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Common Man Cast is 7 ordinary people, all with a desire to express their first amendment rights and discuss whatever they want.
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Common Man

You heard the call of the Common Man, but do you have the courage to answer? you will now be granted access to our Discord server. Please join up and hang out with the CMCrew, and your fellow Common Men. Most of the CMCrew will be there pretty much all day.

You'll also automatically be invited to any Discord events that we plan.

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The True Common Man

The Common Man is not one to be underestimated. you can do amazing things.

You now have access to the rough mix downloads of the podcast episodes. Before each episode is released, it goes through a rough mix stage where its shared with cast members and high enough tiered members, where they listen and judge the levels of the different member's voices, and listen for any issues with the editing, they present their feedback in the server. this is to make sure the episode is as perfect as possible.

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Uncommon Valor

Wow, you really have shown an determination above and beyond any common man. we thank you for your love and support with every inch of our beings.

You now have the ability to sit in on the Discord voice chat and listen as we record episodes and mini-casts. you won't be able to talk in the recording voice chat, but you'll be able to listen live as we record each episode of the show.

You'll also gain access to the darker, more twisted parts of our server that we've chosen to lock off for the mental health of everyone else. enter at your own risk

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Common Man Cast

Special thanks to ColdFusionWaffles who has become our first SubscribeStar supporter. we thank yo...

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Common Man Cast
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Welcome to the official Common Man Cast Subscribe Star page. I know it doesn't look like much now, but give it a few days and it'll be much better. thank you for stopping by. please if you like our show, subscribe on here and help support us.
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