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I am decoding historical and current world affairs for occult numerology, gematria and astrotheolgy. The truth will set us free, so I am constantly working towards that goal.
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Basic Support

You will get access to my research database with thousands of images about numbers, words, events, celebrities and star positions.

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Memory Techniques

With this tier you unlock my Number Memory Course on Udemy, that I have developed with a World Memory Champion. It will allow you to memorize numbers easily, to use Numerology and Gematria like a master. The course includes over 800 training images, to create your very own number system.

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Your Personal Organic Matrix

You will get one monthly Skype session with me, where I I will show you how to use Gematria and apply it to events and people. I will also look into your personal numerology and analyze your very own organic matrix. Further, you will get access to my high quality Udemy course about Memory techniques, to learn how to memorize numbers easily.

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Your Personal Number Coach

You will get two monthly Skype sessions, where I coach you in world class memory techniques, astrology, numerology and gematria. With my help, you can become a memory champion and find a way through the labyrinth of the occult. This includes my Udemy memory course, that I developed with a World Memory Champion.



  • You will get access to all my research material. I have already collected over 5000 images of Gematria words, historic events, celebrity star positions and much more. I am constantly adding more material to the database, for a more and more holistic analysis.
  • Subscribers will get first access to my latest videos.

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To continue my work and provide for my family, I need about 1000 USD per month to cover my basic costs of living.


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