cure' are becoming very fruitful. The Human DNA Project is one, along with drug development which seeks to alter or attack 'bad' genes.

Dangerous stuff that is.

The people who created AIDS and the others who distributed the original virus are mostly dead now. Suicides or accidents mostly. Now those who know the true nature of AIDS, of how it allows lesser diseases an opportunity to grow and gain strength, like super-strain TB, are getting frantic lest the entirety of Mankind become extinct.

The actual source of arthritis and cancer and other diseases will be known within a few years and cures can be had IF they haven't progressed too far.

Future AIDS prevention and maintenance programs tells me that AIDS will be similar to other diseases that have come and gone off the world's stage without ever having being cured. Heartbreaking, the victims die off along with the disease.

Of course, a major issue which is already on the front burner is the aging population and the raising health care costs. Hey friend, the solution is what it is. Keep on paying and caring until they pass on.

And that's how it should work out too.
Gary Allan Halonen
I'm not a Scientologist.
A sneak preview of tomorrow....tell no one....down the rabbit hole...
Forgive me. I was way too arrogant back then


The Predictions are here also down below on this site.

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -Music & Art - Near Future

Written Dec.05.1999

More of the same............

*Note: I had an independent record label affiliated with EMI and managed upcoming artists. I only lost a great deal of money but still love the game.

A few evolutionary/revolutionary activities spurred on by technology are just starting to turn the music and arts establishments onto their ears. Talking about at-home recording devices of music, movies, video, and frame quality, and art with laser printers, via the internet.

Sophisticated pirate organizations are threatening the financial solvency of the original artists and the companies marketing those artists products. Ironic that those establishment companies despite their unethical, bordering on criminal, treatment of their artists are now crying foul and asking the governments to protect them.

Name an art industry that isn't dirty with sleaze from top to bottom? From the music business dramatizing scarcity of good music and their buying of chart position. Model agencies supplying drugs and the exploitation of their more younger-each-year models.

To the Hollywood sex and drugs obsessions. For the few stellar success stories, there are thousands of promising artists chewed up and destroyed by the corruption. Artists that, up until recently with the emergence of the internet, couldn't make their work known without compromising their morals or artistic integrity within their fields.

The independent artists have a modem (pun intended) to get their work seen and heard via the internet sites which can highlight and bring attention to them.

Interested public can order the product direct. The general public won't know of their work until the established industries notice them and give them the hand up which is how it's usually done except for one great change now.

An artist, once recognized and popular, could use the internet to promote and deliver their product directly to the public's home, virtually (another pun) cutting out the middlemen, like marketing companies and stores.

This will give more power to the established artists and change the behaviour, ever so slightly, of the management industries to treat their new people more fairly. The arts industry, to survive, will have to perform outstanding valuable services for the artists, more so then the artists can do with their own marketing people, using their own resources.

Don't under-estimate this subtle change. It's very powerful and will eventually bring about more ethical practices in the arts industries in dealing with the artists. I think the fear of direct marketing artists on the internet has already started to shake up the music business. At least in their dealings with their top name artists.

One change is happening right now in all the arts. Public funding will quickly be withdrawn from sex arts, of whatever persuasion, and anti-religion propaganda in fine art and music. Of course, various public will support them by buying their products but government grants will soon be denied.

Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -Music & The Arts - Far Future

Written Dec.31.2001
No more of the same.........A New Deal

Please. A moment while I take a bow for the accuracy of Near Future on this topic. OK, Thank you. Thank you. That's enough. You're so kind.

Today's date is December.31.2001. Standards of ethics are rising when it comes to how the Arts industries have been treating and rewarding their roster of artists. From the protest concerts by music artists lately, to fine artists creating marketing boards to promote and sell their works within the power of a group. "The times they are a-changing'".

Soon you will sample and buy individual songs by individual artists if you wish, or you can buy a CD or compilation CD by one artist if you wish. You may become one of the record label's 'special' clients and qualify for substantial discounts on concerts and product by the said record label. Get the idea? There will be options galore. Whatever you wish! Do you want what you think is the best of the Beatles on one or two CDs? Go to the internet or a record store, pick the individual tracks you like and have them burned onto a CD for you. The CD will have code which doesn't allow it to be copied around.

