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Hello.I make SoulCalibur character creations, short animations with chibi characters and cartoonish backgrounds and game mods and tutorials. I also play retro games here and there.
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Here you gain access to:

1) Early mod access (before they go live and before I make videos on them)

2) Right to request (with higher priority over other people):

a) Simple Xenoverse 2 quest creation

b) Character creation in SoulCalibur 3 and 6

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  • As opposed to any other media I'm on, here you will gain early access to my mods and the right to make videos on them even before I do (I usually post mod videos a day before the mod goes live). To request early access to mods, write a comment about it with your twitter handle or discord profile link and I'll send you a PM with download link.
  • If you have requests for content creation, yours will be on a higher priority level

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Early access to Time Lock update 4. 3 for everyone on the lowest tier and above. If you want it, ...

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