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Sub Club for all things Epic of Dreams, including our YouTube Channel, and Podcasts!
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Welcome to the club! You gain access to our subs only Discord Server, our Quickstart Rules PDF, as well as the other Initiate sub tier stuff we'll have up soon!

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For those who have tasted the kool-aid, and want in. Gains access to Discord, everything in the Initiate Tier, a super cool Cultist Exclusive PDF, and other things as we build them.

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The Uberfan

WOWZERS! With this you'll get access to extremely new playtester stuff before anyone else! For signing on, you'll get everything in the other tiers, and a very special PDF we've not released anywhere else. This includes news on upcoming Videos, Podcasts, Adventure Modules, and Expansion Books for The Epic of Dreams!

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  • You're in the club! You'll get access to our Subs Only Discord Server that'll be the first place to hear about new EoD stuff!
  • Access to our Subs Only Discord Server/Play By Post Chatrooms!
  • First to hear about all our news is in the Server!

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Public post
Hey everyone!

Still setting things up, but here are the links to all of our main contents!!!

Here's our YOUTUBE
Here's our PODCAST

Stay Tuned! Much love!
We're setting up the discord at the moment, it's being dumb with me.

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