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My name is Bryan Anderson and I am the owner of Bull's Strength Athletics, a small personal training studio located in Tampa, Florida. I create youtube content to educate people in proper diet and exercise, while also doing a little myth busting.
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The Bullpen

*Receive a shout out at the end of every video.

*Access to Bull's Strength discord server.

*Ability to vote for the video content you want to see!

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Minotaur Strength (Group Fitness)

*Initial consultation and physical evaluation via Skype.

*Access to strength training and other fitness programs.

*Email support for questions related to training and diet.

*All lower tier benefits apply.

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Heroes of Taurus (1 on 1 training)

As a hero of Taurus, your gains are my responsibility. You are now my one-on-one client and will get my undivided attention whenever you need me.

*Weekly workout templates with dynamic changes based on where you're at.

*Unlimited Form Checks.

*Regular Skype chats to check progress and address any questions

*Email and live chat support.

*Nutrition plan to help you get to your goals more efficiently.

*All lower tier benefits apply.

Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, get better at your sport, join the military, become a better runner, or rehab an injury, you WILL make gains.

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