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I am predominantly a writer but also do a lot of stuff on Youtube, including video editing, singing, voice acting and most of all narrations. This is for all of you to support me on a regular basis!
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A Small Donation

Thank you for this! Every little contribution helps me a lot. As a beginner, you will get to see my writing 24 hours before it goes live on any other website!

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A Large Donation!

Wow we're hitting double didgets now, thanks so much! This allows you to get previews of stuff I do up to a full week before release. This applies to my writing much like the previous tier, but by donating 10 dollars you also get early access to my voice acting and narrations!

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Cube Subscriber

This is where it starts to get interesting. For 20.00 dollars the Discord server becomes available! You will be able to engage in more direct discussion with me, and other fans from here. You will still gets updates through the discord much like here, but you have more direct input that's more likely to be noticed by me, since I won't lie, I'm on discord quite a bit.

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Cube Admirer

This is starting to get to be a huge deal! For you guys, on top of everything I described and get to participate in a story raffle once a month. Basically all the 30 dollar tier people or more suggest a drabble idea, and I'll choose one randomly to write and possibly narrate and put up on my channel. You will be credited by me and also name dropped if it becomes a video on my channel!

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Cubey's Super Fan

This is where the good shit is at folks. Any person who is in this tier will get an ad about their stuff at the end of one of my videos.A whole section dedicated specifically to them, basically promotion along with everything else! I figure one person a week will get this ad and will be chosen at random, especially when more then just a few people have chosen this tier!



  • This page will be a place where you can see everything in one place!
  • You will also get previews on the process of everything I make, and hear what I have in mind for my projects before anyone else!
  • If you subscribe to the higher tiers however, you will be getting far far more then this!
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If I can make this amount a month, to me it would serve as a sign I should create my own website. It's something I've considered for awhile but if I have this amount watching me, then it would definitely be a sign I should finally take the leap!
to reach
the goal
This is a huge goal I'm honestly not sure I'll make anytime soon. What can I say I like to aim big. To me if I could make this a month it would serve as a sign I'm doing well. That my dreams are actually more attainable then even I thought. I will be very grateful and moved, it's hard to express I would be on cloud 9. Of course don't feel obligated, only give as much as you want or can but still. That's the goal I have in mind!

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