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I am a high school art teacher and mom on leave due to the craziness of CovidLand.
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That Guy

Hey, yeah you. That guy. You helped out someone's mom and a lot of someone else's art teacher. Thanks man!

*No access to videos or finished artwork.

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Super That Guy

Hey! You donated more than That Guy. That means you helped out someone's mom and a lot of someone else's art teacher doubly so!

Congrats, you can watch videos and order artwork I post!

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  • I aim to post in progress, finished, or sketched works each week. Possibly how to videos once a month.
  • I am interested in cooking, baking, sewing, and gardening so you might get something from that too!

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Work in progress: Bookmark Series. Four more designs needed but I have no ideas since I don't normally do cute art. Any suggestions?

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