You'll eventually interact with your AI TV. It'll ask you what you feel like watching? You say you want an action movie with a bit of skin in it. It has already cleared up that particular slang phrase with you earlier and recommends a list of 20 or 30 movies you can receive On Demand right now.......or sports, or concerts, or comedy, or news wherever whatever....
Somethings going on or to be developed in the field of music soon. It has something about a study of deep tones, how they affect internal organs, and higher tones affecting the intellectual senses and finally a purity of sound. Somehow, something brings it all together ( at first I thought it was a new musical instrument, but I don't think so ), it's more of a manner of presentation which has been done before but markedly enhanced.

It's listening to music but with tones which give you an 'internal' full body feeling. It comes from wave discoveries. Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is re-released in the new format. Spectacular! It's like having your brain at peace with fine weed, your body sensationalized with LSD but you're there, still sane and it's always pleasurable. And you can simply shut it off and feel very relaxed afterwards.

The music industry will be the first to write in drug use clauses. Things like, "One must seek treatment and if not, this contract is void at the discretion of the record company!" No more feeding drugs to the musicians, models, sports athletes by their prospective industries. Degradation is going 'out'. Drug-free competent professionalism is coming into vogue and staying there.

Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -Asia - Near Future

Written Nov.20.1999
Asian countries are in the process of forming a powerhouse economic alliance. Presently their economic recession is borderline depression. War will push them over the edge. There will be a harsh collapse of their stock markets. Many Asian banks will fail.

Japan will have to call in their loans abroad and sell some of their prime real estate in other countries to float the yen. China will default on their loans and basically tell everyone they'll pay when they're solvent. Exports from the region will crash mainly due to not producing necessities in foodstuffs or products.

The IMF and World Bank doesn't have enough funds to assist the region any longer. Asia will adapt quickly to new realities. Strong trade agreements will be quickly made between themselves and other regions to acquire what they'll each need to recover their growth and prosperity.

The wildcard of the entire Asian region will be the aggressive military actions of the Chinese. They're quite aware of their power and influence in world markets now ( they hold a quarter of the planets population within their borders) and have expansionist plans which include military strong arm tactics on their neighbours.

China is forming secret military agreements with North Korea and India and is trying to rebuild their ties with Russia. In other words, every hard ass, bad-for-their-people government around. A government that gives in to democracy with free open votes is considered weak in the old Chinese leadership's eyes. The dream of Communist expansionism is still alive.

I've travelled and spent considerably time in Asia ( I have family there) and I can assure you that every Chinese household wants every modern convenience found in a middle-class household in the West and are willing to work very hard to achieve it. The same goes for every other country in the region. Actually, materialism there has become an obsession.

The power base of Asia lies in it's vast populations in the region. Huge markets for just about any product. Japan, China and the other Asian countries tend to copy and sometimes improve Western and European products generally thumbing their noses at international copyright laws. They'll continue this practice for quite a while. The rest of the world turns a blind legal eye in the hopes of greater access to the Asian markets.

China will be the big player in the region. They will try to exclude Japan out the economic \ military power alliance because of envy of Japan's success after the Second World War and Japan's treatment of the Chinese while they occupied China during that war. I predict their military aggression in the 'China section' and the 'Wars section' simply because they'll influence the course for future events in Asia so dramatically.

There is a lethal mix of beliefs in Asia. Muslim and Communism with their inherent slant to violence and conflict. Old world Buddhism and Hindus within a society obsessed with Western materialism.

There are governments run by family members and the 'old boys' club. Some Royal families and some countries are run by mass murderers who will kill their own children if they pose a threat to their power. Asia, like the old Soviet block, is a powder keg ready to blow. It all starts next year.

One reality will become glaringly apparent next year to anyone with half a brain cell. That is how inter-connected and inter-dependent the world has currently become. How events in far off places have an effect elsewhere in a sort of domino effect which then effects somewhere else far away.

Next year the world will fracture and shatter into trading blocks and military power alliances. Unfortunately, many of the 'common people' will be expendable peons in a vast game for power and greed.

Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -Asia - Far Future

Written April.17.2002
After the Great Recession\Depression in the Asian regions, we are going to see a surge of defensive trade co-operation and subsequent strong production between the Oriental countries. One cultural trait that becomes glaringly apparent when travelling through the region, is the people's energy and work ethic. Their willingness to endure the hardships of the present to grow something in the future.

That part of the world has had more than their fair share of foreign exploit, crazy Tin Pot dictators, imported oppressive government systems and civil wars. All the while, business has learned valuable lessons of commerce and trade from the West.

