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Just got my DNA test back — I'm 100% red-blooded American bitch. Look for Gabriella Maltese on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.
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God Bless you and thank you for your support of this channel.

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I'm a small fish right now, but with your help, I can be a shark! Every subscriber here gives me a little more time every day to stay online and share my take on the news today. I will fight #FakeNews and the #EnemyOfThePeople.

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  • Fresh updates here. God Bless America.
  • Subscribers can rate my mom jokes.
  • When Twitter bans everyone, this is all we'll have.

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Experience the authoritative A to Z of America's reprobate 'Madam President.' The quintessential also-ran, yet eternal victor in the fevered hallucinations of millions of intersectional fourth-wave crazies. 
B is for Benghazi is a fascinating study of singularly, the most blithely-corrupt politician of the Holocene. Adorably possessing an unbounded lack of self-awareness. If you're #StillWithHer, we salute you. Don't despair. Never stop fighting. Never give up your pantsuit. #GiveEmGutsy
B is for Benghazi on Amazon.

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God Bless my first subscriber!! I was too worried to make a Patreon account, since they ban whomever they like with impunity. SO I will definitely make a home here. I'm very active on Twitter (until they unperson me again).

Also, I've started my Gab account,, so I'm trying to keep up with everything. Hoping to finish my next short story sequel this year! Of course, you'll be the first to know!

Thank you so much for your support!! I'll be back here soon!
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My first post! Can only subscribers see this? Nobody knows!

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Get a tattoo. Drink more water. Stop biting my nails. Finish book projects (find my adult-only stories on Amazon). Daily #MAGA online, spreading facts and truth and honesty.

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