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Bob Doyle
I create dissident video essays on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: political analysis, philosophy, culture as well as history. Your support ensures the continuation of this project into the future.
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Chad Tier

Thank you credit at the end of my videos.︱Immediate access to the Discord server.︱One time shout-out in my next video.

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Tyler Tier

Early access to videos and exclusive behind the scenes posts.︱All benefits from the previous tier.

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Special access in the Discord server.︱You get to see production materials and can suggest video/stream ideas directly to me.︱Shout-out in every video.︱All benefits from the previous tiers.

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  • Thank you credit at the end of my videos.
  • Early access to videos and exclusive behind the scenes posts.
  • Special roles and access in the Discord Server.

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Bob Doyle

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