We hear quite a bit about the debts the governments and large corporations are holding in the region. What most people don't know is that household or personal debt is almost non-existent! 

In fact, it is with pride that an Oriental would say, "I own very little or nothing, but I owe no one."
Now the staggering prediction. The Asian region will eventually overtake and surpass the wealth and economic power of the entire non-Oriental world....combined!.

Did you know that the Japanese use the term 'barbarian' in every day language when speaking of non-Orientals? Did you know that the Chinese use the description 'ghost man or woman' for non-Orientals in their common language? Did you know every other Oriental country has a similar derogatory term for non-Orientals in their every day vocabulary? It's true.

Which leads me up to where I'm going with this. The Race Card. The Asian countries, after some extreme economic and social hardships, including wars, famine and government purges, will eventually use a racially based 'them against us' type of campaign to co-operate together to flourish and prosper.

And flourish and prosper they will! The tables will be turned. The acceptance of reasonable household debt to obtain some luxuries will eventually come in vogue in Asia. Rather than relying on foreign countries, especially America to buy their products, they will become the importers in volume. Except at substantially reduced prices.

While the Middle East suffers as the world weans itself off oil due to new energy, transportation and material breakthroughs. While the Western governments, corporations and households pay the piper for their twenty year easy credit induced spending folly. The Asian regions strong work ethic, hunger for modernization and so, with it's billion plus population their economy will boom!

While the Middle East suffers as the world weans itself off oil due to new energy, transportation and material breakthroughs. While the Western governments, corporations and households pay the piper for their twenty year easy credit induced spending folly. The Asian regions strong work ethic, hunger for modernization and so, with it's billion plus population their economy will boom!

When China turns into a free vote State, of course, like all places that start out as a freely elected democracy, eventually the people realize they can vote themselves unsustainable largess from the public purse in pensions, social programs and benefits.

But with prudence, that won't collapse their economies for a very long time.
Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -The Middle East - Near Future

Written Nov.07.1999
Conflict is coming very soon in the Middle East.

Not only will the death toll be very high due to civil wars, but food and oil production disruptions and shipping problems will grind the economies to a halt. Two major pipeline spills will prove a disaster to the environment.

The oil pools are purposely ignited to try to burn off the mess.

The Islamic leaders will use their internal problems and call for Jihad (Holy War) against non-believers. Unfortunately, those who've kept to their old ways and maintained self-reliance seem to be the lest affected. The benefits that trade has had on the region over the many years will be ignored and with some populaces, whipped up into a religious fever of hatred and fanaticism.
Many in the West aren't aware that there are terrorist acts involving bombings and gunfire that slaughter innocents in numerous European and Mid-East countries almost every day presently by factions that have already declared Jihad.

The organizations for Jihad are already in place and well financed. All that is needed is something which sparks more of the populace to join into action. To die as a martyr for the cause puts one seated beside Muhammad for eternity, so they believe.

Only WW2 vets fighting the Japanese have witnessed an enemy willing to sacrifice themselves without thought to their own lives and actually seek out death. I expect terrorist acts in every country on the globe by Muslims who embrace the call for Jihad.

Not only will battle lines be drawn between religious thought bringing on great bloodshed among peoples but age-old hatreds between countries within the Mid-East regions are going to flare-up. I cover this in the War Section.

The ruling Royal families and the 'privileged' class of the Middle East are in for something akin to the French Revolution. All the while, the United Nations and NATO will not intervene mostly due to their own country's hardships during oil disruptions and collapsing economies.

The will of the people in the West and their military leadership aren't inclined to send their valuable personnel and resources off to foreign lands to fight other people's battles. Especially to protect unworthy leaders in far-off lands when the military will be taxed at home in areas of civil unrest and public utility failures. The sane and educated in the Middle East will flee if they can and the region will slip back into the Dark Ages.

A new era of power alliances and economic isolationism among countries will swipe the globe within a few short months.

The first question asked by leaders when asked to join in any international effort will be, "What's in it for us?"

Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -The Middle East - Far Future

Written March.04.2002 
So Jihad has been declared against the 'modern' world but only publicly by lesser players. The stupid terrorists don't even know whom they're waging war on behalf of, and believe me, it's not Allah.

