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Trever Bierschbach

UPDATE Welcome to my page, still. I'm leaving the part below because part of me hopes I will get back to streaming at some point. I may still release videos but scheduled streams are not going to happen any time soon. So, what's this page about then? I still have my Frags and Beer site, that I want to keep free of ads. Posts going to Medium for your reading pleasure, and if you subscribe you'll have access to a regular short story series called Shadows of Barden (free first episode on Medium).

This page will also help fund more books, and my independent publishing work. Subscribing here gets you signed up for the email newsletter and entered into that month's drawing for a free copy of When Heroes Rise (digital outside the continental US). Help me keep the geekery coming, and keep most of it ad-free by subscribing.

Welcome to my Star page. You're probably wondering what this is all about. For supporting me here you're helping me deliver free content to YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Medium, Frags and Beer Webzine and many other locations. You'll help keep new games coming to streams, and new equipment in the studio to bring you those games. Select a tier, and I will deliver the geekery.

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