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Creating The Boyo Podcast (Jung/Nietzsche/Western Canon)
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We want to meet you - come hang out with us on Discord.

  • Submit your dreams to be torn apart in a Jungian way so you can develop your own personal mythology.

  • Learn how to build an optimum lifestyle of excellence (health, wealth, relationships) for a non-degenerate boyo in 2019.

  • Keep tabs on the culture in a environment of Logos (no shrieking feminists in here).

  • Ask us questions and we'll answer them in text form (shoot us a DM or tag us in a post).

  • Access to our mad ramblings we don't really want to be made public.

  • Access to the Boyo Lab Cast, where two or more of you have a recorded conversation and its uploaded to a private feed as a podcast. Infinite content.

  • You're guaranteed to find a juicy friend in here.

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Gain access to Premium Content.

  • Exclusive access to video drafts, streams of thought and behind-the-scenes updates from the Boyos.

  • Q&A ~ Submit your question to Jimmi via Discord, and you'll get a personal mini-podcast audio reply sent privately to you, or shared with the rest of the community [one per month, so make it a good one].

(Access to Boyo Discord tier included)

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Infinite questions. Infinite answers. Any time. All the time.

You gain access to a private Signal group with Stef and James.

Dump any questions, dreams or thoughts in the group (or to us individually), and either Stef or James will reply as soon as we can, in personal voice message form.

This tier is for you if you want an immediate and personal deep dive into any of the topics we talk about on the shows, or you're going through a time of psychic unrest, and wish to gain a boyo opinion/advice on your situation

Note: Signal is chosen as the app of choice, as it's 100% end-to-end encrypted, so there's no chance of the Overlords reading our messages. 100% private, so you're completely safe. Its the only app recommended by Snowden.

(Access to the Kangaroo Blessings and Boyo Discord tiers included)

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The Boyos

QandA Podcast | November 2019

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