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Draugablíkk creates boreo-pagan music and immortal art inspired by Norse, Gothic, Scythian, and Celtic folklore, archeology, and culture. Its blend of traditional Scandinavian instruments and arrangements with Eastern instrumentation and ancient throat-singing reflects the wide world traveled by the Vikings, the Rus’, and the Varangians.
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Laughing Shall I Die

Join us and stand against the invading tyrants from the south! Imagine the music videos we could produce if we had 5,000 warriors backing us at this tier. To Valhalla!

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Hamingja: Karma is a Bitch

No need for revenge, just sit back and wait. With some luck, the Old Gods will let you watch your enemies burn! Hamingja is an Old Norse word that means luck, related to ancient beliefs in reincarnation and ancestor worship and the idea that honor and achievements are passed down to future generations. It's the Norse equivalent of karma, and sacrificing at this tier will certainly favor your Hamingja in the long run.

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Wolfclan Rising? Historical Research

In the second century, the Goths raided across the Black Sea and into the eastern Mediterranean from an empire they called Aujum, in ancient Scythia to the north of the Roman world. After fierce fighting in the fourth century, the Amali Goths and the Huns became allied “warrior wolves,” moving south to put an end to the Western Roman Empire in 476. Do you have what it takes to support our wolfclan and the war against history and our ancestors?

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Draugablót: Sacrifice to Feast

Óðinn sacrificed himself to himself, hanging on a tree, spear-pierced, for nine nights to learn the wisdom of the runes and all the secrets of the world. In ancient times, a sacrificial blót always included a great feast, and so it is here. Your respectable contribution will gain you rich rewards in the afterlife, improve the Hamingja for you and your family, and allow us to continue to create and explore our music, commission unique art, and to produce historical animation ⁠— and last but not least, you'll suffer much less pain than the Allfather did!

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Animation: Deeds of the Goths

Not all Goths wear black and write depressing poetry. Many noble Viking and Varangian bloodlines traced their origins to the old Gothic Empire of Aujum and the Amal dynasty of kings. A real goth appreciates the good things in life: great food, decent drink, vivid stories and the exploits that gave them birth – and good music that carries the savior of all these things. Supporting us at this level allows us to create epic animations that visualize the origin and deeds of the Gothic people.



  • Wisdom. The knowledge that you're helping rediscover the lost history of the world.
  • Magic. Early access to Draugablíkk music releases, videos, and YouTube videos.
  • Art. We'll commission paintings of historical battles scholars for long thought were myth.

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