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Creepsi Twist Tales is a speculative fiction & horror comic anthology series. Our tales focus upon the eerie creatures that lurk in the shadows, those unsettling people who walk the streets, and horrific situations that threaten the innocents.
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Awesome Fan

In addition to each monthly issue, Patrons receive a personal thank you with your name put into the next issue of the monthly comic along with a full version new upcoming cover when it comes out. Plus, you'll receive a newsletter which lists upcoming story lines in the series.

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Special Fans

Not only do you receive the story lines early for the next monthly edition, you will have exclusive access to see upcoming drafts of the illustrations. Also, you receive each monthly issue.

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In addition to the other benefits of the lower tiers, a VIP Fan receives either a Coffee Mug or a T-Shirt with the image of Issue 1 Front Cover (illustration shown is an example only, the final cover will have some changes)

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  • Our fans will receive a personal thank you in the next issue of the monthly comic.
  • And a brief synopsis of upcoming stories for Creepsi webcomic series.

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We now have Creepsi Twisted Tales Issue 1 available for subscribers.

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