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Hello.I make SoulCalibur character creations, short animations with chibi characters and cartoonish backgrounds and game mods and tutorials. I also play retro games here and there.
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Subscription Tiers

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Simple Rewards tier

Here you gain access to:

1) Early mod access (before they go live and before I make videos on them - give me your twitter/discord handle in a comment on SubscribeStar and I'll send you a DL link)

2) Right to request (with higher priority over other people not in this/other tiers):

a) Simple Xenoverse 2 quest creation

b) Character creation in SoulCalibur 3 and 6

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per month
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Advanced Xenoverse Quest Modding tier

Here you gain all perks from previous tiers and:

1) Right to request a more advanced Xenoverse quest (basic branching storyline)

2) Have me fix your Xenoverse 2 script for you (up to 1000 lines)

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per month
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Time-Lock tier (Xenoverse 2)

Here you gain all perks from previous tiers and:

1) The right to request a Time-Lock. This is a super complex quest design with possible branching in range of tens. (For example Tournament of Destroyers Time-Lock) OR Have me fix your Xenoverse 2 script for you (up to 8000 lines)

2) Being able to directly dictate how a quest should go. Basically being 100% in control of the development process (This does not include deciding when I'll be working on it. That will still remain up to my decision. However while I am working on a T-L, I will focus solely on that for the majority of a working day.)

Basically this tier is a modding contract between you and me.

Disclaimer: If multiple people are within this tier and all of them have a request, I will work only on one until it is finished and only afterwards moving on to others. Also since these take months to create, you do not have to remain in this tier for longer than one month.

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  • As opposed to any other media I'm on, here you will gain early access to my mods and the right to make videos on them even before I do (I usually post mod videos a day before the mod goes live). To request early access to mods, write a comment about it with your twitter handle or discord profile link and I'll send you a PM with download link.
  • If you have requests for content creation, yours will be on a higher priority level

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