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Hey everyone 👋 Thanks for checking out my page! I decided to set this up so I could share daily content from my life. This includes behind the scenes pictures and videos from photoshoots, fitness videos and pictures, selfies and my private Snapchat!


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Subscription Tiers

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$2 Tier

10 exclusive pictures every month from lingerie photoshoots!

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$3 Tier

All of the above, plus daily exclusive pictures! This includes more exclusive photoshoot pictures, behind the scenes pictures from all of my shoots, fitness pictures, work out pictures and selfies... Expect a new picture every day :)

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$10 Tier

All of the above, plus my private Snapchat! This means you will be able to access lots of videos every month, including lingerie videos, videos from photoshoots, selfie videos and funny, dumb videos with my best friends.



  • Exclusive content every day!
The subscription gives you:
  • full unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download for the future use
  • support your Star by donating – one-time or recursively
  • you can cancel this subscription at any time.