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Lady Valiant Comics
A fun and sexy not-so-serious comic with superheroines and bodyswaps

Subscription Tiers

Lady Valiant Comics profile is under review.

PLEASE, BE AWARE: due to an extremely high volume of recently submitted profiles, the approval will take longer than usual. After this page is approved, you will be able to subscribe as usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

per month
Support is Support

You want to help, but can only spare a dollar a month.  That's cool, we respect that.  

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month
Discord Access

$7 patrons get to join our private Lady Valiant Discord Server!   With this is access to the Commission Vault!


If not, I might have to manually send the link.  We will have two raffles a month for free sketches by artist Ralvi, artist of Turbulance.

0 subscribers Patrons
per month

You will get special, behind the scenes art of earlier versions of the comic and other never-before released comics made in the past, including Turbulance, released in 8 page chunks every month!

The Never-Before-Seens will be released on the 2nd of the month.

0 subscribers Patrons ; Turbo Lover
per month
Monthly Naughty Side Stories

Pay $20 and you will get access to all upcoming naughty Lady Valiant side-stories, which will be released on the 3rd of the month.  Each month, patrons get to suggest and vote on next month's story.  Patrons on this tier also get to suggest new ideas to go into the voting queue once a side story finishes.  If your idea is picked by the community and voted for, you can even get full creative input on the sidestory, up to and including initial drafting.  Final drafts are still responsible by Team LV.

0 subscribers Patrons ; Turbo Lover ; SideStories
per month
Super Partner Tier

Become a Super Partner.  You will get early page access, as well as a vote for my next private commission. You will also get each month:

Access to all finished upcoming pages at the start of the month, or as soon as they are ready.

Access to the next month's sketch previews as soon as they are ready.

Vote for an exclusive full-body, full color artwork by Xamrock!  This artwork will be exclusive to this tier for 6 months.

0 subscribers Super Partner
per month
Sidestory Co-Author - Goddess Tier

Same as Super Partner, except, if you have a naughty sidestory idea, it will be published.  The upcoming sidestories for the subsequent two months will still run, and your sidestory idea will be published on the third month, before we run back to the normal schedule.  Only four Co-Authors will be accepted a year. After the first part is published, subsequent parts will go onto the normal monthly sidestory poll.  If you want to re-pledge to get your next part bumped ahead of the line, please wait three months before re-pledging at this tier.


  • Story should take place in the LV-verse

  • Story has to be approved by TeamLV

  • You have to give a clear outline of your idea

    • This doesn't mean a full script, but a basic idea of the story
      • Keep in mind we are limited to five to six panels a page tops, and 8 pages a part.
  • You will get early access to early art of your sidestory as it is being made.

  • You must be in this tier for two months.

Limited (0 out of 1) subscription
SubscribeStar $250.00 tier


  • Discord Access, Access to two additional comics per month(8 pages each)
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