Russia has already 'officially' come on board but their gangsters/drug cartels/arms dealers aren't going to give up lucrative trading with terrorists so easily. They will be 'taken out'. Revenge may be one of the debased qualities of human nature, but one can afford to love thy enemy only after they are rendered harmless.

The Middle East is in for a very long ride down.

The long-term actions against the Middle East, aside from hunting down terrorists, involves crushing their commerce. Alternative oil sources are frantically being sought and new trade deals around the world, cutting out the Middle East, are presently being inked.

It's akin to taking out a hornets nest. Take away their ability to survive on honey ( oil & opium ), all the while smoking out and killing the one's hopefully before they begin to attack.

Again as stated in Part 1, the sane and educated in the Middle East will flee if they can and the region will slip back into the Dark Ages.

The introduction of new fuel and energy technologies, presently being suppressed from use by vested interests, will make it even harder for the Middle East to return to the 'civil' global community.

The Middle Eastern countries Muslim people and governments will eventually resolve to evolve towards democracy. It will take up to 20 years of war and killing for some countries.

Gary Allan Halonen


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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -Russia -Near Future

Written Nov.07.1999

After Yeltsin dies next year and later at the height of disruptions, the cash-rich Russian mafia, in partnership with the military brass, will take control of the parliament through financing of stooge candidates.

The rape of Russian resources and assets, by both underground and 'officially authorized' criminal elements, will go unimpeded for quite some time. The Russian citizens will be the true victims as the international money communities cut their loses and run. Russia will plunge into a Dark Age of rampant crime, tribal warfare along ethnic lines and total economic collapse.

The Russian organized crime families will get in bed with the military brass. The Military will provide the muscle (official use-of-force) and the mobsters will provide the money to pay the soldiers. Ethical soldiers of conscience will desert and start an underground resistance movement but won't make inroads until 2003.

The international community will become more concerned with the ruthless power and almost unlimited finances the Russian criminals wield in foreign countries. The NATO ally countries will implement the first orchestrated justice action against the Russian mob and their liaison with other organized crime groups and terrorists around the world.

They will model their action after the Italian organized crime clean-up in the early 1970's. Expect massive round-ups and quick imprisonment of many adult male Russian immigrants and terrorists and their assets frozen in participating countries.

Anyone Russian or their close associates, who cannot show how or where they obtained their wealth will be imprisoned while being investigated. The old civil-rights method of investigation then retention will prove too over-whelming a task for regular law enforcement procedures. The rules will change to accommodate quick justice and a thirst by everyone to get at the murderers.

Civil Rights leaders will protest but the public will ignore them and back their governments especially when confiscated assets start funding new schools, hospitals and retiring government deficits and debts.

One revealing story will be of a group of Russian 'businessmen' who own a cafe in Germany which has shown legally excepted by-the-government profits of over $10 million dollars per month! Many law officials and innocent citizens will die at the hands of Russian mobsters and their partners in many countries before the world wakes up and takes action. Many government officials will go to jail in the clean-up.

Part of the upheaval will be at the IMF and the World Bank who've squandered almost $60 billion dollars of mostly the West's tax-payer funded loans, that ended up in the Russia mobs private coffers over the past few years. Presently, this is being hidden from elected officials and the public of the donor countries. This is the grosses and largest money crime in Man's history and will remain so forever.

All other crimes of theft pale in comparison to the amounts stolen from the IMF \ World Bank loans and grants to Russia and their satellite States. Later 2001, extensive audits will take place at those institutions after the donor countries threaten to pull out of future contributions and do so. It will be revealed that many billions over many years have disappeared into IMF \World Bank official's private accounts before treasuries had even seen a dollar!

I suspect that world governments are letting the Russian mobsters have free reign in their societies at present. They view them as a money machine posed for the picking for BIG cash when they'll desperately need it. War will bring on that desperation. Why legalize and tax illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution, and the black markets when they can swoop down when the going gets tough, and reap in 10's of billions of dollars in huge, publicly spectacular, vote-getting busts?

As soon as the governments think they have the need and the international cooperation and the organizations together, the donor countries are going to take their money back, along with the 'profits' those funds have generated. Some mobsters who manage to arrange their freedom while awaiting trial, will flee back home or to safe countries.

The law officials won't care very much, for the criminals forfeit their multi-million dollar bail bonds, are tried in absentia and most importantly, the assets obtained by crime go to the governments.

