Hi! I'm puppy (aka Ellen or duckie).

I work on a lot of open-source projects, and by subscribing you can give me the ability to explicitly dedicate time to them each week!

Below are some of my notable projects, and what subscribing will help me do.

Parts Horse

Parts Horse is a website providing info on a variety of electrical components. Adding information is an incredibly tedious process, and if I can dedicate time to automating and/or simplifying it, I could add a many more components!


Emanate is a project for managing symlinks, and is typically used for managing dotfiles. I'd love to streamline the release process, including having each new release include a single-file executable you can just download and run directly.

I have some plans in place for single-file executables, and have already started working on them. Expect more information on that in the coming weeks. :)


??? Apparently I do game development now. Anyway, Keress is an in-progress, open-source first-person shooter written using the Godot Engine.


Awoof is a monospace font emphasizing readability, and it'd be awesome if I could dedicate more time to adding more character support.