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What is Cigar prop?Cigar prop started off as one item, a simple cigar rest.Over the years, cigar prop has morphed into something else, something greater.Cigar prop is now a brand, a journey, a way of life.
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Every dollar counts and is appreciated. With this tier, you will be able to view all the exclusive videos that Jessica and I will make just for our SubscribeStar viewers.

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This tier will allow you access to exclusive discounts through various manufacturers.

Please message or email me for the current active codes to use at these retailers. [email protected]

Please do not share these codes. If more people use the codes than subscribers we have, we may have these codes taken away from us.

Cigar Bundles of Miami is offering a 15% discount on all their cigars, including their full line of Drew Estate Cigars.

Frontline Cigars is offering a 15% discount on their cigars.



  • Exclusive cigar related content
  • Exclusive cigar related discounts from various retailers

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Check out the Lars Tetens S...

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Jessica and I have just finished filming our very first cigar review that will only be seen here on SubscribeStar. 
It should be up in just a few days!
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Public post
Welcome to the Cigar prop SubscribeStar page!
This page is an offshoot of the I'd Tap That Cigar Show which airs every Sunday at 8 pm est on the Cigar prop YouTube Channel. 
We have lots of exciting things coming up soon!

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