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We are creating "The Crown of Leaves" game
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The Parba Traveller

The Parba Traveller has access to The Crown of Leaves forge. We'll show you how we're working on the sprites and backgrounds and tell you about the workflow and other interesting things. We also occasionally publish the videos of the drawing process and sketch dumps.

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The Jeweler

In addition to the previous rewards, the Jeweler has access to plenty of other materials like concept-lists, character references, accurate fullbodies, and portraits. Finished sprites and animations are also available for the Jewelers.

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The Melalo

Melalo have access to all the previous rewards and the opportunity to be backstage of The Crown of Leaves. You can become a beta... and even an alpha-tester! We're posting test builds with all the current dialogues and sprites near the end of the chapter development, which probably will be changed in the final release. And no one will see it except for you - isn't it cool? While work processed, we're occasionally posting the game OST, finished illustrations and cutscene materials - art and videos and also telling how we're working on it.

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  • Work-in-progress materials, sketches, videos
  • Characters sprites and backgrounds
  • Livestreams

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L: Okay, here we go. Thank Caervec for editing the English text!

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