Russia will be a basket case for at least five years, and remain internationally isolated until they, themselves get their own house in order. The IMF and the World Bank will be dissolved and new, streamlined, highly accountable organizations will be created in their place.

Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series -Russia -Far Future

Written Mar.03.2002 
I have to laugh. Putin, you're a genius!

You can almost hear the conversation in the Red Star Chamber,

"Tell the IMF, the World Bank and the rest of those blood suckers, they'll get their $60 billion back when we dam well feel like paying it back! And at whatever interest we want to pay! Tell everyone who got those millions and billions stashed away, and we know who you are, had better invest at home and finance business ventures or we'll take it away from them and put them in prison labour camps for the rest of their lives!

And when we want some bucks for our government business, they better cough up whatever we ask! Better the organized crime bastards, who know how Capitalism works, dole out the cash and kick ass then our dis-organized crime bastards who run our stupid antiquated government departments!"

That's why Russia reported one of the highest business investment rates in the world in 2001! Putin's governments way of thinking is, it's better to have Victor send out his gang of pipe\gun wielding thugs to visit their legit managers to get production up, then to sink money into bottomless holes of apathetic former government hand-out industries.

But alas, criminals, although are great at creating the BIG dream (the Con) and are able to get something started in a BIG way, especially if they have loads of dough, are terrible long-term managers and unable to complete projects once started.

Oh sure, they can rant and rave to keep the productive people in line for a while, but their continuous crimes and cravens for greater excitement leads them to do themselves in or create numerous enemies who will do them in eventually.

Putin knows this. He's just biding his time until their educational institutions get modernized to graduate sound Western-style business managers to take over those businesses not performing.Read, until criminals are unable to pay the extortion fees to the government so as to hold onto the ill-gotten money.

Unfortunately, Putin's solution, abet working temporarily, will run out of time. Not enough competent business managers will become available to replace the failing criminals outside of government and within. Blackmail is a lousy management tool. I bet there's more than a few who regret taking more than enough to quietly retire on, especially when the government criminals come calling and tell them to do this or else.....!

It is an indictment of our sleazy world governments that they would use a tragic incident like 9/11 to turn it to their advantage and strengthen their power over people. Picture yourself standing among your brothers, behind your Big Brother as he pounds a bunch of Middle Easterners into the ground with a huge metal, spiked bat. Every once in a while he turns around and hits you and your brothers upside the head to keep you in line.

The old ruling elite never went away. They simply passed on the mantle, philosophy and elitist attitude to their heirs.

Russia and the United States will join forces. We can expect the integration of a little of both systems. The West teaches Russia how to turn their citizens into tax slaves and Russia teaches the West the fine art of brainwashing it's citizens into docility.

The Russian government and culture is rife with criminality. It will take many generations before it's citizens will actually feel safe anywhere. The Russians are playing a two faced game allying itself with two avowed enemies, China and the United States. They will continue to play each to it's own advantage. In fact, it is the true source of many conflicts between the East and West. Whispering in one ear about the other, inciting suspicion and mistrust.

A brighter period will come when we go off into space exploration, together.
Gary Allan Halonen


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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series  -United States of America - Near Future

Written Nov.11.1999 
Political and corporate crimes and their exposure will make the next coming years the Era of Corruption in the history lessons taught to future generations.

Long duration hardships brought on by war disruptions and the subsequent betrayal of trust of the people by corporate America and the political leadership that had lied about the true situation in the preceding years, will bring on a great change in public attitude. 'Business as usual' will be business as usual abet slow.

People will lose fortunes on the crashed stock markets and bank runs. Unemployment will soar to 30%. The public will be demanding answers. Answers they won't receive from the 'official' sources they used to rely upon, mainly BIG media, corporate Head Offices or the winners of seats in the Congress or Senate. Riots will happen in various large cities in the southern States at various times but the northern riots won't start until the weather warms up. Everything will be swept under the carpet. It has to be to maintain an apparency of 'norm".

The elections will be delayed by two months while America works out it's election problems. George Bush will be the next President of the United States of America. Independents or Reform candidates will hold a third party status holding almost 1/3 the seats in both the Congress and the Senate. Republicans will hold a slight majority in both Houses.

The public will want to know how war could have happened and why wasn't something done about it earlier. There will be a lot of blame, shame and regrets going around, and generally, people in authority trying to cover their assets and so the public will turn ever more anarchist. The standard mantra will be, "Well, we had our problems but just look how bad it is elsewhere!" Many Directors of businesses will be voted out and sued by their shareholders.

