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Honorable Citizen

Thank you for your contribution to your community, your service is greatly appreciated. You will have access to our weekly text update!

0 subscribers Honorable Citizen👍
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Social Moderator

Thank you for your service, the people of the Grand Order applaud you! As a reward for your efforts, you will receive access to our exclusive video updates here on patron, as well as a special "Investor" tag on our discord!

0 subscribers Investor~✨
per month
Praetorian Exponent

Your upgrade is complete. Your responsibilities await you. As a Praetorian Guard, your job is to protect the highest ranking officials of the Council and Senate. You will be given exclusive access to communication lines to our Developers on Discord, as well as a placement in the credits as a Notable Investor.

0 subscribers Notable Investor ⭐
per month
Senator Imperium

Congratulations on your election! You have been admitted as the Grand Order's newest Senator! You will now have access to the classified conceptual design pieces of this production, which includes concept art, music, and exclusive footage of game play (no spoilers of course!). When the time comes, you will be selected to play test our game at various important points of production, giving us valuable input, and for this, you will be given the honorable title of Next Tier Financier in the credit sequence. Welcome to the Grand Order, Senator!

0 subscribers Next Tier Financier
per month
Grand Order Council Member

With your new rank you will have all the previous benefits as well as an original character of your choice inserted into the game as an extra (Within the bounds of the game of course.) On top of this, you will be forever listed as one of the top investors in the credits of the official release. Welcome to the High Council, Councilor.

0 subscribers Grand Order Council Member


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