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A Conservative giving his viewpoint on the hypocrisy and lies of the left. I post videos 3 days a week that are political topics that I give facts and opinions on.
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The Donating Conservative

A great supporter in the truth, and wants to donate to CupOfJoe

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The "Get The Popcorn" Conservative

You enjoy seeing liberals meltdown as conservatives give them nothing but facts. You enjoy my videos and want to make a donation for me to spread the truth!

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The "Think About It" Conservative

You enjoy supporting my content, and can think for yourself. You don't need others to think for you. You are a knowledgeable individual who chooses facts and logic over opinions.

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The "MAGA" Conservative

You support the idea of Making America Great Again, and you also fully support trump. You support others who support Trump, and you like the fact that CupOfJoe does as well. Congrats on the MAGA tier!

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For Donating To Me You Help Get: Ad-free Content, Uploads On Lots Of Different Websites, New Equipment, Software Licenses, You'll Help With Future Plans As My Channel Grows, And Much More. Thanks Again To All Who Watch My Content, And Thanks For The Support. - CupOfJoe

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