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I'm an award-winning filmmaker from NYU. I'm making short fiction films and writing books.
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David Rowlett Films

Hello, you star. To sample some of my previous content, try my webpage here: davidrowlett.com

And welcome.

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You are helping me to create new content which can be accessed or purchased from davidrowlett.com and bitchute.com/david-rowlett-films

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Associate Producer

If you want to help my team finish the short film described below in the Welcome section, and get screen credit as an Associate Producer of this film along with exclusive news about it including photos and video updates and outtakes, then consider helping us to meet our $1,000 goal by subscribing at this level.



  • You can support my work by becoming a subscriber. Follow my progress at davidrowlett.com. Thank you. PROJECTS ON DECK:
  • Short story collection, OUT JANUARY 10, 2020
  • Short fiction film about a modern-day Don Quixote / Ponce de Leon combo character, OUT MAY 1, 2021 (if goal is met, see Goals)