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I found my music at high school and I've been drumming ever since. I'm not a solo kind of drummer, I enjoy play along with music. And now I'm covering K Pop musics on YouTube. It is so much fun and adventurous. K Pop taking my drumming to another realm. I think K Pop is a culture we must embrace, and this is how I do it and share it with everyone. ~~ My videos are free to watch, if you donate, I will use it to make drum cover videos. I work hard and do everything by my self, from start to end, to make perfect drum cover videos. I need to improve my equipment and gears, also maintaining them. But since every song I coverd is copyrighted, I can't make anything from YouTube, and that is why I need you to keep going. Together we can make awesome videos.
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Plain and simple

You keep my world spinning. Thank You. You'll get my notification before release, you can send me message, get 5 minutes video behind production, and 10 photos behind production.

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  • I make K Pop drum covers. Its a form of my appreciation and creativity to the K Pop world, and I want to share them. Also find me on YouTube, my videos are free, donate if you like. Enjoy

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My second cover this month Back Door [Stray Kids], . . . so whats next, I hope Lovesick Girls by ...

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First drum cover, and more are coming guys

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