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society is clowns.I created this page to hold my username so no one tries to grift as me. I am not currently advertising this page.
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Honk Street Journal

I will be changing my name to Honk Street Journal as the name Clown World belongs to the people.

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Honk Street Journal
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There was a rumor that there is someone pretending to be me and asking for money, so I made this page. 

This page is not currently advertised other than on my site This is to prevent copycat grifters. I use other people's content constantly, and don't necessarily deserve to make anything off of it.

I have dropped the subscription to $1. If you really do want to support me making memes on Twitter, I won't turn down $1 because it's more than $1's effort to give it back to you. I'm sure SubscribeStar would appreciate the transaction fees.


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