The USA will become overly protectionist in it's trade practices and slightly isolationist in that it maintains strong membership in a power alliance which includes mostly Commonwealth countries and democracies only. Territorial wars in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans will not get financial or military support from the USA. We will supply weapons at a cost, of course. Probably secretly finance our favourite war horses as well but the public won't know that for many years to come. A modern day witch-hunt via the internet will begin. Except this one will expose crime and corruption under every leaf yet the mainstream media will ignore the findings as usual.

A great number of people will read documents on the internet about crimes against humanity like where AIDS came from and who financed it. The purposeful spread of man-made diseases like cancer through food products and immunization shots. Who and how international corporations have been financing genocide to thwart population growth.

Once Clintons has been stripped of power, a great number of books will be released written by people very close to the events. The facts revealed will start phony investigations by the Congress and Senate. The public will be swamped with long, boring testimony in legalize and a great unrest will swipe the land. The investigations will get overly complex. They'll go so far back, way  past...well, you'll see.

Bush will grant an amnesty to Clinton but many of his henchmen will go to jail. A pro-Clinton murder squad implementing 8 men will be exposed but only 5 are prosecuted. As many as fourteen people, who ar e deemed to be involved, will die under mysterious circumstances though out the investigations.

Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series - USA - Far Future

Written Jan.10.2002
President Bush Jr. will win re-election in a landslide victory. VP Cheney will not run again. Senator Hillary Clinton will run for President but lose.

The Democrats will take a slight majority both in the House and Senate. Although the reasons for their success will be complex and numerous, the two main ones will be the collapse of the bubble stock market (blamed on BIG business which is perceived to be tied to the Republicans).
Also the poor or recently poor looking to safeguard their social safety net. The threatened working class and unemployed do not trust the Republicans to do right by them in times of hardship, especially after failed economic stimulus packages are deemed only to benefit those who 'have' already.

Congress will go into gridlock worst then in the Clinton years. The Democrats will be ruthless in their thwart of Bush's presidential power. By then, the public will regret giving the Democrats such a big stick.

The United States currency will retain it's strength on generally unstable international markets. Despite our crippled economy, holding US dollars or US government bonds will be seen as one of the safest assets.

Countries will align themselves into protective fortresses of economic and military power blocks. The USA will hold the position of 'Big Brother Enforcer' against uncivilized, oppressive enemy States of democracy. To come under the protection of the anti-ballistic shield and USA military forces, only Human Rights honouring, democratic countries need apply or be granted membership.

I see some great internal moral struggles happening within the culture of the United States. As the terrorist attacks and frequency subside, the Leftist media will raise doubts within the populace about the lose of civil liberties, the techniques employed to root out and destroy terrorist cells. And our foreign involvement in the governing of sovereign countries.

Should we continue to push for democracy around the globe? At what cost? The vision will become muddled, but sustained all the same.

The world is moving fast. The United States and it's civilized Allies will play pivotal roles in the worlds struggle for economic and political freedom. A very appreciated role. Despite successes, the attacks, from within our own quarters, from the academic and media elite will simply show their true colors. Political and ideological leanings, the general public will not agree with.
Public outrage of anti-American\ anti-West ideology taught at our educational institutions will start a wave of reform. Parents armed with school vouchers will be the weapon. The media elites will be punished by falling revenues, lose of opinion leader status, and the worst fate, ignored.

The USA will be one of the first countries in history after Canada and the UK, to guarantee a Basic Living Income regardless of the individual's production in around ten years as our civilization moves rapidly into the advanced tech\ space travel and exploration stage. It'll be a situation where either we do that or face cities being burned to the ground. "When you ain't got nutin', ya ain't got nutin' to lose."

The USA will finance the Space Exploration\Exploitation Age. Japan will build the electronics and Russia will provide the raw materials. Both Russia and the USA will share the space launch infra-structure. Together.
Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series -Politics - Near Future

Written Oct.25.1999
Old political parties and their ideology, whether socialist, communist, conservative, royalty, religious or all shades between are beginning to be viewed by the younger generations as just that, old political ideas of how to manage things run by old people.

Ideas which have had their day and have been exposed as unworkable. Membership in the political parties youth groups have been on a steady decline over the last ten years, and will continue so. It seems that the zealot youth members of today are more concerned with insuring themselves a place at the public trough in their adult years rather than motivated to serve the public's good.

