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Mystic Mitch
I am an aspiring model photographer establishing a unique colorful/fun style.
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Receive a poster of the best represented image from a particular photoshoot of your choice for that month.

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This is for those members who are interested in collaborating on outfit ideas. As a member, you will have a major say in what gets to be photographed next. Much of this fee will be put toward the cost of clothing as well as the model's hourly rate.


This tier will be limited to ten subscribers max so as to give all who participate each a turn at sharing their creative concepts. Once your concept has been photographed and completed, your membership will be moved to the $15 tier in order to allow other subscribers a chance to collaborate.


Keep in mind that these concepts must stay within guidelines of this particular style (e.g. over-knee socks, short skirt/jeans, suspenders, high/platform heels/wedges, etc).


All subscribers to this tier will receive a poster of each photoshoot signed by the model.

Limited (0 out of 10) subscriptions

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Mystic Mitch


Hello there and thanks for checking out my SubscribeStar page here.  Over the next few months I will be building up featuring content from past projects.

I'm still trying to figure out what I can offer as benefit to those who subscribe.  Chances are it will probably include extra images from each set which won't be seen elsewhere (not even my website).  I am also considering printing a poster of the best image from east photoshoot session as a benefit to those who are on a higher subscription tier.

As time progresses I'll have a more clear vision on what to offer, but these are the initial ideas I have in mind.  In the meantime, I welcome you to my page here and look forward to creating more great artisticly styled images in the future.


  • Receive each new photoset at least a week ahead of those who follow via IG, FB and my website.
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