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Greetings and Salutations! This is Ace Prestige,a small social media presence that makes various content including food reviews,gaming related content,and my personal views on things. I am happy to welcome you here.
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Moral support

Hey,it may not be much,but perhaps it is all you can give right now or you are just testing out the waters and want to see what I have to offer before you move to a higher tier.

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Supporter Tier

For roughly the price of one Starbucks Venti (large) Caramel Frappuccino a month you can help support me in my work and to help keep my lights on and a roof over my head.

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The Cat's Meow

For this tier,you are committed to helping me grow my social media and overall online presence.For this,you will get a random picture of Cricket,the Stream Kitty emailed to you.(Just give me the email address obviously) She is VERY photogenic and those ears are adorable as all get out. And you will get a shoutout on the next video released.

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Help Me Help Others

With this tier,$5 of every subscription goes to my local Salvation Army ministry.The Salvation Army assists approximately 23 million Americans annually. Even more worldwide. Ranging from homeless shelters,food pantries,alcohol and drug rehab,and more.This tier also includes the benefits of The Cat's Meow tier.

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  • Your support will go a long way in helping me become a better content creator while MAYBE help pay my bills as well.

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Ace Prestige
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