Unfortunately, some old political party rulers, especially in the socialist, communist, and Islamic or royalty-ruled countries are not going to let the reins of power slip easily from their hands. Oppression and ruthless suppression of dissension of the dissatisfied public is the last order of the day by a ruling class bankrupt of new and workable ideas.

I expect in various places around the world, revolutionary uprisings by the people and the military when the demands for change fall on deaf, arrogant ears.

The world is moving fast. Communications between areas and the sharing of ideas are moving at the speed of electrons. Technology is moving faster than modern man can keep up with and the government is one of the last to embrace it's true potential.

People are able to travel, to witness with their own eyes, on television, read and hear on news radio of the benefits that others are enjoying under different political systems. They can see what works, what problems are encountered and generally pick and chose the government programs that could be best for their society regardless of which ideology it derives from.

Only, the old guys won't have any of it. It's not in the manual. Or it's derived from their long-standing enemy, the capitalists, or communists or religious fanatics...and so on, so it can't be good. Politics and societies future prosperity will depend on the young bringing about change, ever so slowly from within the established systems or if allowed, through the creation of new parties. If not, by way of the last desperate action...revolution.

I sense a restlessness with the old political ways in every country I've spent time in over the past ten years. I've been to Europe and Asia and travelled across Canada and through the United States.

The weak and frail elderly don't care since the systems did alright with them. The middle aged don't seem to have the energy or motivation after putting everything they have into supporting their families and trying to feather their retirement. The young are extremely impatient.

Politics, like technology, has a way of suddenly coming into change. Russia had almost been taken over in a military coup a few years ago. Our relations with Russia would be very different today if that coup had been successful.

A peasant uprising in Mexico could easily wipe out the twenty families that own the country. Our world is heavily inter-connected and inter-dependent. A seemly insignificant leadership change in a far-flung country can effect our import/ export ratios. Effect our unemployment and Gross National Product figures. Effect whether our government can afford to finance their latest boon-doggle or have to seek international financing.

As I stated in the Youth Section, today's young people are smart, ambitious and highly competitive. They won't swallow old practices if it doesn't work very well or there may be a better way. Presently, they are finding their groundings throughout the twenty-something years. When they're in their thirties, they will be a force demanding political change from the old ways. Tradition is fine as long as it gets results.

Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series -Politics - Far Future

Written Jan.05.2002
Although we can expect 1st world developed countries to further push for democracy around the world, the driving force behind the movement will come from the people of the undemocratic areas themselves.

Of course, the final hold-back States will be the Communist and religion-based Middle Eastern countries but they will suffer horrid economic stagnation until they allow their people freedom of leadership choice.

Two new, very important axioms will assist in converting the world to democracy. One is the inescapable truth that no matter how benevolent or repressive the existing undemocratic leadership is, the people themselves want true elected representation.

The second axiom is that un-elected governments cannot allow for economic freedom or Human Rights to their citizens. They tend to use their countries resources and international funds to prop up their leadership and system. In other words, monies used to hide or mask failed or failing government systems.

The United States and other developed nations are going to stop financing dictatorships of whatever strip, and thus allow the unworkable government's frail house of cards to crumble. Aid to hardship cases will go as directly as possible to the people themselves within those countries BUT it will be broadly known by the people that it is indeed the 'modern' societies who are paying the freight. Not their political leadership.

This was the way that the Russian government had to give up it's repressive grip on their people. China and the Middle East are next to reform. They face democratic reform or economic ruin. That is the choice other dictator, one-party governments are confronting presently.

I wrote in the Ethics & Justice section about the world moving ever so slowly towards a higher ethical existence. Women & children Human Rights and economic incentives will be the BIG sticks used to spearhead and motivate oppressive political systems to reform to democracy. Don't under-estimate this subtle sea-change.

Developed nations have propped up oppressive leaders for misguided political and economic reasons. That is what has a good portion of this world upset with the US and other developed nations. We've been financing their people's oppression! It's stopping now.

Expect some hold-out oppressive leaders to go the way of North Korea, and until recently, China. That is to lock-down their borders, deny world access and generally try to turn their countries into prison States. They won't last for long.

