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I am just a random YouTuber. YouTube.com/c/BlenderRookie
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A Single Buck

You can donate a buck a month if you desire.

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Two Bucks

For those who think 1 dollar is too little but 3 dollars is too much.

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Five Buck Chuck

This is for the more adventurous type who wish to donate 5 dollars a month to me. 5 dollar bills need homes too.

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Ten Greenbacks Walk Into A Blender

I'm not that popular so it will be a rarity that someone finds a lonesome 10 dollar bill laying around that needs a good home. But if you do find one and it needs a good home, I accept ten spots.

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20 Greenbacks

Hey, we are getting into some serious stalker money. If you are one of my stalkers, this is the one for you.

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50 Dollar Stalker Special

If you are born bread ready to stalk, then this is the option for you. Seriously though, all kidding aside. Anyone who like my content enough to donate this ridiculous amount, has my sincere thanks.

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100 Buck OCD Special

I had to add 100 into the mix. After all I have ever other US paper currency available. Seriously, it would have drove me nuts to leave off a horndog like Benji Franklin.



  • This is just a way for people who like my content on YouTube or Bitchute to be able to donate to me directly. All aspects of my channel will always be free. But you will have my sincere thank you to anyone who donates to me.
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