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I'll continue Thaumic arcana soon, but expect that some of it's content will be duplicated between it, and the other mod that we're prototyping, because it is the exact thing that it was missing.

I'll try my best to get the sieve fixed asap.

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On the topic of TC research loader.

Since TC is not supported at this point I'm dropping it. The mod had some quirks that prevented me from working with it anyways. And now that I might get closer to the development of the mod I'll try to make sure that this is very well supported feature, because of the demand it had.

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So, the topic of Thaumic Arcana.

I had some Thaumcraft related issues, but with the retirement of Azanor, it feels pointless to deal with it. It is still uncertain if he lets someone else continue it or not. Which is more than the expected "no way", but while I was looking at the team (we counted that it required at least 8-9 people to flesh out properly, no wonder why Azanor is struggling alone) that would take it over, and it might not be a good idea at this point. I'm a member of this team. I still believe that he should pass it down. If it dies from this change, than it died from this change. It sounds contradictory, but that is my stance.

This version of the mod will probably be left behind, but the core features are already being migrated to an another mod. Me and the author of that turned out to have lot of the same ideas and concepts.

As soon as we have a working version, we'll give you the first release.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask for something. The computer that I use now (got it as a gift from a friend) is getting old, and also started to act in a way that I do not like. I selected one that will work well, but at this point I have some trouble with the price.(I could get it in a few months, but that might not be an option)

Why not Patreon? You may ask. The recent actions of Patreon are making me concerned, and see them as unreliable. Banning people for doing something that is permitted by your own rules without any warning (and also saying that a thing that can not interpreted as a warning under any circumstance is your warning), and taking their money is a bit too far. That is a contract I'm unwilling to sign. The more I get to look at it, the nastier it gets. Meanwhile we have what we see on this picture. I looks like they would send it out to you with a pigeon if that was the only option.

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My computer is getting close to it's end, and I'll need a replacement. currently looking at this one:|se|msn|74285888871234|UK+-+Branded+-+Ideapad+-+330+-+P||268808754&s_kwcid=AL!4309!10!74285925939508!74285888871234&[email protected]:20190119133316:s


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