The world is moving fast. We have some relatively sane, ethical and astute world leaders dedicated to bringing about a saner, stable world environment. The Leftist rave about it being based on economic exploitation (New World Order), although some motives of the reforms may be so, but once people taste freedom of choice of government and commerce, there is no turning them back.

Changes of government systems which have taken tens of years before, now only take a few short years. The world is that impatient!

Even hard-line Muslim societies will elect their oppressors.

Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series Ethics & Justice - Near Future

Written Oct.25.1999
I believe Man is inherently good. We may act badly and do evil things at times, but we always know before,during, and after, that we are doing wrong.

Most psychologists will tell you that it is the norms of the society which resides within your subconscious that tells you that you are doing wrong. A sort a yardstick with which you grade your behavor. "Everyone thinks this is wrong so it is wrong and I'm wrong."

I disagree. People are basically good. The moral yardstick resides in our very nature as a natural state. Very young children look embarrassed and guilty when they do things they know is wrong, yet have never been told yet that doing that activity was wrong.

Even the psychotic serial killer will tell you that he knew that he was doing wrong right from the beginning. They stop themselves from their obsession to kill in their earlier years but give in later, yet knew inherently that they were doing evil. Probably felt no remorse but they still knew it was wrong.

Nothing much is happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice around the world. Things will remain the same for a few more years. The West and some other countries have a two-tier justice system, whereas the wealthy, famous and well-connected receive lighter sentences for their crimes.

The West and some other countries have a two-tier justice system, whereas the wealthy, famous and well-connected receive lighter sentences for their crimes.

The business executive receives a two year sentence for bulking millions from pensioners while a lower status person gets twenty years for robbing a bank of a few thousand dollars.

Killing your children carries a light sentence in most countries. Murder with remorse or insanity receives lighter sentences. Lawyers can play the legal loop-holes and drag a case on for years, usually at the expense of the tax-payers.

At present, the judges, elected or placed by political patronage, have generally swung their sympathies and compassion over to the criminal. The language of the courts have been designed to paint the victim as an object, not a person. Victim impact statements are starting to be used but they can only be effective if the victim is still alive or articulate in communicating their lose.

People are suing for large sums in a game of 'get rich quick' and many juries are going along with it. As stated earlier, nothing seems to be happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice but much is occurring in the mind-set of the general population. The injustices of justice, as practised today, are only starting to boil to the surface in public outrage.

Mention in any social gathering, some of the outrages, light sentences for outrages crimes. The basic goodness of Man surfaces in the looks and comments of disgust. There is a sea-change happening. The judges and politicians don't quite 'get it' yet, but they will. I don't expect things to change within the next few years. The outrageous unjust sentences and the 'special' treatment afforded people of influence is having an accumulative effect on the populace.

Expect more vigilante justice incidents happening while the citizens organize and demand changes.

Most of us will grin and bear it for a while longer.
Gary Allan Halonen

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Gary Allan Halonen
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Gary Halonen Predictions Series Ethics & Justice - Far Future

Written Late 2002
Well, the sea-change in Ethics & Justice, as mentioned in Part 1, is actually here!

The primitive conflict among Man hasn't been between the religious and non-religious, the Left against the Right, the Capitalists and the Socialists or the powerful and the peons. No, the basic ageless struggle has been Evil against Good.

Decent people, being decent to others and carrying on life with as little harm to others as possible, is, in the main, the make-up of this world. We've just been a little naive and confused by the 'righteous causes' and disguises Evil people present to us to keep us from seeing what they are actually DOING!

We are becoming the awakened. Becoming aware of the terrorism and bloodshed of innocents. The tyranny of answerable-to-no-one dictators.

When Ethics comes in and justice begins to be applied, you can expect some things to blow up in our face. Expect unspeakable Evils soon committed against the Good people in one final effort to stop us and win the day. But we will persist and justice will eventually rise into a new era.

"An idea is greater than the sword."

Well, that idea is DEMOCRACY! All people, all over the world, want to vote for their own leadership. Share in the plans of THEIR future with others, Share in the prosperity of their country. In free elections. It's such a simple step. Once the people know they can have true democracy. Get to participate in and be assured they're safe. Trust in powerful world bodies who won't let one individual or party take it away from them again,

Ethics & Justice can sweep in.

As a civilization, we are now raising towards a higher plateau. Expect bloodshed, but the Good guys will win. Have to win.
Gary Allan Halonen
I'm not a Scientologist.
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