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Draugablíkk creates boreo-pagan music and immortal art inspired by Norse, Gothic, Scythian, and Celtic folklore, archeology, and culture. Its blend of traditional Scandinavian instruments and arrangements with Eastern instrumentation and ancient throat-singing reflects the wide world traveled by the Vikings, the Rus’, and the Varangians.
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EÍN: Laughing Shall I Die

A humble donation for a serious cause. Imagine the music videos and art we could create if 5,000 aspiring warriors backed us at this tier.

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ÞRÍR: Hamingja

Hamingja is an Old Norse concept that literally means luck. The concept is related to the belief in reincarnation and the idea that honor and achievements are passed down to future generations. Hamingja is also deja vu. Our souls recognizing faces, circumstances, patterns. If you believe in a higher power than yourself, and that three is indeed a magical number, supporting us at this tier will help us help you. Because good karma comes back to you.

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NÍU: Ancestors of the North

Would you like to see photo-realistic imagery and artistic conceptions of historical persons? How did the Scythians look? Is it possible to reconstruct the face of Ragnar Lodbrok or Rollo using modern archeology and ancient DNA? What about the shamans of the Eurasian steppes? There is more to the antediluvian people who lived in the vicinity of the North Pole than Sami drums, yoik, and reindeer. More than you'd expect!



  • ONE. The knowledge that you're helping rediscover the lost history of the world.
  • THREE. There are things our ancestors knew of the spirit world that you could learn too. Christian missionaries feared the Heathen North of Thule for a reason.
  • NINE. We'll commission advanced reconstructions of historical persons, battles, and architecture that scholars for long thought were myth.

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